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  1. I feel the need to go on record and say that I have not, and never will buy, download, steal or otherwise own or have in my possession any CD's or other material or items relating to the a fore mentioned 2Pac.
  2. Of course I would try a little harder when straummy is involved in the conversation.
  3. meh, to me it matters not just as long as what is being said /written is understood. I'm going 2 buy too ToPac cd's 2day. The message still gets through, but I guess in any 'official' role English, grammar etc matters, I couldn't care less personally.
  4. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, and msmcleod said above, 1.0.3 works perfectly fine, it was after that that the issue arose. I have zero issues with 1.0.3 and a buffer of 128 in Studio One.
  5. ahhhhh, now I get the rabbit thing πŸ‘
  6. You need to set your sights higherπŸ˜‘
  7. Whats a rabbit got to do with this?
  8. and as apposed to all that we have Computers, so many different configurations etc, I'm surprised they work as good as they do, it's voodoo.
  9. ensconced

    Front DAW 60% off

    Are you talking the original Console Shaper or CTC-1 Pro? If the original, do yourself a favour and grab CTC-1 Pro when you can, as good as the original was, CTC-1 Pro kicks it up a notch. It goes on everything, beautiful. IF you already have it, then carry on
  10. I loaded those 3 mentioned amps, and played through with 4 different guitars, all humbuckers, 2 with active EMG's. Nothing out of the ordinary here, everything as expected, So I don't know.
  11. I have never got anything like that, I pretty much always use humbuckers, rarely split the coils, even on my Schecters with active EMG's it was always fine from memory. I'll go through those 3 amps you mention above and see how it goes with various guitars.
  12. So I decided to get the 2 new Amp Clone packs, the MEZABAR Zero OD and the FLATHILL TransAtlantic, sooooooo glad I did, they are excellent, especially the DI versions, with your own cabs, they sound awesome, not that the others with 'baked' in cabs don't sound good, they do, but for me the DI versions are where it's at. At a whopping $3.60 each and $5.99 regular, certainly excellent value, something OVERLOUD could take into account, and these arguably sound better. IMO they already did, but now with the DI versions . . . . ye ha. I just wish all the old ones that I have would get updated with DI versions, but I doubt that will happen. I sure hope the new company continues to put out more and keep developing ReValver. ReValver was on the 'not to be installed again' list for me, but if they keep making releases and improving things, I'll have to keep it around, these 2 new amps have already saved it for me Just remember, you will need the ACT Combo Module to use the Amp Clones, its $19.99 now and whatever with the 40% off code, AMR40
  13. @Skyline_UK @chris.r @Bapu are you all using the latest version of LMC, v1.1.0? I found that with that update, v1.1.0, this issue came along as an added extra πŸ˜‰ This is the reason I have remained on v1.0.3 which does not exhibit this issue (for me anyway). There was a thread on the IK forums where users were trying to explain the issue with v1.1.0 to IK, the thread was eventually closed and deleted, problem solved I guess 😁 I have and have had zero issues in Studio One Pro with LMC v1.0.3, however when I updated to the latest, v1.1.0 when it was released I experienced this issue, so I rolled back to v1.0.3 as it was obvious after the IK forums thread that nothing was going to be done about the issue.
  14. Yeah, I think most in this thread has got it. I haven't spent a lot of time with it, but it's an excellent product no doubt, looks good, got enough features to get you in trouble and then some some really nice features to have. As far as sound goes, IMO MODO Bass has it beat for sound, but that's about where MODO's lead ends. To me it's a bit like BFD3 and SD3, SD3 has the flash, but BFD3 has the sound (again, IMO). Anyway I'll have time to look into it more on the weekend, I can't stop playing guitar with my new amps 😁
  15. @Zocheck the vid on this page https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2020/5/18/does-toontracks-new-ez-bass-redefine-the-standard-for-modern-electric-bass-software-instruments?mc_cid=310b28253c&mc_eid=78e6753168 FF to around 4.30
  16. I use a few different ones πŸ˜‰, I have owned practically every amp sim known to man, and the few I didn't own I demo'd thoroughly. It's only been of recent times I have started demoing instead of purchasing everything outright. I did prefer owning the product so I could return to it at anytime I liked to re access without running into the expired demo syndrome (that does get expensive). Lately I have been thinning the heard and either giving away or selling those that I don't use and know I will never really use, only keeping those that are in constant use. I still keep checking all the new releases for the next addition though. IMO there isn't an amp sim that sounds good on it's own, in standalone mode so to speak, all the amp sims I use are included in pretty extensive FX chains, otherwise I wouldn't even bother using them, they all sound like crap and I would rather go through the inconvenience of dragging out my amps and cabs and mic's and go through the mic'ing process etc than to use sims if they had to be used on their own. But over the years I have found a good FX chain that makes them actually sound good (of course tweaks and changes are required for different sims or amps in sims etc), so I'm happy with that, and the convenience of amp sims is an huge added bonus. Best thing is to demo demo demo, and don't listen to much to others opinions, yours may well be different, a lesson I relearned myself only yesterday. Of course by all means read what others say, but in the end it comes down to you, your personal needs and likes etc.
  17. I haven't checked if they have updated the old ones (Peavey Era) but I think the only ones with the DI versions are the 2 new ones I mentioned above, I have all the others and it was never included in the Peavey era. Would be good if they all had this, but the task may be to great after the fact perhaps.
  18. I've never really had any interest in Rotary speakers or Leslie's whatever, the Leslie's are the only parts of T-Racks and Amplitube that I don't own. I demo'd CrushStation and MicroPitch and quickly purchased them, been trying out Rotary Mod this afternoon and about to purchase it as well, didn't think I would like it, but there you go. Now I'm going to have to check out IK's Leslies 🀨
  19. hmmm, it's better than the previous ones, still a meh from me, even at 29 it's a pass.
  20. Necro Damn, wish I didn't listen to people and tried these for myself, now I got to pay full price. IMO these things are awesome. Just ditch the cabs, although the included cabs in these seem to be much better than most others like PA, Nembrini etc, quality 3rd party cabs are best. Freakin awesome
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