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  1. Hi A.... I just love your melodies there´s always a surprise, chorus is super another  great song ..i dont think you`ve ever posted a bad song on this forum and thas no mean feat   ..respect P

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  2. Yeah I would agree its a tad too long but inspite of that I listened to it twice and liked it both times , as a voaclist I would have to say its screaming out for vocals but then i would wouldnt I cheers P  

  3. I liked this one super song and vocals , backingvocals were spot on loved all the  breaks  like i said good song 


  4. On 4/29/2022 at 4:18 AM, DeeringAmps said:

    What VSTi are you using for drums? You're playing in via a keyboard?


    agree with the others, like the tune; needs work - kind of a Boston vibe...

    Hi t,  well i use EZ2 toontracks , and I almost always stay with the songcreater patterns so everything should be in sync I think i get into trrouble when i change from verse to chorus, bridge  etc and well spotted  since ive downloaded spotify this year Ive been able to listen to so many other bands and artsits that passed me by like  Boston , and journey (great songs)  and many more so lots of new influences there  to add to my pallet , the main thing is I still feel i´m learning with every recording and its still fun thanks for the comments  cheers

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  5. On 4/27/2022 at 10:18 PM, David Sprouse said:

    my goodness, you're in salzburg?!  beautiful place.  Like your song.  It does need tightened up but lyrics are masterful.

    Thanks David , I left the uk over thirty years ago to live and work here in austria..... yes its quite pleasant , this was a difilcult song to write as I first  had the chorus and had to write backwards if that makes sense usually I start with a riff and build up to the chorus real time , i try to keep , lyrics short and sweet and to the point I use   ezdrum toontracks i think i fall into trouble when I´m adding changes to the orignal rythum  chorus bridge etc thanks for the nice comments

  6. TIT

    Another really well written song lots of changes keeps the listener on his toes , really cleverly done 

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  7. Whats not to like ? this is really professional recording,  vocals , instruments so clear , just great held me captive all the way through great song 


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  8. HI whoisp , well yes of course youve got run with this one , Its great, it could go anywhere its got lots of potencial  ..made me wanting more liked it a lot ,cheers P

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  9. Yeah I have to concure with mark loved the vocal doubling  and well everything great song...it was really my cup of tea

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  10. SMO

    Hi AB I always like your melodies and songs ( i always think of the kinks ), really liked the loose recording I wouldve doubled recorded  the backing  harmonies, although they were a tick out in places.......I  cant talk though, getting harmonies right is always one of my biggest problems and takes me hours , looking at the credits your a one man band like myself so I can empathise  cheers nice one P

  11. Yeah i thought it sounded a bit like bread (david gates) at the beginning , great vocals and backing vocals , loved the chord changes really enjoed this one cheers p

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