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  1. Based on a comment on a YouTube video I posted last week, I created a new one along with an associated Blog Post. This is about data backups, the importance of creating them, and a few ideas about how you might do so with some simple tools and online data storage. If you think this might be useful to you and your data, please take a look: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/data-backups-save-your-music-from-yourself
  2. @Vernon Barnes I am coming in with pro already, so yeah, definitely less value than if I were new to the product, and I am not really interested in notion, but between the sample libraries, the additional stuff like the editor for the rompler, the additional modules for the fat channel, maybe but probably not the looks for me (though for free I will play around with them), and the collaboration, which I hope to be able to use if I can find some folks interested in some drums or maybe vocals or someone who might be able co tribute a guitar solo out of my skills or maybe even something like a sax solo for a few different covers I would like to do but won't bother without a decent sax. I am also interested to see what they do to grow the subscription. It was one thing that actually got me to buy into the sonat lifetime subscription (yeah, we saw how that worked out): the continual updates that subscribers got during the year...maybe some exclusive feature updates or sample packs or whatever will come along. THAT is something that could make this work over time. Hopefully they are paying attention and aren't going to assume that the existing library of stuff will suffice for ongoing payments. I think they would see subscribers turn back into upgraders at the next cycle.
  3. Still on studio one 4 here but strongly considering Sphere rather than the upgrade to so5 due to the low cost of entry and the about $600 worth of stuff I know I would actually want (but wouldn't buy).
  4. Good evening! I just posted a new blog and video walkthrough of my newly designed Studio Room. I previously posted a walkthrough in this thread and my new room has taken on a completely new look and feel. I hope you will take a look! https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/new-studio-room-for-2020
  5. Studio one 5 just released and now has notation built in, for what it's worth. Pretty sure they also finally added polyphonic pressure as well, though they aren't really making it much of a big deal for as long and as many requested it...personally, k don't need it, but for many with cymbal chokes on Roland gear, it was a bit miss to not be there. I am sure there are many other use cases.
  6. Been using studio one here since Gibson dumped cw in 2017. I did my last song in cbb though, just to see how the updates have come along. .I can honestly say that I could work in either pretty comfortably, have complaints and likes about each, but still lean to the studio one side for a number of reasons. Do NOT expect the same forum comraderie over at presonus though. It is not the same. Even when I have recorded something in studio one, I get feedback here but I don't even get feedback over there when I have used their tool. It is one reason I have stuck around here along with just keeping up with cbb as a daw. You still should get on their forum though, as it is still a good spot, just not as good as this one! Let me know if you need any pointers and I will help if I can.
  7. I had an echo 3g for a long time and we'll into windows 10 builds.. I don't recall when I decommissioned it...I think about this time in 2018. Mine worked well.enough but the phantom power was shot on both inputs and I had moved over to studio.one by then and decided to spring for a presonus studio 1824. It is better, even though it is usb but it is. It as night and day as you would think, being at least ten years newer. Still, I think it was a good move. I still have the 3g if anyone needs an extra one! I will sell it for a good price.
  8. Hey bapu. Thanks for the feedback. Drums are a little dry to me too, but that is the flavor of the song to a degree. I actually added a bit of verb to the snare and Tom's in addition to what was in the "room mics" and made them a bit more likely than the original recording. The name of the kit I built on the Mimic is "raw" for a reason 😁. Thanks for the listen!
  9. Thanks for listening, @freddy j and for the compliments.
  10. Thanks Douglas. I have a lot of reasons why I went with Studio One at the time and I wanted to come back to Cakewalk to see how it felt now that I've been away from it for a while. I was a VERY involved supporter of Sonar over the years and participant in the forum here (and before especially). In fact, the community is one of the things that is worth sticking around for - the Presonus forums are nowhere near as community focused. I don't want this post to turn into my Cakewalk vs. Studio One thing! So - thanks for listening and for your comment on the mix. I appreciate you taking the time. This is the original, by the way:
  11. Hello all, So, if you have followed me at all, you will know that I have been around here a long time but that I have been recording my songs in Studio One since the "Gibson Event". You also know that I've said I'd record my next song back over in Cakewalk. And I have. This time it is a cover of a song by a band called Believable Picnic. I hope you will venture over to my blog where I've outlined how I recorded it, what was used, etc. I look forward to your comments, if any. https://www.blades.technology/music/songs/spaceman
  12. Fwiw...I don't think that this thread is for my benefit. I was actually posing a question for those who already tried using 4k monitors and shared my experience. I put it in the coffee house to hopefully have some conversation and inform and demonstrate something useful to me. Let's keep it civil, eh?
  13. Absolutely critical. If you have never used a 4k monitor and you get one and attach to a video card that only handles 29/30Hz, it will feel like your computer got really slow or your mouse batteries are dying! This can even be as simple as the right video card and the wrong cable.
  14. @paulo - yeah: sounds like it's not for you. Personally, I really don't feel like it is just a "big laptop screen" because I wouldn't take a 1080p 13.5" laptop screen and just make it bigger. It's really about the scale of the thing and the resolution relative to that size. Whether using two monitors side by side or one top and bottom, or in this case 4x in a rectangle, it really is just more real estate that can be arranged however you like and you can plainly get more on the screen and make it as busy or not busy as you like. To me, it was always frustrating to have to zoom and scroll around the screen to get what I wanted to be visible the way I wanted it - now it is just "that way" and easy to manipulate however I want it. But I get it - my lead tech at the office doesn't like it either - too much going on for his liking. @Brian Walton "4K is awful if plugins are not desiged to scale" - yep, and that would be a problem if this were asking them to scale, but it's not. That's part of why I went over the need to have it at 100% scale: so that (a) you get the full benefit of the resolution and can actually get 4x as much as a single 1080p monitor or 2x as much as a dual-screen setup and (b) because then nothing has to scale: Applications have no idea that it is "4k" because they just happily display their 100% sized pixels like they always would. I think it's kind of how I felt at first when an IT client of ours (who does large high-rise construction plans) got a Dell monitor like this - yea, it's big - so what. But when I actually set it up for that client and used the application to section things out on the screen, it was immediately apparent that I was going to eventually get one of these. Just had to wait for the price to come down. And it did. And I did.
  15. Glad to see some conversation with a mix of opinions, though @craigb and I seem to be in the minority so far. Another point is that I am at the exact distance from this monitor as I was from the two side by side. Since it is running at true 4k (100%), the size of each 1/4 of the screen is exactly the same as my old 21.5" 1080p monitors). It does't feel "too close" because it is exactly the same. In fact, when I first started using it, to get used to it, I just put two windows side-by-side with their vertical midpoint aligned with the vertical middle of this 4k screen. Then it was exactly like having my old two monitors except for the lack of bezels and the better clarity on this one. For those who think that S1 is fugly, here's a shot of the same monitor with Cakewalk open with my newest project on it (of course, this one is not done, so it has a lot less going on and less windows up within the software:
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