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  1. I often duplicate tracks. And they are exactly the same.
  2. What you mean with "I turn the prochannels on"?
  3. In fact ther best way to have a good sounding stereo acoustic guitar is recording by mic and put it on left side and recording the same acoustic guitar by her pickup and put it on the right side.
  4. Store your projects in your HDD drive and after that you can delete the files in your SSD disk.
  5. As I wrote many times, please users write in english, so everybody can ubderstand the topics.
  6. I think we need a translator here in the forum.
  7. I think this post should be placed in "intruments and effects".
  8. What dio you mean with " installing fader"?
  9. As I said previously we need a translator in the forum.
  10. I remember Cakewalk offered us an excellent drum map for XLN AD Drums. Would be very nice if Cakewalk offer us a drum map for Superior drummer 3.
  11. Maybe a good rhythm section (bass and guitar and piano) give the too perfect drums less obvious.
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