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  1. Thinking about trying this on the next project. Cleanest possible vocal tracking I have access to, like Neumann TL103 through Grade Design M101, then dirty them up as needed with tape and tube emulations. Any experiences or advice with this strategy? Or will I end up disappointed because there's nothing like real analog saturation? Thanks.
  2. I've had results I like with Native Instruments Supercharger. I think it's free. Different character than the VC64, so not sure if it will work for your stuff. Worked well for me with light compression and in parallel. I'm looking for an optical comp vst to take the place of VC64.
  3. Well I found the true peak setting on PSP Xenon. And I can't tell it's in circuit in a blind test.
  4. What optical compressor vst should I get? I used to use the VC64, but now that things have been changed around, I need to consider other options. Thanks.
  5. Hey thanks for the replies. Yeah that's why I don't understand what they're doing that makes me be able to tell they're in circuit. I'm setting up the test by using the Youlean loudness meter to make sure there's no loudness change between in and bypassed. And it's on a 2 channel mixed down 32bit 96k track with no parallel routing of anything. And the test is blind with me using only ears to determine if it's in or out. Of the ones suggested in this thread, I've tried Limiter No6, and can tell 100% when it's in circuit. PSP Xenon, I can't really tell, but it's not true peak, unless I missed something there. Every Sonar limiter, true peak or not, I can tell. Haven't gotten around to trying the other ones suggested here yet. Haven't ever used the upsampling. Will try that.
  6. I can't find a true peak limiter that doesn't affect things negatively. Have tried all the old Sonar ones, Adaptive Limiter included, and a few other ones. They all box in the sound and make it less open and more fatiguing, even when the threshold is so high that there isn't even any limiting going on. Merely turning them on boxes in the sound. I can close my eyes, randomly click on bypass to set it to a state unknown to me, and then switch back and forth between bypass and enabled with my eyes closed and can tell 100% percent of the time when it's enabled even when it is not actually limiting anything due to the less open sound that it creates. Anyone else have this experience and can recommend a true peak limiter that doesn't affect the sound like that? I've been using Audacity, which is not a true peak limiter. I can't tell that its limiter boxes in the sound.
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