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  1. Still hanging on the Cakewalk sidelines. If they had never "gone away", I would have never looked at anything else, but when they did, I went over to Studio One. I have been watching the developments here, have Cakewalk installed on my machine (with all of the old Platinum lifetime updates attached) and go back and forth and still find Studio One a bit more to my liking. There are a number of Cakewalk features that I like/prefer but right now, still a few more on the Studio One side (and the fact that I've bought into the hardware side of Presonus doesn't help lean Cakewalk's way). I could honestly get done everything I need in either one and could do so fairly seamlessly, but I'd like to settle at some point in one place or the other. I have a few old projects in Cakewalk that I'd like to finish, so I'd likely do so here. I might start a few new ones here and again as well. Since this is a hobby and all "fun" for me, some of my own entertainment with it is the actual use of the software and all of its features and less about how many tunes I can finish. I'm slow anyway! Don't have a lot of time to spend and really like the "experience" of playing in the studio. All that said - I would strongly recommend that you install Cakewalk and keep it up to date. They are squashing bugs and adding features all the time and if you stay on x3 or whatever, you are missing out on those updates and fixes and stuck in 2017 (or wherever you left off).
  2. I didn't really even realize that it was using Melodyne for this - I would have expected it was AudioSnap derived. I created a region for the thing in Melodyne and tried the different algorithms. None was really any better than the others. The tempo was still "about half" but still not close at all. I even tried fiddling with the location of the audio track in the session, placing the claps right on the 2 and 4 and even at half-time (ish), it didn't align enough to be useful. I wasn't really "needing" this anyway, as I was just trying to have a reference and it IS an acapella thing, but I was hopeful I might be able to reproduce it and then add some drums and have some hope of a grid. In the end, I'm not vocally talented enough (apparently) to pull the song off anyway! The lead is fine, but I just can't find the backup harmonies and the bass is too low, which I might try harder to manipulate with tools (like sampler or melodyne or something) if the rest were tolerable. I'm sure I will try again. Damn that Todd Rundgren!
  3. I was working on replicating a favorite vocal-only track and had the hardest time tempo matching it last weekend, not being able to figure out a way and I came across this post this evening. So I opened up that project and did this drag-to-the-timeline of the whole audio track of the audio I had imported. Not. Even. Close. The audio has claps all the way through it, so I was surprised that AudioSnap and this method completely failed the test. I expected it would lock onto those obvious transients and come up with something that was at least in the ballpark. If I just put a single temple on it at about 154.75, it works for some period of time and then falls off. If I use this method, I get a tempo starting at 77.58 and varying somewhere around that for much of the song, topping out in one section at about 115bpm. How can this be SO far off. There's not a single spot I can turn on the metronome and it is even vaguely in the same tempo - not a half-time, not a double-time...nothing. Completely off. Am I missing something obvious here?
  4. Hi everyone - not been super engaged here, but still watching updates. Seriously liking many updates I'm seeing in the Cakewalk sphere. I had a play around with loading up this newest version and things seem again improved. I went to try the new option of hiding the Aim Assist time in the bar at the top - I like it as an option like this and can see toggling it on and off according to the time in question. That said, I am still having issues with Aim Assist in general where it will work fine and then just stop working all together. This has been an issue over several versions for me and I've seen it posted by others. It will work and then I will notice at some point that there just is no aim assist cursor or that it is just jammed up against the far left side. All I have to do is close Cakewalk and come back in and it starts working again. Is there some known fix for this. I know it's just a little thing, but the Aim Assist is really quite useful to me and something I quite missed when I went over to the Dark Side (Studio 1) for a while. I'm still switching back and forth between the two programs and trying to determine where I'll land. This is one of those Cakewalk features that I really liked.
  5. Back in the day I had an hr-16b and an sr-16 and I did some triggering of my acoustic drums as additional support to mics and an extra dauz pad on the side. Those were the days! Now I am on a full ekit with pearl mimic pro and could imagine going back. Sold my aleais stuff many years ago to a friend who I bet still has it. For those who might care. If you are like me, you might have switched over to studio one while waiting for cakewalk to figure out what it was doing. If so, and you upgraded to studio one 4, in 4.6 they include the new ampire and it can be downloaded as vst and used in cakewalk. In my few tests it sounds pretty good and I might be replacing pod farm with it for it's simpler options and less analysis paralysis.
