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  1. This is valid only to select clips. It's not valid to stop CbB where you like. CbB will stop only until the last point you recorded.
  2. But why do we have to apply a workaround to solve BandLab Assistant issues?
  3. After so much pain SOLVED thanks to Tom.
  4. After various attempts to update Calewalk 08, Bandlab assistant start downloading but it's hanging for a minute and then update button reappears. The usual tricky Bandlab assistant.
  5. Firefox or Chrome? They are browsers and each one does his job. Maybe it was about internet connection.
  6. If you write in english, everybody can understand what you want to say.
  7. The best way to thicken the voice is to record a new track tryng to sing exactly as the previous one. For some imprecision use Vocal sync.
  8. And remember that the output of every single track will be the guitar bus not the master bus.
  9. Juno is primarly a synth but can be used as a keyboard controller. You have to choose in which way you want to use Juno. Because the connections are completely different.
  10. I am old times cakewalk user and I have often found that in front of that one and some other momentary issues is very pratical to get out of the project and then come back. Usually this resolves the issue.
  11. For sometime Breverb2 Cakewalkk was malfunctioning. To day this message appeared: "Installation corrupted! The database of factory presets is missing. Run the installer again to fix the problem". Where can I find the Breverb2 Cakewak installer?
  12. Usually in the mix the group of drums (snare, toms) has some specific reverb. Electric guitar sim has also a different reverb. And acoustic guitar too has her own small reverb. And finally vocal has a vocal reverb according to everyone's preferences. The most important thing is to not use tons of reverb like Phil Spector used in some sixties hits.
  13. It is impossible to help you if you don't answer to this question
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