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  1. I've just deleted my BandLab account. I won't be able to login anymore. It was nice knowing you all!
  2. Every brand whose name starts with Audi-; I confuse them with each other. Except the one which produces horseless carriages.
  3. Thank you! I'm quoting Lode_Runner from VI-Control here:
  4. Which grand and upright pianos do you recommend?
  5. So, the samples in MkII and non-MkII are the same, and the only difference is MkII is for Kontakt?
  6. Harpsichords for $1.20, organs for $4.90, electric pianos for $4.90-$7.90, upright pianos for $4.90-$7.90, grand pianos for $3.90-$19.90... I'd call it a steal, but stealing would cost more.
  7. In all seriousness, would you konsider full kontakt karate?
  8. He's running an e-commerce business.
  9. Running an audio plugin business is being a solution looking for a problem.
  10. Fair, they're Kontakt-only. I meant you could move them between computers without activation and such (except the licensed Kontakt Player ones). Ultimately, we'll need decent sample libraries for an open format like SFZ to save us from all the drama.
  11. Let me quite quote myself from another thread:
  12. Terrible indeed. I regret I wasted several hundreds on products now belong to InMusic. Issues you mention are my main reasons I'm moving away from plugin based VIs. Plugins, their installers, their license managers are operating system level programs that can do anything to a computer. They can (and do) spy on you, they can lock you out of using the product (activation/licensing errors), or they can directly harm your computer (like the iLok BSOD issue). Kontakt libraries are just bunch of files you download and move around; they live in Kontakt without access to your computer. If Native Instruments vanishes tomorrow, we can just find a portable version and continue our work.
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