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  1. You can install Melodyne from the Celemony website.
  2. It's nothing to do with keyboard shortcuts. I am a careful person and I don't make similar faults. Anyway I'd like di know the way to come bach to 2002/ 05 update. Thank you all
  3. After I've installed update 2002/06 I start Bus view and if I want to name a new bus suddenly control bar disappears and I have minor issues and I cannot do anything. Also if I add a new track I cannot record several times until that's fine. No good. I want to back to update 2002/05. What can I do?
  4. You are speaking of RME audiointerface channels not tracks. Tracks are in the CbB tracks view.
  5. Did you go into preferences for metronome setting?
  6. Simply close the project without saving.
  7. Contact Cakewalk support providing better informations about your set up.
  8. The best way is to record the piano part over metronome playing..
  9. If you speaking of an audio track, that's the wau I do 1) open a new audio track on the new project. 2) sign on a notebook volume, pan, effects of the old track 3) select the whole old track and copy it 4) paste the old track om the new track
  10. I have RME Fireface UFX II and is working perfectly. Your issue is not the audio interface.
  11. You can find it in General music discussion
  12. You can cut and paste the clips in a new track and add Sonitus EQ
  13. As old Cakewalk user I noticed that sometime simple tweaking like copy/paste or ripple edit don't work. So I have to close the project and after coming back everything is working OK..
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