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  1. Was kind of meh.
  2. Fleer

    Imageline Harmor

    Top of the line synth.
  3. Fleer

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    Will be fun!
  4. Now there could be a reason for that
  5. Indeed. But we’d better start looking for alternatives as iZotope is rapidly sailing towards subscribing customers.
  6. I like this one. A lot.
  7. By the way, been enjoying UA Lion as well. And Phase Plant. Good times for sound design.
  8. Pretty good synth. Modular!
  9. I believe all articles are free to everyone after a certain period. At least that used to be the case. Otherwise I would write SOS support and ask them. Best mag in the biz.
  10. Dealio at Zinio!
  11. Their attempts to lure you in are ludicrous.
  12. Fleer

    Replika Sound Guitar

    Nice. Great little company with some great little guitars.
  13. Nice, lowest price ever. Already got their JP-ME-1 80ies reverb which is mighty fine.
  14. hey you get off of thy cloud
  15. Just a reminder: that birthday coupon runs just another six hours and then it's gone.
  16. Punted the UA FX Bundle (Byome and Triad) as one and UA Lion synth as the other one for the birthday boy coupon, then used the $25 coupon I got from MustacheVerra and ... badaboom: three wonderful pluggies for $8.33 each. Not bad, not bad at all.
  17. Yep, it’s a fine one.
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