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  1. Not one mention of BiaB. Tsk Tsk. All jokes aside, there's actually some really good stuff there. Just as long as you don't try a key change in a Major. *dUcKiNg FoR cOvEr*
  2. We were transitioning from oldies to rock and new music because the oldies crowd got too old for bar hopping. I was the youngest in my mid 20s. All the other guys were in their late 40s. I came up with the name 'Midlife Crisis' but it wasn't well received. Ah the good old days. I'd toss her the keys to the house and cars and sign off on the bank account and walk to nj from mo with just my guitar on my back if it would turn back the clock.
  3. Ooh. Perfect timing. 🤠😁 Original lyrics from Eeditz sheet music but never recorded. Found them online.
  4. Very nice! I always wanted to try a maple neck. Very hard to find lefty. I discovered I can get one of the new Fender Acoustisonic modelling guitars lefty on Amazon. Same price as righty's. Free returns. No tax. Must ... resist.
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing but didn't know if the humor would appropriate. But thinking about it I'm sure he'd laugh and say he planned it just to get the final laugh in. There isn't a single person on these forums that could say an ill word about him. I imagine it was that way for those who knew him in person too. He came across as one of the kindest and caring people I've ever encountered online and that can't be faked. R.I.P. Bill.
  6. I believe him. For the same reason my lawyer said his fee was 33% of my crash lawsuit settlement but somehow he ended up with 50%. Sometimes the devil isn't in the details.
  7. It is our 19th wedding anniversary today. My wife's 44th bday yesterday and my 50th last week. After many years of debate, analysis, and testing our theory we've both come to the conclusion that birthday/anniversary cake is in fact better than ...
  8. I couldn't watch it all the way through. I got a severe anxiety attack. I got an email the other day from my last employer saying how great it is there now and asked me to come back. I left there 9 years ago and they still email me every year or two. I remember calling my wife and I broke down crying on the phone and told her I had to quit I couldn't take it anymore. I'd leave at 7am and get home between 10 - 10:30 pm 5 days a week and 7am to 5pm saturdays. It was unreal. You had to complete the calls they gave you before you could go home and the dispatchers were completely clueless as to how long certain jobs took. Ever replace the tub bearing in one of these new high efficiency front loading washing machines? FYI they are designed to fail. You end up with the empty shell with all the guts laying all over. They called it a shell job. Now have 5 of those to do in a 150 mile radius in rural Iowa on top of 8 other "quicky" calls. It was horrible. I haven't worked since and have just been doing my own thing. My wife has a good job so I can get away with it. This email says it all ...
  9. Oh ... you guys mean stuff like this. This is an alternate version of the original video. Little fun facts pop up throughout the whole video. Fun fact that shocked me the most was the lady in red is Telly Savalas' daughter.
  10. What's the 5th string for? LFE?
  11. Can you use a capo on a bass?
  12. Hey Fret. Love the selfies. Whispering softly, "Call me.".
  13. I'm cursed. I'm right handed except for playing guitar. I tried to play RH and can't. I freeze up. I think it should actually be the other way around. The hand you fret with should be what determines it. So technically I play RH imo and the rest of the world plays LH. Pianos are left handed if you stop and think about it. Otherwise the low end would be to the right ... Mind=blown!
  14. I felt old 2 days ago when I turned 50.
  15. Well ... There's one other aged to perfection fine instrument there that's 🎼Simply Irresistible🎼 that could get me in trouble too. I'd sure love to demo that I tells ya.
  16. I discovered the local music store that's 15 - 20 minutes from my house has the largest selection of high quality left handed guitars I've ever seen anywhere. In stock. Banjo's, Ukulele's, Mandolins, Fender, Gretsch, Martin, made in US, Mex, Chi. They sell mainly online and have a big warehouse with everything in stock right there and a nice showroom too. Link here.
  17. Hard to take him seriously seeing how he uses Reaper. Pretty hair though. *ducking for cover* 😁 I disagree with one point. He likes new strings for recording I don't like the sound of fresh strings on anything. But he's the pro so ... I have a cheap Indonesian made Squire Jazz/Precision bass. I love it. Skinny neck, tons of pickup/sound options. No noise at all. That vid reminded me of a midwest talk show we have here called The Bob & Tom Show. They had a skit on there called Bass Talk.
  18. Those pics remind me of when I was a kid. Pre-teen days. My dad used to take me to the town dump to explore. Back then it was open to the public and you could just drive back and dump stuff. People would move or someone would die and you'd go back there and all their stuff would just be sitting there in boxes. I got half my record collection from there. But the cool thing was back then you could throw out TV's. They were mostly all the old, well not too old back in the 70's, console kind. I used to take a small set of tools with me and take the backs off. I had boxes and boxes of old vacuum tubes I pulled out of them and I used to take the speakers out and wire up in my bedroom. I had them chained all over the place. I had dozens of them them all around the room hooked up to my dads 8 Track/LP player/Radio console unit. Those old TV speakers came in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes. Anyhoo. Those pics caused a flashback, for more than one reason. Hah.
  19. Can I get that in VST format? Perhaps on a subscription plan?
  20. LOL I wish! I sure miss the SPE 8.5 days. That was a truly great customizable DAW.
  21. I just cancelled my Sphere subscription and will buy the upgrade. I can get it for $112. That's about the best I've seen in a long time. Plus they just did an update to 5.
  22. Is that a bass guitar in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
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