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  1. But this doesn't explain why, after having executed the last update file, the message about a new BandLab update is still there.
  2. Sorry, man. I hadn't notice your topic.
  3. I really want to know why every time in BandLab assistant there is a message that says"a new version of Bandlab assistant is available for update" and the automatic dowload failed and after that I manually dowload the file, when I open it (as administrator) the message about BA update is still there.
  4. I have the same M - Audio keyboard for many years. Every once in the while my keyboard does not respond at all. You have to reset to its factory default settings. 1) power off the keyboard 2) hold down the buttons AVANCED, OCT + AND OCT - simultaneously 3 power on the keyboard 4) release the trhee buttons Now you have the factory default settings
  5. I upgraded yesterday from Melodyne 4 assistant to Melodyne 5 assistant. New license and smooth activation. No trouble at all.
  6. You don't want Melodyne anymore on your clip? Click right on the clip and you'll find "remove Region FX" and it's done.
  7. John Vere's post is the right answer to your troubles.
  8. Midi quantize is an art in itself. It is simpler quantize audio. With Midi you have to try many times until you find what you like.
  9. Regarding moving a Bus use Alt + drag and the deal is done.
  10. Set your template with imput monitoring not checked on your mic track . When needed you check imput monitoring. Simple.
  11. It's not a question of old school or new school. I used Cakewalk for many years reading manuals and mixing hundred of projects. I've found myself using every way to do things, literally everything to achieve the result I like. Sometime the result is by chance. Other times after exploring new way to make things the result also satisfies me. There is no rule. Explore and find what you like.
  12. You can record hi hat on a track as a click track. Then the drummer can play listening to the hi hat track. Simple like that.
  13. Install the XLN installer and after that you can install XLN products that you have payed from their site.
  14. Open a new project and put everything as you like in Track view, in Console view and in Bus view using Main Screenset. For example you can start choosing and placing Control bar modules and in the Track view place the Addictive Drums tracks with icons and track colors. In Console view you can manage sends and FX effects and fixing Prochannel modules for every track. After that you can "save as" your work as template and save it in Project templates in Cakewalk Content. If you want to see this template in Smart Screen you have to "save as" it in Cakewalk Content's Templates Files folder.
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