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  1. 11 minutes ago, InstrEd said:

    Have to admit I browsed the new NAMM link while using the Lavatory. Was it wrong. Is this too much information to share in the Coffee House?

    Can you tell I'm bored this morning 😜

    You're bored? I've been sitting here since February 2020. I went to the county courthouse to get the plans for my house to see which exposed floor beams would support a noose for a 250 lb man. Pfft.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Starise said:

    I would probably get tired of staying around the house all the time, but waking up at 7am would be very nice. No commute would be very nice. Staying up late would be nice.  One day hopefully in the not to distant future I will retire and the people who work from home will be envious ;) 

    It's horrible actually. I miss work terribly but when I decided to get out of the office equipment business I couldn't get hired anywhere else. As I said, the wife is an engineer. We do great on what she makes so I don't need a high paying job anymore. But I couldn't even get a job as a temp at a factory. Middle aged guys who look like my avatar have a target on our backs now. We have for a while. Hang on to what you have for dear life because you're screwed with a capital F if you lose it and have to start over. I would be in the street if not for her and believe me, it's not for lack of trying. I applied for 187 jobs in Iowa when the company I worked for went under. I got 1 call back 1.5 years later and I took the job but had to quit when we were forced to move to MO for her new job. Nothing has been right since. 9 years later.

    Bill! The meds! :) 

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  3. 9 hours ago, emeraldsoul said:

    These days, that kid would sue the school! I bet he'd have a lawyer . . .

    I doubt they even let kids play dodge ball at school anymore. They probably all sit around in their safe zones hugging each other and drawing pictures of kittens and various fluffy animals sipping soy based juice box made of 100% recyclable containers. These damn seniors in high school these days. I tell you.

    EDIT: 'There's ... something ... on ... thewing!'

  4. 1 hour ago, Starise said:

    Glad to see you back Bub. I'm still on the daily grind during the week. In order to get off work I would need to get hurt and I don't want that. I feel like most of the world is sitting at home in their underwear working from home and I'm still out here every day. I'll admit I'm a little jealous. Even my supervisor gets two days a week working from home. He called me up a few weeks ago about 9:30am and had the "I just got out of bed" voice. Mind you, I get up at 5:30 am.  The kicker is 99% of everything I do could be done remotely. I am here on a technicality because others who don't work on a computer have to be here and I'm part of that group.

    I wouldn't want to be off because I'm injured or sick. Sorry to hear about the accident and hope you continue to recover.

    Thanks. I couldn't imagine having to be exposed to this the entire time. My wife is an engineer and has been working from home since late Feb. She's on her PC 10 hours a day. Don't know how she can stand it. At least I'm doing something fun when I'm on. They changed their policies to where you can stay home and work whenever you want to now. Even after this is over. There's only a few people who have started going back in to her office. There's over 5K where she works.

    I gave up looking for work down here and started doing my own thing but that has amounted to me focusing on finishing the fixer upper house we bought. The only thing I could find was going to downtown KC every day and I'd rather live in a van down by the river than do that.

    My wife had to go to Boston 3 days last week, come home for the weekend, then go right back Monday for another 3 days. Next month the poor thing has to go to Waikiki for 2 weeks, over Valentines day. I can't go because our last dog is 16 and not doing good and requires 24/7 care. It's getting exhausting. So I'll probably be here a lot in the next month or so, wallowing in self pity. 😛

    Bill! Don't forget to take your meds! You know how forgetful us old timers are! 😁

  5. 13 minutes ago, Bad Mac said:

    Is there a difference? probably. But Jim sure seems to be an expert on computers and he assured me the computer would kick @$$.  not his words, mine. So as long as it does what i need really well, then i am not too worried about the last 3%.  My computer is ordered and i am totally stoked! will let you guys know how it does.

    I should just stop now. LOL! *ducking for cover* But historically AMD has always been less powerful and stable than Intel CPU's. The problems usually fell in the cache amounts, actual operating speeds, that kind of thing. Bottlenecking used to be a problem. But things have changed significantly in recent years. The gap between AMD and Intel is closing. 👍 Depending on how demanding you are on your DAW I doubt you would see a difference these days.

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  6. 32 minutes ago, DeeringAmps said:

    Definitely an Edmunds fan to be sure.
    Personally feel its a shame he's best remembered for what is a "novelty" tune.

    Great job Shane, btw 👍.

    On Love Sculpture's Blues Helping album Dave "nails" the Freddie King burner The Stumble.
    On that tune Dave is as good as any of the Famous Three, British rock gods...


    sorry to "steal" your thread Shane, there are good guitarists and then there are the rare virtuosos.
    Dave, by virtue of his work in Love Sculpture, is one of those "rare" ones on my list.
    I get carried away sometimes... 🙃

    one more thing:

    I jumped over to SoundCloud to drop a "like" but this tune didn't come up on your feed; how does that work?

