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  1. Yeah, forgot about Indiginus. Quite unique indeed.
  2. There’s AAS Strum, but that one’s modeled, not sampled. And NI has some nice (sampled) strumming guitars. Then there’s OrangeTreeSamples of course, but also smaller and cheaper ones like Pettinhouse and Replika Sound. All of them good.
  3. Fleer

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    $29 to upgrade is pretty, pretty good
  4. Sweet. Wavesfactory rocks.
  5. Pretty sure this has nothing to do with Muze (or Sonex)
  6. https://www.gingeraudio.com Mac, Windows later
  7. I’m a plucker who likes plucks.
  8. Fleer

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Did you check the “Send to Larry” box?
  9. Fleer

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Say what? That’s pretty amazing. Love that unique synth. Organic and deep.
  10. I like UVI, sometimes even more than Kontakt. Some great libs and a nice GUI.
  11. I still love Cthulhu for the included Bach choral progressions.
  12. I jumped at them like a cat on mice. So good.
  13. It got updated, Zo, and all legacy presets are now also included.
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