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  1. If you run Clean Audio with a project open then Search Entire PC is not checked. It defaults to the current project path but you can change that to be whatever path you want.
  2. Audio Interface Direct Monitor button switched on?
  3. 1. De-Select Realtec Asio Driver in Cakewalk audio prefs. Then select Audiobox drivers. 2. Uninstall Realtek Asio driver from your system Unless you really need it, disable Realtek Audio device in Windows Sound settings and just use the Audiobox for all audio ie make that your default audio device in Windows settings - make sure sample rates in windows match the sample sate in Cakewalk and any other audio apps.
  4. No you dont need to keep inserting the synth over and over. You just need to have audio tracks set up to receive the synth audio output. So just insert audio track and set input to synth output. Do that for as many tracks as you want to record. I've never used aux tracks so have no idea whether they will do the same but maybe they do. Easy enough to check out the input options on the aux tracks. Using this method i dont think you even need to bother splitting the instrument track. Steve
  5. Sounds like you are using an Instrument track. An Instrument track just records the midi. You need to split the track using the track right click menu option "Split Instrument Track". This will give a midi track and an audio track related to the synth. Set Record on whichever you want to record. Steve
  6. Great piece of work. Both Strings and Brass working well and sounding good. Thankyou very much. Steve
  7. That's the Bandlab online, browser based music collab program. This forum is for users of the Cakewalk program. Cakewalk is now owned by Bandlab but is an entirely different product. Steve I had a look at the Bandlab app. To hear what you are playing you need to click on the Monitoring icon (bottom left of Bandlab window). You need to make sure you've selected the correct input device. There's a latency test from the File Settings menu you should try. Note - I couldnt get the latency test to work successfully and gave up. I could hear my guitar playing but latency was too bad. That's the extent of my Bandlab experience. Cakewalk has integration with Bandlab in that you can move projects between the programs. For recording guitar I suspect you will have more success with Cakewalk but its a somewhat steeper learning curve (but worth it). Lots more help available for Cakewalk on this forum. Check out Creative Sauce vids on Youtube Good luck
  8. Looks like its probably a 32bit plugin. They sometimes work ok , if you're lucky but most here would recommend using 64bit plugins only. You should be able to find something free and 64bit if look around. Unpleasant noises, crackles etc are my experience with 32bit plugins on 64 bit Windows 10. Steve
  9. The beta drivers work so much better for me on my Focusrite 2i2. Didn't have the crashes you're having but had constant pops, crackles and glitches and not just in Cakewalk. All fine now.
  10. Why not disable the onboard sound and use the interface for everything. At least find out if that works. You may have specific reasons for not putting all sound thru your interface of course. But its what i do without any problems and maybe it will work for you. I cant really see any disadvantages but mines a pretty simple setup - Realtec device disabled and Focusrite 2i2 set as default - everything Hunky Dory. If i want to I can have Youtube videos, Windows Media Player and Cakewalk (Asio at low latency) live monitoring my rubbish guitar playing all happening at the same time - the family love it. Steve
  11. Steve_B

    Bus versus Pan

    You can lose the stereo panning in the bus if you have an fx plugin on the bus that is mono.
  12. I had the same behaviour a while back, My recollection is that it was caused in my case by the vst version of the VSCO2 free orchestra plugin. I eventually came across some blurb on the download site that the vst version didn't work in Reaper. I'd recommend looking into recently downloaded or newly used plugins and disabling them one by one. You dont have to uninstall - just rename the .dll file until you find the culprit. It could be something else causing the problem but plugins seem to be the best bet and the easiest to track down problems with. Good luck Steve
  13. I kind of puzzled. I have onboard Realtek disabled. I have a Focusrite 2i2 hooked up and recognised by Windows 10 as my default sound device. I am able to have Cakewalk running and actually outputting sound ( Focusrite Asio driver selected) at the same time as playing a track in Windows Media Player and playing a Youtube video. Everything running smoothly and clearly, no conflicts or problem at all. This has always been the case for me. Previously I was using Sonar on an Maudio Delta 66 on Windows 7. Same result. The only time I couldn't run DAW and Windows sound concurrently was when I selected an option in Sonar Audio prefs that was called something like "Share audio drivers". Somewhat unintuitively (to me), this option made sound exclusive to DAW or other applications. I'm guessing this option has been renamed to "Suspend audio engine when Cakewalk not in focus" Have I just been very lucky to have the audio gods looking after me? Just seems odd that this doesn't work for everybody, especially those with the same interface. I'm not aware of having done anything smart to enable this to happen. Steve
  14. Re Sweetcase download difficulties. Got this from the devs:- Sorry for the frustration. The download links of the Sweetcase plugin are below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mnqxf7fdeznt4ai/Sweetcase v1.0 64 bit Setup.rar?dl=0
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