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  1. Don't you think it's much better if you write in english language?. In this way everybody can read what you wrote.
  2. Hey Scook , don't you think that it's far more easy that Cakewalk bakers can implemet a button or whatever in a way an user could stop the somg at a point he likes?
  3. The only "waltz feel" will be originated from your Superior Drummer presets 3 or whataver drum plug in you like.
  4. If every Cakewealk user starts to write on his own language, Cakewalk will be forced to open a brand new forum.
  5. It's the same old story. It's been years that Cakewalk users ask bakers to invent something in the way one can stop the project where he wants., without resorting to some workaround.
  6. For my music Waves Tune is the best. Easy and fast.
  7. It''s the first time in my life that I hear there is an internal mike in a PC.
  8. If you use Focusrite do you use it as imput and output device? And what's the driver?
  9. Do you have any audio interface? It seems you don't have.
  10. Instead of copy and paste, you can use "Ripple Edit" making things easier, faster and more precise.
  11. Try Ripple Edit. It''s the right choice. It's fast and accurate.
  12. Please read Cakewalk by Bandlab Reference Guide about Ripple Edit.
  13. The Focuswrite 212 has a Gain control. Did you use that?
  14. Since the existence of this new forum I can read the strangest topics.
  15. Don't forget that by using Pro Channel effects you have the chance that per every Pro Channel module you can use presets for many kinds of instruments. For example in compression module you can choose algorytms for kick, snare and so on. Basses and guitars and voices, piano and keyboards. .
  16. If you want to delete a part of the track but you wish to regain the space deleted, you must use Ripple Edit. Click the blue button of Ripple Edit, select all tracks, select the part of the track you want to delete and click delete button.
  17. The same happens to me with Waves Tune. I have 4 plugins.
  18. It's a very old desire from all Cakewalk users: we strongly like that Cakewalk insert something to place at the end of what we want a project ends. Simple like that.
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