    Nah, you didn't steal the thread. It doesn't get any more Dave Edmunds than this so it's appropriate. :)

    Out of fear of getting sued for copyright stuff I have everything set to private so only people with a link can listen. Maybe that's why you can't leave a like there? 

    I always thought he was underrated too. I had an original pressing of the album this song was on but I lost all my LP's when my basement flooded. 700 + LP's. I didn't know it flooded until I started to smell something very musty and moldy coming from somewhere after about 2 weeks and I went down in the basement. I had just moved in a couple months prior and all my LP's were still in boxes on the floor. Uhg. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Starise said:

    Hey I just realized I think this is Bub the zombie ^^^^^^^^ Hey man, how did you unzombie yourself? :D

    Tis' I. :) I'm still dead inside, they've just made a lot of advancements with plastic surgery. 😁

    I got away from music and forums and the net completely for a few years. Had a lot going on 'round home. Was hit by someone who ran a stop sign. Had surgery a few months ago and have to go in again in a couple months (not related to accident). Been locked in since Feb 2020 and finished all my inside home remodel projects and decided to get back in to recording again while it's still too cold to do anything outside. Once spring rolls around I'll be gone again.

    Glad to see most of the old timers are still here. I'm loving CbB. It's running rock solid. I keep bouncing between it and S1. It's hard because I love both but CbB is like an old friend when I fire it up and I still think it's the best looking and easiest to use DAW. S1 is getting too complicated for my old brain. There's a lot crammed in there and it's only a matter of time before it starts to crumble. Hah. I just got a new Presonus 1810c interface and latency is better in CbB than S1 on my system ...


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  8. 3 minutes ago, bayoubill said:

    Where in Missouri?

    I lived in Springfield for a couple of years

    then moved Lebanon till 2009

    My youngest daughter is still in Springfield 

    South of KC in an "odd" little town just NW of Harrisonville. If you look at a map the name sticks out like a sore thumb. I don't live in town but out in the country.

  9. I went to school with a kid who had a glass eye. One time during gym class we were playing dodge ball and someone hit him in the back of the head and his eye went rolling across the gym floor.

    Sorry you're going through all that Bill. When I first moved to Missery, sorry, Missouri, I had pneumonia for almost 2 years. I couldn't even move our stuff in to our house. My wife's work had to pay for movers to unload the truck with all our stuff in it from Iowa. I was flat on my back. It spread to infections in my chest, ears, sinuses. I lost a significant amount of hearing and gained a significant amount of tinnitus because it got in my inner ears. It took me 6 months to find a specialist down here in this ... uh, lovely area. Turned out to be allergies. Simple OTC meds took care of it but the damage had already been done.

  10. 1 hour ago, craigb said:

    You'll want to search for the threads where Jim explains what's important for an audio machine (speed, cores, threads, etc.).

    I remember when turning off virtual cores and hyperthreading were hot topics.

    I had a DAW scare tonight. The TV I am using as a monitor shows up as 2 monitors in Win10. I was having issues changing the resolution for different applications so I thought logically monitor 1 was my TV and the other was just some glitch and set 1 as my main display. Wrong! 2 is the TV, 1 is I don't know. It locked me out of my DAW. I had to go get my wife's work monitor and hook up in the 2nd monitor port and somehow it tricked Win10 in to showing me a blank screen with a mouse cursor. I blind logged in and up popped a limited desktop and task bar at the bottom. When I clicked on display settings the window was displayed on monitor 1 which was invisible, thus actually showing me nothing except the icon on the task bar. I then had to hover over the task bar icon, right click, select move, and fish around off screen for the display setup window and drag it down where I could see it. What an absolute nightmare. Long story short (fail), I loathe Windows 10. Oh how I long for 7, and even XP. They were grand.

  11. One thing that shocked me when I was checking out Jim's site earlier was the i5 based system he has is faster than my i7. I went online and did a CPU comparison. Apparently the devil is in the details on these Intel CPU's. The i5 he lists has 6 cores/6 threads, my i7 has 4 cores/8 threads and side by side the i5 Jim offers is significantly faster. Maybe there's a generational difference. For example (making these gens up here) a Gen 6 i5 is better than a Gen 2 i7.

    I followed advice I picked up from Jim on the previous forum over the years when I built my last DAW and I haven't had a lick of trouble with it.

  12. 26 minutes ago, LAGinz said:

    I like the Project version a lot. Last time I thought about getting the full version it was dongle only—a nonstarter for me.

    That ... and the $400 dollar price tag for the Pro version. I get it, it saves pro studio's a lot of time/money, but I would have a hard time justifying spending that kind of money for my home based needs although it would be really nice to have. 

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  13. 16 minutes ago, pwalpwal said:

    have we all seen this series? seems like they're deliberate, hello toyah, it's like my teenage er hello carry on, if i were her age i would

    I'm kinda partial to their Enter The Sandman video. I'm not brave enough to post a link to it, but if you wouldn't mind kind sir.

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