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  1. That vid starts with an ad for new UAD Apollo interfaces, to launch Oct 22nd ...
  2. Waiting till they add some free stuff.
  3. Gewd stouph from KeepForest. Already got Vikings, Atlantica and Dragon.
  4. Thanks Lars. Found some more info: These DAWs support synchronized track selection, solo/mute, DAW send, pan and volume: Presonus Studio One 3.3 (VST3) Sonar (latest version) (VST3) Cockos REAPER 5.50 (VST3) Cubase 9.5.10 (VST3) These DAWs support automatic transfer of the DAW’s track name and number to Console 1: Presonus Studio One 2.6 (VST3) Sonar (VST3) Cubase 8.0.5 (VST3) Nuendo 6.5 (VST3) Logic Pro 10.2 (AU) Ableton Live 8.4.1 (AU only, requires that all track names begin with a “# “, note the blank space) Digital Performer (AU only) Cockos REAPER 5.50 (VST3) These DAWs support automatic transfer of the DAW’s track name (but not number) to Console 1: Pro Tools 11.2.1 (AAX) Console 1 is not available for AAX DSP. The Console 1 plug-in supports the following sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz. Console 1 Fader is not available for AAX DSP.
  5. Does this only let you use Softube plugins? Edith: so, does this work with Logic Pro and my (FabFilter, Slate and Zynaptiq) plugs?
  6. Fleer

    PA Rocktober Sale!

    That bx-BassDude sure sounds gude for a ‘60 Bassman. Edith: but, but, y’already got the IK Fender Collection’s ‘59 Bassman.
  7. Yep. It’s gewd. But it’s free once in a while too.
  8. Fleer

    PA Rocktober Sale!

    Until when is this Rocktober sale valid? If it’s until Oct 31 then I’d wait to see if other stuff pops up. Edith adds: if not, maybe get two pedals.
  9. Fleer

    PA Rocktober Sale!

    Vocal Enhancer, G8 or Zip for $5 on top of the “everyman” voucher, not bad indeed.
  10. Already positive on the first one, Invasors. Good sounding and I love it’s a Kontakr Player lib so I can hit it in the library pane. Now on to the next one, Chordscape, the one that lured me in.
  11. Okay. Sealed and delivered, Kontakt Player serial and all. Let’s have some fun.
  12. Fleer

    Zynatiq Intensity

    It is sooooooooooooo good. But be sure to know that, as always with Zynaptiq, a little goes a long way. Don’t push it.
  13. Is that you, KK? Paul Young aka kitekrazy?
  14. Yup. Koby’s the man at Everyplugin.com Always gets you what you need
  15. Koby has CLA MixHub for $40!
  16. Yep. Full name’s Eric Dahlberg. He runs JRR and he’s a great guy.
  17. Sorry, Zo. Was thinking both actually.
  18. I’m talking pianos and synths, Zo
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