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  1. For some reason the former Cakewalk website did not have a public link to download the Sonar Reference Guide. Before Cakewalk by Bandlab I used Cakewalk's consumer product, Music Creator. The older boxed editions included a printed manual while the newer versions included download links to updated versions of the same manual. As far as I know the old website did not include a public download link for the Sonar Reference Manual so if you didn't own Sonar you didn't have access to the guide. I found out about it because it was included in the download of Sonar Home Studio. I glad the guide is available to everyone that wishes to download it. Two changes would make it almost perfect; add a version number to the pdf file name and include the pdf in the initial download of Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  2. Hello @Kit Fox, Welcome to Cakewalk by Bandlab, or CbB for short and to the forum. Please post your CbB midi devices input and output selections and your midi Playback and Recording settings. A screen shot of these two screens would be wonderful! When you said, "the computer's recognizing it fine", what feedback are you seeing that convinces you enough to make that statement?
  3. Good one. Enjoyed watching this. I was surprised at your final choice!
  4. After seeing @Xel Ohh's tutorial video about Big Fish Audio's free sampler, Momentum, I'm excited about it. Big Fish Audio updates it, it has up to 16 outputs and there is a 1.7 GB library to get you started.
  5. @Psalmist35, Great rendition . Good work with the mix. Also, thank you for enabling download. This is now in frequent rotation on my Christmas playlist.
  6. Big Fish's Momentum has some awesome capability. I found this video useful as far as explaining, in terms even I can understand, ways this tool can be used. 👍
  7. @jon bees, 2600 pages is the size of the final Sonar Reference Guide pdf file. The April, 2020 Cakewalk Reference Guide pdf file was 1704 pages while the November, 2020 Reference Guide pdf file is 1802 pages. While that is still huge it is current by including information about all the updates from Sonar to 2020.11
  8. Support for the NKS specification has been requested multiple times. I hope it happens in the near future.
  9. I like the idea of having some way to manage what is displayed on the Start Screen.
  10. Very nice video. Your voice sounds different in this one; sounds good. Thanks for adjusting the balance between your voice and the incidental music.
  11. Great to see a new video from you. Missed you while you were gone.
  12. I also like Sound On Sound (SOS). I find it even more surprising Cakewalk by Bandlab (CbB) is listed even though SOS dropped Craig Anderton's long running Sonar\CbB column. Craig's column was the main reason I visited SOS's website each month. I rarely visit their website now.
  13. @tjmicsak, Welcome to the forum and to Cakewalk by Bandlab or CbB for short. One plugin suite you will enjoy are Style Dials. The online Reference Guide states: The eight style knob effects are available as add in selections in the Pro Channel. The eight effects are described here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Style-Dials
  14. This is an informative video. Although other DAWs have the same feature under a different name, I don't use other DAWs so I haven't previously seen or used articulation maps. It looks like it will be a great aid to using VST instruments.
  15. Jim Fogle

    Does CbB Support MPE?

    Does Cakewalk by Bandlab support Midi Polyphonic Expression or MPE as it is sometimes called? MPE is a method of using MIDI which enables multidimensional controllers to control multiple parameters of every note within MPE-compatible software. In normal MIDI, Channel-wide messages (such as Pitch Bend) are applied to all notes being played on a single MIDI Channel. In MPE, each note is assigned its own MIDI Channel so that those messages can be applied to each note individually. +++ This article +++ indicates the upcoming release of Ableton Live 11 will support MPE. I don't have any hardware that supports the feature but, what got me curious was this statement:
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