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  1. GODTP. But those Sugar Bytes are sooooooo good, got Egoist, Thesys, Aparillo, Factory and Obscurium.
  2. Oh man, I like KH. Got the Spotlight Solo Strings and now this.
  3. Edith is going to kill me.
  4. Dang. Now I’ll have to look into Melda again.
  5. Spitfire Audio BBC Symphonic Orchestra. Hell yeah.
  6. And free Studio One Prime to the rescue.
  7. Yeah. You’re right, Zo. Maybe try Grain with Reason?
  8. Omnisphere. Always. First. And. Last.
  9. Yeah, I think we got a bundle of 3 last time. Still, good to see it come back for the less fortunate.
  10. I do like the player as resembles Monument Valley, the game made by the same design team, UsTwo.
  11. Same thoughts here. Made me think of that Imogen Heap library, though that one’s quite a bit larger.
  12. 12 x 1 would be nice tho. Edith: that’s it, no more Macallan for you.
  13. Those prices aren’t especially good though.
  14. Trump comes to mind.
  15. Any thoughts (if you already played it through) ?
  16. Quite interesting. Some very fine vocal patches in there. But most of all I like how the new Spitfire engine allows for interaction with the artist’s musical views as recorded on her album. Seems to be the way recorded music May evolve into a more interactive relationship between the artist and the rest of us.
  17. Too bad O8A doesn’t resize.
  18. That’s 25 a day. Should work.
  19. And this one’s looking pretty, pretty good.
  20. Fleer


    Got ya, Larsy
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