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  1. Midi files not always playing correctly on Sound Canvas. Just can't changes patches at all, sometimes all channels are default Piano 1. All the info is correct in Cakewalk, but doesn't always correspond. Interesting , sometimes when I slide towards the end of the track it changes all the patches to be correct but when I press stop it returns to standard Piano 1 on all tracks, HELP. I have been working with Cakewalk for 30+ years and know my around the program. Midi files seem to react differently on the Roland Sonic Cell hardware but behave differently the the software

  2. I've always worked with the Event List, inputting all CCs and such in there.
  3. Yeah I was surprised to see it happen myself. Trying to figure out the cause. But I've had a few different strange things happen with Cakewalk in the past. Bandlab fixed them, though, and now this comes up. lol. I'll post back when I figure out the fix. 👍
  4. When save it, I reopen it to check, and the CCs are gone.
  5. I want to send a couple of my original MIDI creations to a guy who runs a studio, but he uses a different DAW. Every MIDI song I've made is a .cwp file, and when I try to save as either format 0 or format 1, both formats lose all the CC and program change setups for the song. How do I send these songs to the studio guy?
  6. It's been a very long time since I needed help on this issue, and can't remember how to solve it.... Basically, when I play B2 on my keyboard, I need it to be the kick drum, not a tom. I know there's a setting for that, but can't remember where it is, and I can't find it. Transposing my keyboard is *not* what I'm looking for; there's a setting in CW that shifts the note numbers in some to achieve the goal. Anyone know what I'm referring to? Been a long time since I posted here, so hello! to whoever remembers me. :)
  7. Yesterday this fred had 5 pages. Today it has 3. I suspect something but not sure what.
  8. I've been a member for some time myself. Eagerly awaiting 2.0!
  9. I do believe it's all locked down now. Feels kinda weird.
  10. As of this post, the Coffee House and a couple other forums are still unlocked. Weird.
  11. I've been using the UR44 for about a year now, and never had an issues with it. I haven't used it with Cakewalk, so I can't speak to that. But if could give me an example setup with Cakewalk, I'll see if I can reproduce it and let you know my results.
  12. I agree 100%. I saw your previous post about this as well, and hoped someone would pick up on it, but I guess not. 🤔 My post count at the old forums is only 840, but I have been around longer than a new user, so any support I give could be perceived as more valid than someone with a lower post count (human psychology is a strange thing). So yeah, I'd like my post count migrated over for that very reason. It does provide context (confidence, trust) for other users.
  13. Too cool! I could get one off eBay but the prices are still beyond my reach right now. The software version is very good but I'd love to have the hardware again.
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