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  1. lapasoa

    Drag and Drop with EZDrummer2 not working

    No issue with EZ Drummer 2.
  2. lapasoa

    Strange or not?

    I see that also other users have the issue. I repeat miself: I cannot understand why I am forced to exit and to come back to the project for solving this kind oh issue.
  3. lapasoa

    Strange or not?

    Sometimes I've found myself triyng to do some tweak of clips or group of bars (copy and paste e.g.) and I am not able to achieve my tweak. So I am forced to get out of the project and then to come back to make the copy and paste possible. Strange or not?
  4. lapasoa

    EZ2 drum map

    Thanks Chuck for your help.
  5. lapasoa

    EZ2 drum map

    Is it possible to get a Sonar EZ2 drum map as we got for Addictive Drum 2?
  6. lapasoa

    Only 5 available shortcuts

    R... and control + Z
  7. lapasoa

    Cant get Addictive Drums beats to line up in synch

    For me both ways are OK. But copy and paste has some issues if, after copy and paste, you wanto to delete some measures at the end.
  8. lapasoa

    Delete a project.

    It's enough to go to Cakewalk Projcts folder, find the project and click Delete.
  9. lapasoa

    Start Screen update

    I think that Start Screen should be updated. In the File mode must appear projects just saved, not projects not saved. The same in the start screen mode. Every time I open Start screen , it shows first just the low side of the screen and that's not nice. Morever it should be better that the last saved project version should have the checked star by default.
  10. I have RME Firefox 400 and recently I've installed the last driver update, namely fw-win- 3125 of 02/25/2019. My RME with Cakewalk is currently going as a shining star.
  11. Ripple Edit and the on/off button are really a gift of God.
  12. lapasoa

    Lenses --> Screenset.

    Let' be simple. For every project my choice is screenshot and I don't bother about lenses at all. With screenshots you have 5 (five) different ways to control your workflow. From track view with inspector and browser, to a console view, to buses view, to PPRV view. What do you wish more than that?
  13. lapasoa

    Do You Use Drum Maps?

    By usig drum map it's funny to change some beat, maybe some HiHat becomes snare or you can delete some HiHats beats or adjust your choice of toms or delete some cymbals or add some cymbal. I think that with drum map you can be very creative.
  14. lapasoa

    the right tempo of your song

    In truth with may topic I meant to know the technical way that everybody chooses to use.
  15. You have some nice idea for a new song and of course you want to record it on your CbB. Tell me please the way you choose to get the right tempo for your new song.