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  1. My mind works musically. What you said reminded me of Aqualung. 👍😁
  2. It can definitely be a rough job. I have friends and relatives who are in the field and have heard some stories. That said this was 100% on them and there was no need for the vulgarity. I simply asked what med he changed me to because I forgot. I didn't ask her to send in the wrong script to the wrong place. Sheesh. Hmm ... I wonder if I can get my meds on Amazon? All this could have been avoided. 😁
  3. You should have just heard the conversation I heard from my urologists nurse. She thought she had me on hold but accidentally put me on speaker. Apparently, and I quote, "**cking annoyed" her because I called to refill a prescription that they changed and never updated with their pharmacy. But I'm the blanking annoyance. I've been caulking crown moulding all day. I think I swallowed too much caulking while wetting my finger to smooth it out. Belly hurts. Been farting too.
  4. Man. You lefty fretters sure have a lot of options. Love the mij strat. I played an epi lp one time. Best feeling guitar I ever played.
  5. Let me guess ... he was sitting there eyeing little girls with bad intent? Kinda feeling like a dead duck? His greasy fingers were smearing his shabby clothes? 😁
  6. Yepper. You can get a lot of weird stuff from walmart. I was searching for vacuum tubes one time and walmart came up in my search engine. I got a green colored LP reissue of Nat King Coles Christmas Album at Target last year. 👍
  7. This used to be a major issue for me when I had a terrible 3Mb/1.5Mb connection for years. I finally had enough and called to cancel because I got tired of paying $100 a month for crap just because I lived out in the country and had no other option. So much for mom and pop places. 🙄 My 4G cell service worked better. Magically they said oh we can upgrade your connection to 30Mb/20Mb at no extra cost. Now updates are no biggie. I can stream in 8K. Game online lag free. Well if I could ever get my hands on a gaming PC ... ... ... 😟.
  8. That will never happen. You don't need to sell on Amazon and the smart mom and pop owners know that. The successful ones here all sell online and most do better online because how people shop has changed. IOW you don't need to sell on Amazon. Their niche is they offer more options for things you can't get locally. As for their internal practices all I can say is they treat their customers well most of the time. Far better than any mom and pop I've ever had to deal with.
  9. Yep. Everyone thinks that's a 'smile' pointing from A to Z in their logo but it's actually a ...
  10. I got rid of sphere and upgraded to 5. I was on 3 so it was a good time to upgrade. Tons of new features. But until GUI changes happen I doubt I'll upgrade again. It now does everything that Sonar did that I missed when I switched to S1. So unless they come out with something that blows my socks off like 0 RTL for my Realtek embedded audio I can't begin to imagine anything else I would need. The GUI is just awful in S1. They need to unlock and uncripple the color options to start.
  11. I bought all the parts to build my last 2 daws and my last 2 audio interfaces from Amazon. I hate to say it but if local places treated their customers as well as Amazon does in regard to returns and swaps for defective items and pricing things may be different. Having dealt with both over the years I'd rather deal with Amazon. A good example is I can get a lefty Fender Acoustisonic modelling guitar on Amazon. If I ordered it now (Wednesday) it would be here by Friday. No tax. Free shipping. Same price as a righty. And if I didn't like it there is free returns no shipping no restock. Locally I have to special order it plus tax and shipping. 60 to 90 days wait period. No returns because it's special order. So I'm stuck with it if I can't get used to the neck. Another example. I bought all the high end bathroom fixtures for the last remodel I did from Amazon. The local places "were too busy to deal with a small order.". In the end I saved almost 50% getting them on Amazon. Brand new even though some were returns. Especially with that stuff it's always better to buy returns. People will buy them to see how they look and return them unused and Amazon has to sell them as returns. I understand the small business owners dislike for big business but from a consumer standpoint ... well sorry. And this doesn't apply to everything of course but a lot of stuff. eBay is a joke now. I'll never buy anything from them again after the last screwing I got. Remember the video card order they canceled on me months ago? They ended up charging me. I had to make multiple calls to get it fixed and I asked my wife the other day if she ever saw the credit and no. So I have to call them again.
