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  1. The latest release of Next Beta on Discord has Stem Separation added.
  2. I'm very much a midi newbie, so this whole thread is somewhat beyond me, but I do use LABS so ..... What's DFD ?
  3. I think it might have something to do with Arranger templates now being the top item in the bottom part of the list. I've noticed the same problem for some time. Probably starting with the inclusion of the new Arranger feature. It looks like it defaults to the top item in the list - previously Audio Library - until you reset it. But you have to do that in each project and save, as its a per project setting. You dont need to navigate directories to reset so - just select Audio Library from the dropdown list. Steve
  4. " 11 hours ago, George McKeever said: Very novice user here. Just updated to 2023.09 as it stated it will be the last update and application must be updated to this release in order to ensure it will activate in the future. " The message that comes up is "Early Access Available (2023.09 EA). Nothing about application must be updated to this release. Its just notification of a chance to try out the forthcoming last release before the official release. Its a chance for users to check for bugs etc. So it's entirely possible this version will get further updates before final release. Steve
  5. Does this problem just apply to plugins that are already loaded in a project? If you try adding a new synth track or just a new(different) effect to a track does the plugin UI window open? If it does, then the multi screen thing is a very likely cause of this problem and the plugin windows are there but hidden on another (possibly now missing) screen. Have you had any extra device plugged into the video output? Video projectors count and I think some graphics tablets might as well. Could Display resolution / text size settings in windows system settings play a part in this? Anyone? Has that changed at all? Steve
  6. Scook and bitflipper are spot on (as ever) with their comments. However, just a thought .... So the OP doesnt actually specify what they are currently using to play back the orchestral midi files. If its the Microsoft GS Wavetable or TTS1 then you can definitely improve on those sounds without necessarily spending large sums of money. There are cheap/free options that may be good enough and definitely worth a try. I really like the free BBC SO Discover from Spitfire. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bbc-symphony-orchestra-discover Steve
  7. Never tried it before, but you're right, Start screen panel does stay there when you drop a project file onto the already open UI. Can't be right, surely.
  8. Check that you dont have any other programs running that access audio that might be setting the sample rate. eg webcam. My interface is set at 48000, but I used to run the standalone Amplitube version4 and it would insist on setting the sample rate back to 44100. Just a thought. Steve
  9. I'm using the same interface. I use it for everything audio - On board audio is disabled. I. set samplerate in Focusrite to 48000 2.Set samplerate in Windows audio settings to 48000 The only time on my system that samplerate gets changed back to 41000 is if I run Amplitube v4 in standalone mode. It defaults to 41000 and seems to stick with it. Amplitube v5 is fine. Steve
  10. According to Positive Grid you just need online access to activate Bias FX and from then on online access is not required to use the software as a plugin or standalone. However, I've experienced recent problems running Bias FX when internet access was down. The PG website has lots of users complaining about the same thing. There is speculation that Windows Update 2004 has affected licensing for Bias FX (and possibly some other products, according to one user) and you may have to re-activate. It slipped back into demo mode on my system while internet was down. I had to re-activate when internet came back up. Hopefully, that's a one off - we'll see. Steve
  11. External cd drive is a good option if you already have cd's containing the tracks you want to reference. Otherwise - 1. Buy the mp3 download or 2. Record the output from Spotify/Youtube with Audacity to create wav/mp3, Audacity is free and reveals a loopback driver option (on my system) that lets you record whatever audio is currently playing. Quality would plenty good enough for a reference track (for me anyhow). Steve
  12. Have you checked in Preferences:Metronome that things are set up correctly? If you are using the audio metronome it needs to have a valid output - either direct to interface out or to an available bus. So check that routing before going down the whole re-install palava. Presumably, midi metronome would need to have a valid midi device to output to. (not that I ever use that option) Steve
  13. Could be wrong but it looks like you might be recording the output from Kontact. That may well be set up to generate chords from single notes.
  14. Try unchecking "Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk Is Not In Focus". Also make sure sample rates in Cakewalk and Discord (Windows settings if that is browser based) are matching.
  15. Found it !! Click in the track name in the inspector panel. There's a menu. Who knew?
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