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  1. In a project, also if you use only midi clips, at the end you have to save it as project file (cwp). It's better if you use for all your projects a template file with all your preferred settings. In this way every time you open a new project you'll have your preferred settings ready.
  2. Regarding the message "silent buses detected", go to Preferences and then to Audio driver setting and adjust Playback timing master to your sound card. Go to your master bus and in the drop down menu choose your soundcard output.
  3. Aux tracks have created issues for me too.. Sending your signal/signals to a bus is much better.
  4. Quote Scook. Regarding repeated drum bars I think that using paste special is much better than using Groove Looping. In fact with groove looping you'll find difficult and intricate to insert fills somewhere or make some tweaking. These issues don't occur at all with clips made by "paste special".
  5. Nothing better than have a pair of marracas and a good mic.
  6. Using an acoustic guitar, you can record the built in pickup on one track and a miked acoustic on a second track and then listening to them in stereo.
  7. "Until then, the workaround is to insert one measure at a time" Not at all. Simply don't check meter/key changes and tempo changes. and insert time/measures will be fine for shure.
  8. Using past special for obtain more than one paste. And after that using instead normal paste for another tweak. It's really boring to notice that the number of pastes are the same as before when I used paste special.
  9. I just can't understand why Z3TA +2 level is by default so high. When I find some good effect, every time I am forced to lower a lot the level cursor in a very low position that I find very critical. Is there some way to make it more manegeable?
  10. For me the best order is good ear and then creativity
  11. What do you mean with the need to check in with home base?
  12. Instead to speculating about every single VST gain, it would be much better in your mixing to use your ear and your creativity and you'll be fine.
  13. With the new update 2019/09 all my projects sound mono. No pan, no left, no right. All files in the middle. gasp. It was a stupid button checked in my RME souncard.
  14. It's a long time that we all expect that a project really ends were we want because there are a few cases where the song does'nt stop at the project end without any note or something else beyond.
  15. In the consolle (mixer) you can control the mic sensivity and with the fader you can control the mic volume (gain). Good luck.
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