  6. I got an email from Slate Digital that said this: ------ "Get a year of ALL ACCESS PASS and then we will give you ANY FREE PERMANENT SLATE DIGITAL PLUGIN OF YOUR CHOOSING!! 😱 With this deal, you’ll basically get to demo every single plugin in our arsenal for an entire year, as well as demo every new plugin we come out with for the next year, and then you will be sent a FREE plugin voucher to receive ANY SLATE DIGITAL PLUGIN that you want to keep PERMANENTLY! It’s that simple." ... But, it all ends in 72 hours, so don’t miss this great deal! A year of plugins on us, then choose whichever you like best and get it for FREE! ----- So, how I read this was "a year subscription for free". I don't know why they'd do this, but that's how it READ. But when you click the link, it takes you to the product page and a check out sidebar shows: $149.99 $149.99 So as to say "this used to cost $149, but now it is Only $149" Anyone else on this one? Here's the link so you can see it there (less the email content): https://app.slatedigital.com/checkout?catalogItemReferenceId=all-access-pass-annual-paid-upfront&coupon=BF_FreePlugin&__s=3hjvcfugf1jbfudfwuh6
  7. Hey SomeGuy, If you want to be "anonymous", then don't use software offered for "free". It's pretty simple. Free is not free. If you don't want to give up your contact info (or whatever is being asked for in any particular case), then don't, and use software that doesn't require it to use it. Simple. There are non-free options out there that you can use instead and then you don't have to worry about it. You have it right, "data is currency". There is no free ride. You don't have to use Cakewalk by Bandlab. True. And if you don't use their FREE DAW, you don't have to wonder. It is your computer, not theirs. If their FREE software is not on your computer, there is nothing to wonder about. Not everything is a conspiracy.
  8. I still use my frontier designs tranzport for drums and vocals and it still works. It technically isn't supported in windows 10, but running the setup.in compatibility more allows it to install and it works, though it doesn't support the pause key specifically. I see a few on eBay right now for about $40. Still don't understand why this was discontinued.
  9. After getting my head back around cakewalk after a long Absence to studio one, I am seriously considering coming back for my next song and seeing how things feel now. Between the last update and this one, there are a lot of things that appeal to me.
  10. Hey everyone. I just completed this recording of Dishwalla's Angels or Devils from the Opaline album. While I didn't record this with Cakewalk, I did use something I've seen discussed around here - the Softube Console 1. It was a huge success in my opinion. In fact, I'm thinking that it pretty much evens up the "sound" between the two DAWs and I think I'll probably do my next song back over in in Cakewalk. It was just so easy to mix with this thing and it works equivalently in both programs. I hope you will take a listen and read over the recording notes here: https://www.blades.technology/music/songs/angels-or-devils-dishwalla-cover
  11. You know, it used to be that you had to create a cakewalk sonar account to use the PAID subscription and had a different price of software with a different logo on it to get your updates. Now it's free and still in business, those are the two primary differences. I don't use cakewalk like I once did (now more in the paid studio one group) but I fail to see it understand why people have a problem with this model. You know there are other programs out there both free and paid. If you hate the idea of having to create an account THAT bad, why are you still here?
  12. Hey bitflipper...I have a frontier transport that works in windows 10. Maybe I could help you get yours going? Let me know if you want an assist. It mostly has to do with allowing unsigned drivers, which is fine if you trust the device. The device isn't supported any more and lacks some features like the pause button working in the "new" way (like 2009 new I think).
  13. Ha! Yeah - I have a whole drumkit behind me, so space is hardly a concern in this case. I have my shakers, tamborine, and such laying on the floor under the "floor tom". My Coffee/beer (time-of-day dependant) still sits nicely just to the right of the Faderport 8->Console 1. And, as you can see in the video behind me, I just "sheetrocked" my door closed in prep for other changes in my room, one of which will be a re-arrangement from corner desk to flat on the wall desk that I'm actually going to attach as "shelves" to the wall, freeing up space and making my area to keep various beverages larger! Thanks for the comment.
  14. Hey all. I recently got a Softube Console 1 and added to to my equipment collection. I have been spending some time getting accustomed to using it and figuring it out. In this process, I've out together a blog post with a Top 5 reasons to buy one. While the video contains Studio One as the example DAW, I have also put it in Cakewalk and it works the exact same way, so what I show here can work in either DAW. Want to check it out? I'd appreciate a look. Maybe it will help you decide to add one to your equipment list as well! https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/5-reasons-to-get-a-console-1
  15. @Jaime Ramírez I am using the default tungsten theme. @Jon Sasor windows 10 pro 1903 - 4unning on an Asus mb with an Nvidia gtx960 (Asus strix if that helps) Need any other specs?
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