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  1. Hi guys - I've submitted a crash dump as suggested. Many thanks. Best wishes, Matthew
  2. Okay thanks for clarifying that - I may re-ask for that feature.
  3. Good afternoon, Hope you're well. I've been using Cakewalk for the last two years on a laptop which I use for music production and a family computer. As of a few days ago however my Cakewalk install crashes when opening the program (no specific file). I believe that this may have coincided with an incomplete update, however reinstalling this does not fix the problem. I performed an uninstall before reinstalling and this did not help either. Any advice on further troubleshooting steps? Best wishes, Matthew
  4. Hi both, Apologies for my lack of clarity in terminology - I appreciate the messages. My first PRV is showing the area shown as C on your diagram. I have a separate PRV docked in the multi view that, where I have right clicked on the piano and selected to use different names, that align to my drum map. It is this that then resets itself to the standard piano view. It may be that this is not preserved and may be related to a feature request. If so please link me and i'll upvote this and provide request feedback. Best wishes, Matthew
  5. Hi Scook, Thanks for your comment. I've tried saving the different piano roll views with both screensets and workspaces. They will always go back to being piano notation upon changing screenset or re-opening the project. Best wishes, Matthew
  6. Hi guys - thanks for all the feedback. I've got a few different piano roll views set up looking at different tracks which is great. I can then set these to different forms of notation - even better. However loading a different screenset or re-opening the project will always default all of the PRV's back to a piano view. I've tried to lock this with both the multidock and screensets and it just doesn't seem to hold onto it. As I change between screensets regularly, this is the key thing that would save me time. Best wishes, Matthew
  7. Hi guys, Hope you're well. Is it possible to have a separate piano roll set up per track? For example I have a midi bass track that i'd like to see the piano notes but an EZ Drummer track that i've set up custom kit list on. Currently the same view persists across all tracks until changed - but interestingly if I use a different screenset it resorts back to the piano note view. Best wishes, Matthew
  8. Fab Thanks very much for your help. Best wishes, Matthew
  9. Good evening, Does anyone know where the plugin custom category information is stored? I.e. I save a VST into a folder called Analog Synth, which is available to all projects using the computer. I have two computers which I do music on and i'd like to find a way of synchronizing this if possible. Best wishes, Matthew
  10. I investigated using the alphabetical sort using number prefixes on the track titles to "simulate" an alternative track order. Unfortunately this didn't work because it kept the instruments in their individual track folders and there was no way of reverting back to the old sort order. One of the following would solve this issue for me: 1. Track order is held persistently by screensets, i.e. if the order is changed on one view it it is not reflected in the other. This would allow me to setup my usual grouping of tracks for recording and a different order for mixing. 2. Custom tags/sort options that allow you to use bring up elements that match criteria, i.e. bass and then revert to the original sort order. The current sort order needs to be saved as its a preference order that doesn't currently correspond to another type, such as alphabetical.
  11. Hi Kurre, Thanks for your reply. I've reinvestigatedf lens, screensets and mix recalls but can't find a way of achieving the desired outcome. There doesn't appear to be a way of sorting tracks based on a custom filter and then storing that result. Best wishes, Matthew
  12. Great idea - very supportive of this functionality hopefully being added to Cakewalk!
  13. This would be so useful! I'd like to subcategorise my orchestral and ethnic instrumentation sections Is there a set number of votes an idea needs to be added to the roadmap? Seeing as the categorisation function exists, it shouldn't be too much work to enhance it.
  14. Afternoon all, Hope you're well! I've been using Cakewalk for a number of months now and find it to be an excellent DAW for working on musical projects so big love for the developers. I was wondering whether there is any way of saving different track orders? Similarly to how you can save snapshots of what is available on the screen. For example I have a template project with groups of tracks such as keys, bass, guitars, orchestral, etc etc. This is useful for recording but when I'm mixing I'd like to be able to see a different view, such as all the instruments in a low range grouped together; ideally sorting the whole thing by frequency ranges. What methods could I use to make this easier visually? I realise automation would be virtually impossible but if I could manually template it'd make life so much easier. Best wishes, Matthew
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