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  1. still using sonar 8.5 producer 32bit here as well, on my windows 10 64bit with x299 7820x intel. Been trying to get used to cakewalk bandlab but I like to work fast and I find that im not able to because im still learning the flow, where everythings at, ect. Things that slow me down or mess my flow up are little things like just selecting/deselecting clips, how click behaviors differ depending on what part of the clip you click on, even the midi piano pain throws me off somtimes, like when i click a note in and want to drag it earlier, the cursor like gets stuck and plays the note in rapid succession so i have to change tools to move the note. and if you click a long midi note in like a quarter note but i want to add some dotted eight notes on top of the blob its difficult click em over the blob, i have to shorten the blob to click a note in and then when they are all superimposed on eachother its just straight up difficult to visualize the seperation. all minor hiccups that really just interrupt my train of thought in the middle of a creative flow, leaving me sticking with sonar 8.5.
  2. awesome updates! they nailed a lot of issues I was hoping they would fix/improve. Now If only they bring that DSP-Fx StudioVerb back my life will be complete! lol. Im just so used to that as my go-to reverb for all these years; if they could some how allow cakewalk bandlab to utilize that cursed plugin that would be so nice.
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