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    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    Celemony yesterday sent me an email apologizing for the issue and invite me to download update 4.2.3
  2. lapasoa

    2019.07 Feature Overview

    It's so nice that Cakewalk by BandLab added the communication from bakers and users. This is a real basic stone in the developement of this wonderful Daw.
  3. lapasoa

    who asked these changes? SOLVED

    The problems that I have described luckily happened only in one project, maybe because of a fault of mine. Thanks for your help anyway.
  4. I really dislike 2019/07 update. Every thing is more difficult to manage beginning with the new Smart tool that I don'y really like. Ripple Edit doesn't work as before. AD2 really unmanageble. Who the hell asked these changes? Please tell me the way to come back to 2019/05. Thanks.
  5. lapasoa

    2017. 07 update

    Changed my life. What a disaster for my way to work with Cakewalk Bandlab. Who is the user who asked for snart tool to change? And why? To make our life complicated? My Ripple edir doesn't work in the right way anymore. Copy and paste becomes unpredictable. I want to go back to 20019/2005. Please show me the way to go back.
  6. lapasoa

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Release 2019.07 dowloading super speedy.
  7. When I click on a track for selecting it, when I release the click all tracks are simultaneously selected. Once it didn't happen.
  8. lapasoa

    All tracks selected - SOLVED

    As davet said it was my fault, forgetting that Ripple Edit was still checked.
  9. lapasoa

    Latency one first note. Resolved.

    It's a good rule to start a project leaving one or two empty bars. Maybe this can help.
  10. lapasoa

    recording audio issue - SOLVED

    The super easy way is to record the new guitar part in a new track. This is my way. Speaking of guitar, you record each verse, chorus, bridge, solo, each in a different track.
  11. Do you know that crashes and all the other cymbals gain in AD2 depends on OH slider in the kit view?
  12. lapasoa

    More Pro Channel FX and vst FXs

    If you have kept all the old installers of Sonar Command Center, you can easily get all Sonar's plug ins and effects.
  13. lapasoa

    Corrupt Audio Region

    This ugly message appears not infrequently for me after I saved a versione of my work. I really don't know why this issue appears. However I I know a workaround to solve this nuisance. Save the project as bundle file. Open this bundle file. Save it as normal file. The ugly message is disappeared
  14. lapasoa

    Anyone Have to Put Limits on Track Numbers?

    Sergeant Pepper's lonely heart club band was done in a Revox 4 tracks!!!
  15. lapasoa

    Bandlab Assistant is frozen

    Back to Command Center and download Sonar Platinum and all the Vsts and programs.
  16. It seemed that you put a midi drum clip into an audio track. You have to open AD2 into an instrument track, choose a beat clip, put in the instrument track and you hear your beautiful drum music.
  17. lapasoa

    Changing Order of Busses in Console View

    Cakewalk says: Alt + drag
  18. lapasoa

    Easy way to copy/paste audio snippets

    The move tool is also a good one.
  19. lapasoa

    Not really a question

    Cakewalk (CdB) not only does have Sonitus multiband compressor, but it's a really good one.
  20. lapasoa

    Cakewalk Platinum or Free

    CdB is not so much bettere than Sonar. It ìs more and more stable.
  21. lapasoa

    Start Screen update

    I think that Start Screen should be updated. In the File mode must appear projects just saved, not projects not saved. The same in the start screen mode. Every time I open Start screen , it shows first just the low side of the screen and that's not nice. Morever it should be better that the last saved project version should have the checked star by default.
  22. lapasoa

    Drag and Drop with EZDrummer2 not working

    No issue with EZ Drummer 2.
  23. lapasoa

    Strange or not?

    I see that also other users have the issue. I repeat miself: I cannot understand why I am forced to exit and to come back to the project for solving this kind oh issue.
  24. lapasoa

    Strange or not?

    Sometimes I've found myself triyng to do some tweak of clips or group of bars (copy and paste e.g.) and I am not able to achieve my tweak. So I am forced to get out of the project and then to come back to make the copy and paste possible. Strange or not?
  25. lapasoa

    EZ2 drum map

    Thanks Chuck for your help.