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  1. Sometime there is a solo button checked in console view or in bussses view.
  2. It's much better to have your projects in "Cakewalk Projects Folder" on your C drive and then copy exactly the same folder on an external drive.
  3. Now it happens for one more time in a new project with few tracks. "A corrupt audio region detected". I'm doing what some time ago a forumnist named "chuckebaby" suggested: select ALL audio tracks and then use "bounce to clips". After bouncing to clips, save the project, close it and reopen. It works fine.
  4. Not many peoples know that Dimension Pro has a folder of very good percussions (no. 6).
  5. Hey Marcello, it's muche better if you realize your drum tracks the way you like, learning by yourself what kind of sound you prefer for your kick or your snare or your toms. Of course it's a really good thing to listen to other artists and their music, but the target is always to create your own music and make your personal sound.
  6. We must also keep in mind that in every country there are companies that build computers expressely to make music. They are computers for home recording and for professional studios too.
  7. In effect for me too it's a bug. Because an issue can happen once in awhile. But if this issue happens so often I think that's a bug.
  8. It is smart also to have Cakewalk Reference Guide on hand. It explains all.
  9. Very often it happens to me that I open a project and "corrupt audio region" warning appears. I didn't ever understand why this happens. Anyway somedy in the forum suggested to make a "bounce to clip". It works..
  10. I hope that the midi out of your audio interface is connected to your Daw.
  11. It's clear that you cannot use ASIO because you don't use ASIO drivers. What is your audio interface?
  12. I think that FX chain presets based on Sonitus are still great. Thanks of Craig Anderton.
  13. The only way I kow to remove plugins is to click start button and choose "Control Panel". Inside Control Panel you have to open "Programs and Feautures". Here you'll find all your programs and plugins. Here you can unistall them.
  14. It is necessary to spend some more money.
  15. I agree. Some more professional audio interface is what you need
  16. I think what happened is normal. Just wait a second.
  17. I agree with you bitflipper. In fact the funniest and strangest thing is that I owned Avast free antivirus for a long time and never appeared to interfere with Cakewalk VST scanning. As I said at the beginning this issue appeared after a Windows update.
  18. I've excluded C:/ProgramFiles\Cakewalk\VStplugins from antivirus scan. All right.
  19. After closing a project it hangs for some 2 or 3 secondss. It''s normal and depends of VSTs and effects you used in the project.
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