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PauL D Bush born in London a long time ago Played in my first band at 18 broke up at 19 ..stopped playing concentrated on earning money . lived and worked in France and then all over Europe using my flat in  london as a base and ended up about ten years later in Austria started to play guitare again  (intensively) Played in two  blues rock  bands and then realised that comercial music  was where the money was at ..joined a commercial unit and played mainly in Austria , and Germany after about eight years deceided that enough was enough went solo during this I was writing and recording my own songs  at home ..stopped playing live after a couple of years , so I dont have to hear `` play smoke on zer water´´ or `` cowntry roadz´´ any more  still love playing good music and hopedfully writng stuff that ,maybe someone else likes  too ......influenses way to many and diverse to mention here. cheers

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