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  1. why should they pay a graphic designer when they can just use AI out of the can 😆
  2. it is alive at black octopus, the thing is... will IK accept the code?
  3. oh, I am totally in favor of NFTs, specially for music. I was referring to winamp entering the nft scene just for a cash grab. if you are interested in the thing, check out https://arpeggi.io/ online daw, provide samples and get royalties each time used in the platform, etc (still in beta)
  4. This revamp is an nft thing, they trying to make some $
  5. yoo this is great, glad yall got it I did the survey but didn't get a thing, just: "Thanks for participating!"
  6. same + compressor I would blindly get them for $100 need moar jampointsss
  7. I've tried it and is pretty good. kind of gullfos
  8. I have all the old syntronik stuff, it sounds great but I don't use it as it takes so much to load each preset. Nevertheless, I bought it just to support a good cause!
  9. Feliz cumpleaños!!! WUP should be free for elders just sayin'
  10. Is a tool for 3d artists. If you want to make films with real footage, you might wanna try Htfilm or DaVinci Resolve. those are free I am a working musician but moved to 3d to get more freelance work
  11. Love Blender, this is huge ❤️
  12. Inflator random kontakt library 2 exzkeys midi pack
  13. Oh boy, I am waiting on those EzKeys Midi deals, but they sure know how to make me wait 😆
  14. This analytics are detailed af. you might be interested in technical analysis or something
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