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  1. I have RME Fireface UFX II and is working perfectly. Your issue is not the audio interface.
  2. You can find it in General music discussion
  3. You can cut and paste the clips in a new track and add Sonitus EQ
  4. As old Cakewalk user I noticed that sometime simple tweaking like copy/paste or ripple edit don't work. So I have to close the project and after coming back everything is working OK..
  5. Let me know why I have to open a google translate to read C akewalk topic. We are not so multilingual speaking as you are.
  6. It's time for Cakewalk to open a multilingual translator school.
  7. Usb audio interface worth $50 is a waste of time for making music.
  8. It's a pity that nobody knows what is the topic.
  9. SEssion Drummer 3 is very good.
  10. I had big issues with Breverb in old projects. After a while I listened a sound like a siren and I found out the culprit was Breverb. I unistalled and reinstalled, but no good. The only one solution I've found was to uninstall it.
  11. I think is best for you to ask indian musicians that use keyboard and synths for their music , expecially film scoring music composers.
  12. Thanks to the translator.
  13. For continous tempo changes it's better you got a real drummer.
  14. Usually a keyboard controller is connected to the midi input of an audio interface.
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