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  1. Thanks for listening, @freddy j and for the compliments.
  2. Thanks Douglas. I have a lot of reasons why I went with Studio One at the time and I wanted to come back to Cakewalk to see how it felt now that I've been away from it for a while. I was a VERY involved supporter of Sonar over the years and participant in the forum here (and before especially). In fact, the community is one of the things that is worth sticking around for - the Presonus forums are nowhere near as community focused. I don't want this post to turn into my Cakewalk vs. Studio One thing! So - thanks for listening and for your comment on the mix. I appreciate you taking the time. This is the original, by the way:
  3. Hello all, So, if you have followed me at all, you will know that I have been around here a long time but that I have been recording my songs in Studio One since the "Gibson Event". You also know that I've said I'd record my next song back over in Cakewalk. And I have. This time it is a cover of a song by a band called Believable Picnic. I hope you will venture over to my blog where I've outlined how I recorded it, what was used, etc. I look forward to your comments, if any. https://www.blades.technology/music/songs/spaceman
  4. Fwiw...I don't think that this thread is for my benefit. I was actually posing a question for those who already tried using 4k monitors and shared my experience. I put it in the coffee house to hopefully have some conversation and inform and demonstrate something useful to me. Let's keep it civil, eh?
  5. Absolutely critical. If you have never used a 4k monitor and you get one and attach to a video card that only handles 29/30Hz, it will feel like your computer got really slow or your mouse batteries are dying! This can even be as simple as the right video card and the wrong cable.
  6. @paulo - yeah: sounds like it's not for you. Personally, I really don't feel like it is just a "big laptop screen" because I wouldn't take a 1080p 13.5" laptop screen and just make it bigger. It's really about the scale of the thing and the resolution relative to that size. Whether using two monitors side by side or one top and bottom, or in this case 4x in a rectangle, it really is just more real estate that can be arranged however you like and you can plainly get more on the screen and make it as busy or not busy as you like. To me, it was always frustrating to have to zoom and scroll around the screen to get what I wanted to be visible the way I wanted it - now it is just "that way" and easy to manipulate however I want it. But I get it - my lead tech at the office doesn't like it either - too much going on for his liking. @Brian Walton "4K is awful if plugins are not desiged to scale" - yep, and that would be a problem if this were asking them to scale, but it's not. That's part of why I went over the need to have it at 100% scale: so that (a) you get the full benefit of the resolution and can actually get 4x as much as a single 1080p monitor or 2x as much as a dual-screen setup and (b) because then nothing has to scale: Applications have no idea that it is "4k" because they just happily display their 100% sized pixels like they always would. I think it's kind of how I felt at first when an IT client of ours (who does large high-rise construction plans) got a Dell monitor like this - yea, it's big - so what. But when I actually set it up for that client and used the application to section things out on the screen, it was immediately apparent that I was going to eventually get one of these. Just had to wait for the price to come down. And it did. And I did.
  7. Glad to see some conversation with a mix of opinions, though @craigb and I seem to be in the minority so far. Another point is that I am at the exact distance from this monitor as I was from the two side by side. Since it is running at true 4k (100%), the size of each 1/4 of the screen is exactly the same as my old 21.5" 1080p monitors). It does't feel "too close" because it is exactly the same. In fact, when I first started using it, to get used to it, I just put two windows side-by-side with their vertical midpoint aligned with the vertical middle of this 4k screen. Then it was exactly like having my old two monitors except for the lack of bezels and the better clarity on this one. For those who think that S1 is fugly, here's a shot of the same monitor with Cakewalk open with my newest project on it (of course, this one is not done, so it has a lot less going on and less windows up within the software:
  8. Hey @StudioNSFW - how does your dual monitor setup "give you more"? Are they running at a really high resolution? I have seen a 4k TV as well. It's not as good as the 4k monitor - not sure exactly why, maybe it's just the size or the distance, or the fact that it isn't at 100% scale and at 200% because of the distance and use in a conference room (in my case at the office). When comparing my old 2x 1080p monitors side by side, my horizontal resolution was the same at 1920*2 but the vertical was still 1080px. So I have the same horizontal by double the vertical - and have eliminated the bezels. Also, in my case, I was using two ASUS 21.5" panels that were (together) a little more than half the price (about $250 vs $400) but they are also NOT IPS panels, so text is not as sharp and off-axis was not as good for color, which does matter to me since I also do web design and coding, both of which also benefit from the additional resolution, clarity, and RGB reproduction.
