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  1. I have an X5DR i use in Cakewalk by bandlab Can you please tell; me how to change the bank s? Thank you Stan
  2. Can you control plugins in cakewalk though Mcu pro?
  3. I tried changing drivers and changing buffer size. Nothing seems to work? I get a audio engine has stopped error and playback stutters ever since I bought Apollo X4? Stan
  4. how do you find the tempo and key of a song already recorded?
  5. Bought Apollo X4 now Cakewalk stutters and crashes I'm using the console UAD and Mcu Pro with 2 extenders?
  6. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it? Whew!! its still crashing? Would uninstalling Cakewalk and reinstalling it help?
  7. I think I'm getting confused can we start from the beginning?
  8. I uninstalled it and no crashes yet all day? Do I need redristubles for anything else?
  9. I downloaded Visual Studio? I don't know what this does or what it has to do with cakewalk crashing? I opened cakewalk after downloading visual studio and it crashed immediately with the same error message?
  10. thank you there are so many options to download i hope i did the right one? I'll keep you posted
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