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  1. Please edit your post and write SOLVED.
  2. Booting time depends of how many plug ins you have in your project. For example my Line 6 Pod Farm 2.5 is extremely slow to boot. (just 5/6 seconds)
  3. One of the simplest choice for a good electric distorted guitar is by TH - U Overloud or by Guitar Rig 5 Native or any other plug in dedicated to recreate dozen and dozen amplifiers and digital effects to obtain a real good electric guitar.
  4. Simple. Insert a soft synth and then copy and paste your midi tracks into soft synth track.
  5. If you had said in your first post that you were not using Cakewak by BandLab, it was possible to give you a more accurate response to your distortion issue.
  6. Don't use MME 32 bit. Use Asio that is a professional audio driver.
  7. Surely it's something that has to do with your audio interface.
  8. You can see that your project finally stops at a point that for Cakewalk is the real end. Use ripple edit all. Check all tracks. Select from the point you want the project 's stop until the Cakewalk real end. Delete special checking all. I very much hope, and I know that I'm not the one, that Cakewalk finally can provide a long awaited possibility to stop the song where we want without using some workaround.
  9. It's not clear what you mean. If you have an audio interface connected to a computer, the sound is coming from your audio interface, not from your computer's soud card.
  10. So strange, but I strongly think that the graphic card has nothing to do with the issue.
  11. When using unprofessional products, it's possible to find some puzzling issues.
  12. For me too it's the way you play your guitar. Strum exactely on the first beat of the bar.
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