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  1. Lee.... No.....not at all.....bluntly put, None of us should feel offended/insulted/discouraged by anyone else's negative comments or opinions about our song writing efforts. Song writing is a very personal thing. We can't expect everyone to like a song just because we spent 6 months on a tune thinking it's a masterpiece. So.......if any of us are going to put our music out to the public or possible collaborators to hear we must have the skin of a snow tire and we should accept all comments whether positive or negative. If someone thinks my songs suck....so be it. I know my place in the music world....my material will quite likely never appeal to the masses so I continue on as song writing/recording is just creative therapy for me. I do it because I've done it for four decades and don't expect anyone to patronize me with how great my song is in fear of hurting my feelings. Just keep doing what you're doing without big expectations. If my peers do give my material a listen and do comment favorably....that works for me. What my non-musician/non-song writing friends/family say has little real meaning....it's what our peers say that has true merit to me and is frosting on our creative cake. That's my take....carry on.
  2. I'm glad to echo all comments above. Very well done in all aspects. Good luck with all you music endeavors.
  3. Hey Tom..... Thanks very much for your comments/suggestions. I'm having one of my monitors repaired right now but will certainly revisit mixes when it's fixed. No....lead axe should not sound panned hard left.....I never pan anything hard on any side. That may have been due to my faulty monitor. Chuckle....I get that sometimes that I'm a bit too timid on getting the vox a bit more up front. I'm pretty critical of my voice. Hope you find them worthy of your time. Have a great Christmas/New Year's with the family. clv
  4. Kakku.... Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and comment. Good luck to you with your music endeavors.
  5. Howdy forumites..... Haven't been around the last few months because we've been dealing with the pain and expenses of moving out of state.....California to Kansas....the heartland. The process was hell I would add. Anyway, I have a few new ones up and even if you think the songs suck I'd be curious of how the mix translates on various monitors/systems. First three on the page: I've Had A Good Life - Rose - You're Looking For A World https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=897733&content=songs Many thanks to any who give a listen and hope you found them worthy of your time. Carry on....
  6. Howdy MM... Got it.....glad to confirm I have the current one. I just downloaded it today. Thanks for coming back.....appreciate the response. Be well....
  7. OK....I did create my own one time but it was long, long ago with a very straight forward instrument. which was the ART SGX Nitro - guitar preamp/processor which had 4 banks. What I did was use an existing .ins file within the Cakewalk .ins folder that had the same amount of banks and just modify/edit the default patches to the newly created instrument patches. Maybe try this 'knowledge base' link to get you re-started: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013272/Instrument-Definitions Hope that helps a bit....
  8. Very cool to have put this great guide together for us Cakewalk loyalists. I notice there's only 1724 pages on the .pdf I downloaded....did I miss something? Thanks for any clarification.....have a great day.
  9. I'm not sure I understand your question. Is that link you posted the Ketron .ins file that you created? Or....are you having problems with it as your creation? Here's a link to the manual if you're looking for the patch list/banks (page 98-100) to accurately create the .ins file. https://usermanual.wiki/Vega/VegaKetronUsersManual820167.35129366.pdf I know nothing of the Ketron so sorry if I'm no real help.
  10. That's how I've always done it.....I always reference the date and adhere to the same naming convention. IE:...."Rock guitar chord progression_081419"......."Organ riff for new song_081419" A good day to all....
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