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  1. Hey chuckebaby, thanks for the suggestion. I have a different workaround that goes fine. After opening the project, save it as a bundle file. Then open the bundle file and save it as normal.
  2. No, there is any part of the project missing audio. I already know, and I have written about that in older time, to fix this issue. But on the other hand it remains a hassle.
  3. Speaking of bug about " a corrupt audio region", I meant a very known Cakewalk's issue dating back to a very old time.
  4. If you want some notes muted in PRV don't you think that is it better and faster to delete all of them?
  5. When I make some major change in a project, I "save as" the project with a number after the project name. It often happens that when I open my last project number, thi is the message that shows up: "A corrupt audio region was detected and padded with silence". I'm almost sure that this is a bug.
  6. Good acoustic guitar, Neumann U87, RME audio interface...and you've got it.
  7. You've got it. Many thanks indeed.
  8. If you want a block of meausures should be repeated for many times as you like, you use copy and paste special. If next time you need to copy and paste a block of measures for once only, you find that paste (not paste special) is not for once only but for many times as it had been used before in Paste special. Very disappointing.
  9. In my opinion Quick Groups function doesn't work very well or better to say that is difficult to make it work. Sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. What do you think about?
  10. In a project, also if you use only midi clips, at the end you have to save it as project file (cwp). It's better if you use for all your projects a template file with all your preferred settings. In this way every time you open a new project you'll have your preferred settings ready.
  11. Regarding the message "silent buses detected", go to Preferences and then to Audio driver setting and adjust Playback timing master to your sound card. Go to your master bus and in the drop down menu choose your soundcard output.
  12. Aux tracks have created issues for me too.. Sending your signal/signals to a bus is much better.
  13. Quote Scook. Regarding repeated drum bars I think that using paste special is much better than using Groove Looping. In fact with groove looping you'll find difficult and intricate to insert fills somewhere or make some tweaking. These issues don't occur at all with clips made by "paste special".
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