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  1. That is a very old request to Cakewalk Instead of various smart workarounds made by CbB users, the request is that Cakewak finds an easy way to have the opportunity for everybody to fix a project's end everywhere he likes..
  2. If you want to use your M audio Oxygen as a controller, it is sufficient that you connected the keyboard controller midi out to the midi in of your audio interface.
  3. If you have the midi out of your Roland RD1000 connected to the midi in of your audio interface the game is done. Put an istance of SI - Piano on your Track view. Play your Roland keyboard and the game is done.
  4. Remove your template and add a complete new one with the new synth included.
  5. I translate from italian. "I've installed Cakewalk by Bandlab, but I am not able to record Midi from my keyboard Yamaha 5950." Devi connettere il MIDI out della tua tastiera Yamaha 5950 al MIDI in della tua scheda audio. You have to connect your keyborad MIDI out to MIDI in of your audio interface.
  6. Did you have recorded some variations to this project? If affirmative, go back to the version with the right tempo.
  7. That's really not true. Regarding Neil issue what is the guitar volume? Have you ever tried to low down TH3 Imput gain or output gain? What about your audio interface and his gain control?
  8. I think what Scook said by using Ripple Edit is the fast and simpler way.
  9. After recording your first idea of a project it's a good rule of thumbt to save as with an appropriate name. Every time you make a significant change it is wise to save as with the same name adding xxx a, b, c, d etc or xxx 1, 2, 3, 4 etc or whatever you like.
  10. Select the wave file and cut and paste or drag it at the start of the song. I don't see the problem.
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