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  1. chulaivet1966

    Reference Guide PDF now available

    Howdy MM... Got it.....glad to confirm I have the current one. I just downloaded it today. Thanks for coming back.....appreciate the response. Be well....
  2. chulaivet1966

    *ins file for Vega Ketron keyboard

    OK....I did create my own one time but it was long, long ago with a very straight forward instrument. which was the ART SGX Nitro - guitar preamp/processor which had 4 banks. What I did was use an existing .ins file within the Cakewalk .ins folder that had the same amount of banks and just modify/edit the default patches to the newly created instrument patches. Maybe try this 'knowledge base' link to get you re-started: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013272/Instrument-Definitions Hope that helps a bit....
  3. chulaivet1966

    Reference Guide PDF now available

    Very cool to have put this great guide together for us Cakewalk loyalists. I notice there's only 1724 pages on the .pdf I downloaded....did I miss something? Thanks for any clarification.....have a great day.
  4. chulaivet1966

    *ins file for Vega Ketron keyboard

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Is that link you posted the Ketron .ins file that you created? Or....are you having problems with it as your creation? Here's a link to the manual if you're looking for the patch list/banks (page 98-100) to accurately create the .ins file. https://usermanual.wiki/Vega/VegaKetronUsersManual820167.35129366.pdf I know nothing of the Ketron so sorry if I'm no real help.
  5. chulaivet1966

    Project names /workflow question

    That's how I've always done it.....I always reference the date and adhere to the same naming convention. IE:...."Rock guitar chord progression_081419"......."Organ riff for new song_081419" A good day to all....
  6. chulaivet1966

    "Demented Circus"