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  1. Coming up from OrangeTreeSamples: https://www.emodelrhodes.com/sampling-project-update
  2. I’ve got SigMod, AB Assist, plus Stereoizer and Monofilter elements. if they dare to charge for updates, I’m out.
  3. Fleer

    Ample Guitar VC III

    Nah. You have to subscribe to the man’s video channel to know if you’ve won. Not cricket. So I didn’t.
  4. Pretty, pretty good. Love my strings and Osterhouse does them well.
  5. But beware if you prefer the EXS24, Reason or Halion format or if you don’t have full Kontakt. But if you have, the MkII instruments are worth the higher expenditure, resonance-wise.
  6. Don't get me wrong, don't think I’ve got it made. But the INIL Choir never went south of $20 and now you can get it for a fiver.
  7. Wow, that original INIL Choir is included! For $4.90, I’m in love.
  8. Time to get me some!
  9. Yet, strange indeed, they’re asking for serials.
  10. Are you sure that Xylo and Glock need serials? Aren’t they full Kontakt libs?
  11. Yep, got the Melodic part. Pretty good.
  12. Okay, it’s the same one included in frei:raum alright (https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/16-EQ/3118-frei-raum) but it also seems to be akin to Eventide’s Physion.
  13. Still, I have Entropy EQ in frei:raum and this is Entropy EQ+ ...
  14. Someone called CCL posted this but forgot the Tricks
  15. Is this something else than the one in frei:raum?
  16. No guru, no method, no teacher.
  17. Apparently the man’s got his own problems now with his “All Lives Matter” reference. Lack of timing to say the least.
  18. I’m wondering what the new version of Black Box HG-2 will be. Probably TMT.
  19. I was all over them when they did those $4 a piece offers (after coupon). Now, not so much. I did get SPL Iron for $15, though, but that’s about the end of it.
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