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  1. Is it possible to do the same, but with pitch? So you can sing above and below your range for harmonies, like in this video? Jamie Lidell's Secret Vocal Harmony Trick
  2. Is there a way so that when you type a different tempo, that the audio will automatically stretch (real-time rendering)? I know how to use CTRL + SHIFT and drag all the tracks, but I want to be able to choose precise tempos and have the tracks stretch to make that new tempo. Is there a way so this can be automatic in Cakewalk? Thanks!
  3. I would love it if when you hovered the mouse over a plugin that a mix knob appeared so you could change the ratio from 100% wet to whatever % you'd like the plugin to affect the signal.
  4. Davydh

    Icons for templates

    Thanks, that was an interesting read, but by the end of the tread, it seemed there was still no answer?
  5. Davydh

    Icons for templates

    Hi, in the start screen there are icons for 4-track, guitar amps, etc. If I want to put my own template into that folder, how do I make an icon for the template? Thanks heaps!
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There needs to be a Wikia with all these helpful Cakewalk GIFs.
  7. There's more conservation about it here:
  8. No, I really appreciate you telling me. Thanks for that. I was just hoping Cakewalk supported shift + b and would remember where I set the busses.
  9. So I tried it. It only works if I click on another screenset and then click back onto the former screenset. Which means wasting two screensets just because Cakewalk is refusing to learn behaviour. Sorry I sound grumpy, I just wish it could learn like it does in the track view.
  10. I pulled it across, but it forgets where I set it when I press Shift+B
  11. @scook, I just did that so thanks, but it doesn't open it fully. Let's say you have 7 busses. You press Shift + B to remove them, press Shift + B to get them back, but instead of showing all of them, it only shows 3 of them. That's very annoying. I want to be able to quickly see all the busses and quickly remove them all...
  12. The shortcut (Shift+B) already works in trackview. Please make the same shortcut work in console view too. Thank you!!!
  13. I know you can press Shift + B in the track view, but what shortcut key show/hides the busses in Console view? Thanks
  14. I remember someone posted about a standard much faster than ASIO and was requesting for Cakewalk to support it. Does anyone remember that or have information on it? Thanks!!!
  15. How do you make those awesome GIFs? Is there a page that teaches you how step by step? Thanks!!
  16. They don't need the entire project. You could cut it down to the part that gaps/jumps the most. I.e. crop the project down to a ten second long section. Make sure it's still exhibiting the same behaviour.
  17. For some reason the website slightly dropped the price when I order it, so even better!! 😃
  18. Just got it, thanks for letting me know!
  19. It's because I'm about to get a new music PC and I was worried about installing it on my current laptop and it not working on my new system when it's built. Thanks for the reply!
  20. Thanks for that. What's their authorisation scheme? Ilok? Can you authorize to USB or change from one machine to another. I can't find any info on that.
  21. Have you tried committing it then rendering?
  22. I wouldn't expect a preview to be seemless. It's a rough example before you commit to the project being rearranged.
  23. You get about 90% of your money back to permanently buy the plugins of your choice.
  24. So one of my favourite sound engineers ever is Joe Barresi (Soundgarden, Tool), and I was watching a video about his studio where it showed this piece of gear. Then I found out Boz makes a plugin of it. Then I found out Cakewalk made a prochannel module out of it!!! Before Gibson did what they did. Bandlab, please consider selling the prochannel modules again sometime... I'd rather get a native Cakewalk version than a separate external 3rd party version. Thank you for your consideration!
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