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  1. Strange, as they normally respond instantly. Checked your spam?
  2. Got to get this one time. Or IK MixBox. No, not paying for IK MixBox ‘cause I got T-RackS.
  3. Might just get this one for $15 with the $25 voucher …
  4. Fleer

    Spacetrax intro offer

    Raging gospel organ? Sounds interesting.
  5. Fleer

    SampeTekk Spring Sale

    Yeah. That’s their best one. Crazy price for what used to be TBO and 7 Seas. Don’t forget it’s a Yamaha, though.
  6. Fleer

    SampeTekk Spring Sale

    Strange. Its title still says “Powered by Kontakt” though, which normally means it’s Kontakt Player compatible: https://www.sampletekk.com/grand-pianos&product_id=196
  7. Want to get the MOTU M4.
  8. Nice one. Dark Matter 1 was good tew.
  9. Want to get their Preparato myself.
  10. So, is ZDT included this time.
  11. Fleer

    SampeTekk Spring Sale

    Still some of the best pianos around and cheap as chips now.
  12. Fleer

    FabFilter incoming

    Would love to see a vid from you, Simeon.
  13. Fleer

    AIR Updates

    Some of them are really good. And I still love Velvet.
  14. Looks more like Eos from Audio Damage in its original guise. Edith:
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