  9. Hey everyone - just created a new blog post last night and posted a related YouTube video with examples of why a 4k Monitor is great for a DAW. Have you considered it? Want to see what that really amounts to? Check it out here: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/why-you-should-get-a-4k-monitor
  10. @markno999 Wow! Thanks a lot for your comment. It makes me really happy to hear people compliment something that I have worked so much on and given my all. I enjoy doing cover songs, especially obscure ones that are unlikely known. I only wish that I could get this in front of Roger Taylor - not because I want something from him: just so he could hear it and give some feedback on it - even it wasn't as gracious as yours
  11. @David Sprouse Thanks for the vocal compliment! For the synths - I listened over and over and over. Most of the middle section is Sample Tank (the version 2 samples in the version 3 VST "player". A few of those actually came from the Sonic Synth 2 Library played in the same VST (custom shop? - ala bring your own libraries). the analog brass in that section was from the Prophet V emulation in the Arturia Analog Lab 3. There are a few crash and cymbal hits that were from the Sample Tank as well and the cymbal rolls/swells are from the Pearl Mimic Pro, played in on the e-kit. The other synths through the song, like the synth bass and that orchestra hit were from the Analog Lab 3 as well, the Orch Hit from the CMI and the bass from the Prophet V. As for Queen doing this: no, this was from Roger Taylor's second solo album called "Strange Frontier". You can hear the original of this song here - well, youtube won't let me embed the link here - so go to youtube and search for Roger Taylor Killing Time and it will come up. The album is available on Amazon streaming with subscription or as mp3 download and also on Google Play. I'm sure it is available on just about any of the platforms. A little rumor is that the big vocal ahh section at the end of the orchestral section is supposedly Freddie Mercury. Not sure, but wouldn't be surprised. He's not listed in the album credits though. @Starise Again - thanks for the vocal compliment! I don't know how to get more exposure. I post in a bunch of places but don't really get a lot of hits. Maybe because it's a cover - in the case of "here", I actually have more comments typically even though I didn't use Cakewalk to record it! (my next tune is in the works and I AM using Cakewalk for that one as a change of pace, some nostalgia, and to see how I like it now after a while away. Regarding the Console 1. I REALLY like it. On this song, looking at the mix, the only effects I have are the Console 1 on all of the Inserts, POD Farm on the Guitars and Bass, and some reverb, delay, and phaser on some spots and a limiter on the master to prevent overs - and I might have been able to accomplish that with Console 1 as well. That's it. There is nothing else on the whole thing. It makes the mixing process easier and faster, but more importantly more fun and less frustrating for me and I think the end result is that it sounds better overall than when I was trying to use a bunch of plugins to accomplish the same. On this mix I used some British Class A emulation and some of the default SSL 4000e emulation. If you know of someone who might enjoy this, please feel free to send them over to my blog to read about the process there and listen there as well. And of course, I like comments and reactions, which I so rarely get on the blog!
  12. Good evening everyone. As I plot my course for returning to Cakewalk from Studio One, and after reviewing some comments on my last YouTube video, I created a new blog post about setting up Workflow in your DAW. In the video I discuss both Cakewalk and Studio One but focus mostly on getting the right tools in the right places and everything setup in your DAW to have the creative process and not the technical one win out. I hope that you are able to find something useful here: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/whatever-daw-you-use-it-s-about-the-workflow
  13. Thanks Douglas. I am REALLY trying to come back over to Cakewalk but I keep finding myself working on things over "there". Seriously, I have been a long time advocate for the Cakewalk software. With my comfort here, the free-ness (even though I had "lifetime updates"), and the numerous improvements, I am really not sure why I haven't started that "next song" over here. And THIS forum, like the old Cakewalk forum, is SO much more feedback oriented than the Presonus ones, where I am unlikely to ever get a comment even if I DID use their software to make it. Maybe this next one will be! Again, thanks for the comment here. I really do appreciate it. This song was definitely a lot of work, but got completed relatively quickly.
  14. This is another cover where I did all of the parts. The song is "Killing Time" by Roger Taylor from Queen. There is a full write-up on my blog about why I did this song, but what an appropriate title for a time such as this one. I hope you will take a listen to it - I (sadly) didn't use Cakewalk on this, but I am getting closer to coming back now that the arranger track and so many other goodies have found their way in. I still hope that you will take a listen! https://www.blades.technology/music/songs/killing-time
  15. I like my presonus 1824 USB. They have a USB c version but it is really just an interface thing, and nothing to do with performance. It is usb2 whichever way you go, so you night be able to find A deal on the regular 1824 model. If you want to spring for and have the interface available, you could look at their quantum line which have ultra low latency but need a thunderbolt interface. I haven't had any crashes with mine at all. It seems pretty stable here in both cakewalk and studio one and the latency on my system is quite usable. Not going to quite numbers because they offer present more questions than answers
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