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  1. Yep. Full name’s Eric Dahlberg. He runs JRR and he’s a great guy.
  2. Sorry, Zo. Was thinking both actually.
  3. I’m talking pianos and synths, Zo
  4. Would anyone suggest NembriniAudio for anything else than guitar or bass? Edith: you stoopid keys player
  5. In fact I still prefer the v7 visuals, I kid you not. Particularly the vintage look of some plugins. But as far as mastering magic is concerned, I’m afraid there’s little in v7, a lot in v8, and even more in v9. There, there.
  6. These reverbs are indeed exquisite. They’re working on the GUI to get them more into the iZotope mold.
  7. Fleer

    UVI Falcon 2

    Hmmm me too.
  8. Similar situation here. Didn’t even get to play with UA v2. Edith: you silly man
  9. Loving life on the fence
  10. I sure hope adding GUI rescaling will be a point update to the other apps at no cost.
  11. Did you guys get a new Melodyne code as well?
  12. Fleer

    Spitfire Solo Violin

    And the promo code is ...
  13. Now you’re talkin’ 👌
  14. Nah, not in the Custom Shop. That’s where you use gear credits. And you can use jam points to partly pay for gear credits in the main IK store. But I want to use those jam points directly in the Custom Shop, like them gear credits. Dang.
  15. Absoflutely. That would make my day.
  16. Almost 400 Jam Points in my account, gathering dust. Wish I could gift them to you guys.
  17. Would love to get that mono button back in Ozone’s Imager.
  18. Will go for that as well, Piotr.
  19. My kind of stuff, Cinematic Guitars. Got the other as well. Pretty, pretty good.
  20. I for one am not particularly fond of the GUI change from O8A to O9A. I kind of preferred to have the essential information at the bottom of my screen instead of in a smallish moving window.
  21. On a different note, Groove3 has some nice tut vids on Exponential Audio Nimbus and R4. They are free to view.
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