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  1. fogle622

    Cakewalk running slow in a powerful computer

    Open task manager. Click on the processes tab. Find the CPU column header and move the header so you can see it. The CPU column details how much cpu power each process is consuming. Some background process is likely using the cpu too much.
  2. Bobby, I have the same issue with my built-in Dell Touch pad mouse. It seems to be related to the driver written by a company called Alps. You can go into the touchpad settings and disable the drag/drop checkbox as that seems to minimize, unfortunately not eliminate, the issue.
  3. fogle622

    BUG - ProChannel Console Emulator Channel

    Hello Sarah, Welcome to the forum and to Cakewalk by Bandlab. Unfortunately I don't have a solution to the issue. You may get more views, responses and suggestions by posting in the Cakewalk by Bandlab forum section: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/2-cakewalk-by-bandlab/ Also, if you click on the link embedded in my signature you can submit a support request.
  4. fogle622

    Moving from Windows to Apple

    @RICHARD HUTCHINS, As others have correctly pointed out, Cakewalk by BandLab only runs on a 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system. That means you're stuck with a Windows computer or you're switching DAWs. If I assume you're sticking with Windows to continue using Cakewalk by BandLab and don't care to become proficient with computer hardware then I second JimJones55's idea to purchase a purpose built music computer. In addition to looking at the Sweetwater computers, may I suggest you contact forum member, @Jim Roseberry. He works for a company that builds music computers. He also provides free advice.
  5. fogle622

    Melodyne crashing

    @Tony p and @Jasongs, May I suggest you open a support request. You can use the link in my signature. Also the chief developer, Noel Borthwick, started a thread with details about crash dumps and how to provide them to the developers. Here is a link to the thread: The more information you can provide them the better chance the issue can get resolved. This not only helps you but also helps all CbB users.
  6. Steve, I'm not disagreeing with your post. The developers may not be anymore receptive to the idea now than they were more than five years ago. I did notice you normally do not reply in this forum section but I did not know why you made an exception this time, now I know. You're absolutely correct that no one but one of the developers knows how much effort is required and sometimes the smallest change can demand a huge amount of resources. But how much resources is needed to implement a request should not deter anyone from posting their request. My intent was show support for the request. I figure the more support an idea has the better chance the idea has to at least be noticed. While it is clear to me the developers continue to work hard to increase the product reliability and stability while also addressing many issues that have been frustrations to users the feature roadmap is otherwise hazy. It is difficult for me to believe this section of the forum is monitored by the developers or anyone else responsible for creating the roadmap. Otherwise why have the "what features would you like to have us focus on next?" poll in the One Year Of Cakewalk by BandLab thread?
  7. fogle622

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    @Starship Krupa Both this free VST and the free VSTi instrument thread are wonderful ideas. Thanks. Aegean Music has a free Doppler effect and free pitch sifter/harmonizer/tuner effect: https://aegeanmusic.com/
  8. fogle622

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    @Starship Krupa Both this free VSTi and the free VST thread are wonderful ideas. Thanks. Spicy Guitar: http://www.spicyguitar.com/ Amplesound Free (sampled acoustic Martin steel six string guitar and electric Fender Precision fretted bass: https://amplesound.net/en/download.asp MT Power Drumkit: https://www.powerdrumkit.com/ A whole bunch of good sounding free instruments from DSK Music: https://www.dskmusic.com/ Don't forget the Studio Instrument suite of electric piano, electric bass, string section and acoustic drum kit available as an optional download with Cakewalk by BandLab!
  9. Noel's quoted response was made April, 2014. Perhaps with the changes created by time, competing products and ownership Noel will reconsider his answer. I can envision how a small change like enabling the mouse wheel to scroll a list can make a huge difference in workflow; especially when the user is accustomed to using the mouse scroll wheel in other programs.
  10. @Robert Bone Excellent step-by-step. Makes sense to me and I'm as dense as hard rock Maple!
  11. fogle622

    Themes Pack

    Google translation to English:
  12. fogle622

    My wife passed away

    As I read this thread and respond it is evening time in Norway. I'm sure today has been a very long day. Hopefully you've been surrounded by friends and family and together you've remembered better times. Remember there are many forum members willing to share the coming days with you.
  13. fogle622

    More outcome based menus/options?

    @EDT, I think like your idea a lot but I want to make sure I understand your idea. Am I correct that what you're suggesting is task wizards? I'm defining a task wizard as a pop-up window with step-by-step instructions describing how to perform a task. Ideally there should be one pop-up window for each task step. Each pop-up window should also include a hyperlink that opens another pop-up window that details how to perform the step. Let's say you want to perform a specific task like copy midi between tracks. You would navigate to the task wizard menu and select "copy midi". A pop-up window would state: "highlight the midi in a track to be copied." If you don't know how to highlight then you can click on the word highlight and a new pop-up window opens that describes how to highlight. There will be a pop-up window to guide you through each step needed to copy midi between tracks. Does that describe and give an example of your suggestion?
  14. Cakemint, I am a big fan of the Cakewalk Reference Guide pdf file. Morten Saether did an outstanding job converting and updating the manual. I did not realize the guide was not included in the download once it became available. The guide is updated with each update so it makes complete sense to me to include the latest copy with each update.