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  1. Thanks for that! What about virtual instruments? What's the latency like with them?
  2. I'm looking for a UAD product for a new PC that has: 1) at least eight inputs and eight outputs (I record in 7.1) 2) Neve pre-amp mic emulation 3) The lowest possible latency If there's some deal that gives free UAD plugins with it, yes please! Any recommendations?
  3. Sounds a bit like thunderbolt 3 = bad, USB 3 = good
  4. I'd like to thank everyone who replied. No, RobertWS, I didn't know about that link. It's very helpful, thanks. And to all the users of U.A. gear, it's great to know the plugins work and recording/playback is solid with Cakewalk!
  5. I'm considering different soundcards/audio interfaces for a new computer. I'd like to know does anyone use Universal Audio and does anyone know if their gear works well with Cakewalk? And their proprietary in-house plugins? Thanks guys! I don't want to buy it then find out they don't go together well...
  6. Davydh

    ARA 2 Apps

    Could someone make a list of ARA 2 apps? Now that Cakewalk supports the standard, it would be great to know some cutting edge tech that we can plug into our favourite daw.
  7. When you press undo, where were the undos saved? It's all behind the scenes. Even though you wouldn't see it, it could be stored in the project file. The point would be to freeze multiple tracks instantaneously to free up CPU power (in the middle of a project). I actually really like this suggestion. But if you're waiting to do mastering on the actual wav file (at the end of a project), bounce bus to track makes more sense.
  8. I used Cakewalk in the 90s to compose music with. It's a great song writing tool. Had a break when I got married, then purchased lifetime updates and was so relieved when Bandlab stepped up to make it all no in vain. I still use Cakewalk for song writing today.
  9. Except he'd already started the metal editing course with Cakewalk. Here's part one: He felt his audience deserved to know why the rest of the course would not be able to be on Cakewalk. Otherwise everyone would be wondering why did he switch to reaper in the middle of a project?
  10. Hi Mettelus, Since you mentioned the OP, I thought I'd add some clarity as to why I posted it, in case there was any doubt. First of all who I am, I live in New Zealand, and have used Cakewalk since I was a teenager. I bought SPLAT Lifetime Updates just before Gibson cancelled it. I've found Scott's videos on YouTube to be very helpful and if you look through his channel, you'll find that after Sonar was cancelled, I encouraged him to try Cakewalk by Bandlab in the comments. Very few channels give a systematic & clear explanation of Cakewalk on Y.T., and I consider Scott's to be the best on Y.T. I think the future of Cakewalk is brighter with his involvement. All I know about Scott is what I've seen of him on his channel and on the forum. I've never met him in person nor have I ever called him on the phone. I just consider his content incredibly well done, and if there are certain bugs which are going to push him away, it means that everyone who follows his channel is going to have a certain view of Cakewalk, but if they get solved and he creates more content, more and more people will use Cakewalk. My motivation was to bring attention to these issues (bugs), so that Cakewalk can become better and have a bright future. I posted his video here without his permission, which, may not have been the best idea. I just wanted to give the bugs some attention for the sake of Cakewalk's future. I didn't intent to start a flame war...
  11. The biggest issue is Scott now has a baby, so his time for making videos is less. So if he's going to use a daw, he needs one which is quick and unproblematic so he can quickly make a video. If Bandlab fixed the bugs and offered to give him some financial support, I bet he'd be more than happy to make awesome Cakewalk tutorials.
  12. Windows does have some magnification tools. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/increase-text-size-computer https://support.microsoft.com/en-nz/help/11542/windows-use-magnifier Also a large monitor on low resolution would help. High resolution makes everything ultra tiny.
  13. I know since Bandlab took over they've been hammering away at bugs, but I thought if such a loyal Cakewalk user left, there must be weighty reasons, and surely since Meng has publicly asked for feedback, a list from you after having used studio one and reaper, would be very telling and helpful. So thanks and I hope Bandlab finds the feedback useful.
  14. Scott used Cakewalk for what? 17+ years, but after the bitter memory that shall not be mentioned *cough*, switched over and is now using Reaper. My question for you Scott... What features would Cakewalk have to implement to win you back as your DAW of choice?
  15. I would love native Cakewalk midi sends. I use Cakewalk for composition and while playing keyboard, I love layering the sound. Midi sends is necessary for that to work.
  16. I would love midi sends and aux tracks.
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