  12. They also make small amps, effects pedals, tuners, cables, and other misc. accessories. The effects pedals look nice and have great reviews. I bought an Amazon clamp on AC current meter a couple weeks ago for $30. I checked it against my $600 Fluke meter. Both read the same and the Amazon one was extremely well made.
  13. Great story. 😄 I mainly bought it for doing bass and steel tracks. It's great for a lot of things but I got frustrated because I found a show stopping bug in the very first song I tried to do. I spent weeks trying to reach tech support and nothing. Most of the guys on their forum were really nice and someone from BiaB replied there but the whole being ignored by official tech support left a bad taste in my mouth. I paid a ton for the audiophile version on HDD because I had super slow internet at the time. But I just chucked it in a box in my basement and tossed it up to lesson learned. It really is a great program except for that little hiccup I found. They have a SoundCloud group on their forum and there is some excellent music there made with BiaB. Maybe when fall rolls around and I'm stuck inside again I'll dig it out and give it another try. That said still after all this time my favorite bass vst is Cakewalk's.
  14. Not one mention of BiaB. Tsk Tsk. All jokes aside, there's actually some really good stuff there. Just as long as you don't try a key change in a Major. *dUcKiNg FoR cOvEr*
  15. We were transitioning from oldies to rock and new music because the oldies crowd got too old for bar hopping. I was the youngest in my mid 20s. All the other guys were in their late 40s. I came up with the name 'Midlife Crisis' but it wasn't well received. Ah the good old days. I'd toss her the keys to the house and cars and sign off on the bank account and walk to nj from mo with just my guitar on my back if it would turn back the clock.
  16. Ooh. Perfect timing. 🤠😁 Original lyrics from Eeditz sheet music but never recorded. Found them online.
  17. Very nice! I always wanted to try a maple neck. Very hard to find lefty. I discovered I can get one of the new Fender Acoustisonic modelling guitars lefty on Amazon. Same price as righty's. Free returns. No tax. Must ... resist.
  18. I was thinking the exact same thing but didn't know if the humor would appropriate. But thinking about it I'm sure he'd laugh and say he planned it just to get the final laugh in. There isn't a single person on these forums that could say an ill word about him. I imagine it was that way for those who knew him in person too. He came across as one of the kindest and caring people I've ever encountered online and that can't be faked. R.I.P. Bill.
  19. I believe him. For the same reason my lawyer said his fee was 33% of my crash lawsuit settlement but somehow he ended up with 50%. Sometimes the devil isn't in the details.
  20. It is our 19th wedding anniversary today. My wife's 44th bday yesterday and my 50th last week. After many years of debate, analysis, and testing our theory we've both come to the conclusion that birthday/anniversary cake is in fact better than ...
  21. I couldn't watch it all the way through. I got a severe anxiety attack. I got an email the other day from my last employer saying how great it is there now and asked me to come back. I left there 9 years ago and they still email me every year or two. I remember calling my wife and I broke down crying on the phone and told her I had to quit I couldn't take it anymore. I'd leave at 7am and get home between 10 - 10:30 pm 5 days a week and 7am to 5pm saturdays. It was unreal. You had to complete the calls they gave you before you could go home and the dispatchers were completely clueless as to how long certain jobs took. Ever replace the tub bearing in one of these new high efficiency front loading washing machines? FYI they are designed to fail. You end up with the empty shell with all the guts laying all over. They called it a shell job. Now have 5 of those to do in a 150 mile radius in rural Iowa on top of 8 other "quicky" calls. It was horrible. I haven't worked since and have just been doing my own thing. My wife has a good job so I can get away with it. This email says it all ...
  22. Oh ... you guys mean stuff like this. This is an alternate version of the original video. Little fun facts pop up throughout the whole video. Fun fact that shocked me the most was the lady in red is Telly Savalas' daughter.
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