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    Audio stretching

    Hi guys Ive been experiencing some trouble everytime I import wav audio files. When I change the tempo of the project it automatically stretches the audio clips. I changed their "time base" in properties to "absolute" (it used to work that way) but its still stretching them. Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you both. The thing is that I usually need to edit clips from different tracks.
  3. Hi guys. What's the easiest way to edit gain of multiple clips? I couldn't find info about it. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Update: It was just a coincidence. I've been working perfectly fine with CbB today.
  5. I dont know if it's just me or what, but with this new version I've been experiencing slow processes. I can notice that the software takes a a lot of time starting, and the track bouncing has been much slower. Edit: Melodyne sync now works perfectly!
  6. I would like to rescue the themes that were in the old forum. I haven't made any of these. It just a reminder that they exist, if someone wants to try them. (Most of them are not updated) DOWNLOAD LINK THEME PICTURES I don't know if Elffin is still around. So thank him. Greetings!
  7. That's exactly what happens to me. I have to stop and start again every time I make a little change in Melodyne.
  8. Apeirofobia

    Drum Beats

    Thank you so much for your videos!
  9. This has happened to me too, and sometimes when I do that, the clip mutes.
  10. That seems one of the easiest ways to do this in Cakewalk. Thanks!
  11. I tried this method but some VST's dont allow multiple outputs, so when I choose "All audio outputs" I only get a few tracks(mono and stereo) that contain the full drum kit pattern.
  12. I'll try with the CAL again, thanks for the advice! But anyways, I'd love to see in Cakewalk an easy way to do this task just like in Studio One.
  13. This is a simple but a great request.
  14. That would be a great idea.
  15. Hi guys. These last days I've been struggling with finding an easy way to bounce midi information into audio tracks. I've been using a Drum VST (among others) that doesn't allow multiple outputs so this task has been very tedious for me. I've tried the CAL method too, but it has displayed some errors while creating the tracks. By now the easiest way I've found to achieve this is to paste as many VST tracks as drum parts the song has, and bounce them individually into audio. It would be so cool to have a feature like the one shown in the video in Cakewalk, cause since I've moved into this DAW, the experience has been amazing and I'd love everyone to use this software. The last DAW I used was Studio One and it has this easy way to bounce midi notes into audio. Greetings and have a nice one!
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