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  1. arnoldoo

    IK VI Group Buy

    yes I saw it, I am on a low budget tho. Only getting them -70% discounts till November
  2. arnoldoo

    IK VI Group Buy

    Ok, no Brian May, no Satriani and no Sunset Studio... for me, nothing to see here
  3. Hey guys, James answered my mail with an apology, it was a human mistake, but he is giving me a code to buy XO 50% off. I've already bought it, so if any of you missed the opportunity, send me a dm. (only people REALLY sure that is going to buy it) It lasts 24hs, so hurry up. Very cool of him to honor the discount
  4. I've just realized that the "until August 8" part is underlined! They do have that comedic timing tho I will def open the ticket to tell James what is going, lets see how it rolls
  5. Oh man! so glad I picked up as soon as I got the money (on friday) Here is the mail Customer Care (not that much :O) sent me last week. Guess that James is a bot or something
  6. Hey, they answered, "it will be running on the site until August 8"
  7. Oh, be sure about that! i test all my soft directly into projects as this is my job and my DAW is on 12hs per day Thanks
  8. Thanks man! Between you and @Zo had paved the way to getting this one. I've sold something on KVR and the money arrives on Friday, so I'll pull the trigger by then
  9. Would it be safe to say that this promo will last till this weekend? 2020/08/01 ? I've sent an email to PB but no answer about that yet
  10. Thanks Zo, you did sold me XO with this post. 🤩
  11. Thanks man, I saw the first half. I am not looking for inspiration tho, just find the next similar snare or kick as fast as I can. And it seems this is faster than I would ever be. But I am skeptic that this thing will find real similarities (I've seen several videos and from the 10 first sounds, 6 or 7 are on another ballpark :P) If I manage to sell my copy of Ableton @kvr, I will def go with it Nice videos btw!
  12. I installed the trial but couldn't try it then. Now I am wondering if their system to find similar sounds (when providing a source) really works Does anybody tried it ?
  13. Sic Mundus Creatus Es
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