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  1. I hope you will find this post and related video useful. Please take a look. https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/softube-plugin-collection-volume-5-and-other-vst-bundles and the direct link to the YouTube video if you don't want to read!
  2. Hello Everyone! Hope your day is going great. I did a new video covering the Console 1 American Class A emulation that I hope will be interesting for you. In this I cover the differences between the Console 1 and VST versions of the Softube Plugin, show examples on individual drum tracks, and then do a comparison with and without the Console 1 on the full mix of drum tracks. Link to the Blog Post: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/console-1-american-class-a-api-channel-strip Link to the YouTube video directly: https://youtu.be/XZd8r4CnCFA
  3. Hi all, I did a video today, continuing the "Which EQ Should I Use?" theme. I accompanied this with a new video on my YouTube Channel about the same topic, with audio examples and EQ settings using the PreSonus Fat Channel series of plugins, which are also available in Cakewalk products, whether purchased separately or as a part of a Sphere subscription. I hope that this is useful information for you to determine the type or exact particular EQ unit to select for your material. Blog is here: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/which-eq-multiple-emulations Direct Link to YouTube Video is here:
  4. @Soundwise I did a follow-up on this, but I didn't post it here because it's specifically about the Presonus ProEQ2 - fairly similar to the QuadCurve in Cakewalk, I suppose, though the Cakewalk one has some emulation factor to it with its different curve responses (though there's more to emulation than that and I don't think QC has that), where the PreSonus one is purely a graphical parametric EQ. I wonder if there would be any value in doing one about the QuadCurve separately. If you are interested, it's here: https://youtu.be/ewP97liHClw
  5. @Billy86 Did you watch the linked YouTube video? This goes info the details of how it works in Cakewalk by Bandlab. In general, I think it is still a worthwhile option in Cakewalk by Bandlab, even if it doesn't have all the features that it does in Studio One. Having transitioned from the Behringer BCF2000 to the FaderPort 8, I can say that it is a pretty significant improvement, in my opinion.
  6. I am starting a new series on this topic on my YouTube channel. If you are interested in this, have input and want to suggest some items to cover, or just want to follow along, my Blog post for the Intro to the topic is here: htttps://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/which-eq-should-i-use And the direct link to the YouTube Video is here:
  7. Yeah - coming from Sonar 8.5 I wasn't a big fan of X1. I skipped X2 and only got to Platinum (X3+) after the lifetime updates offer. I didn't really use X1 a lot. I got used to it. It was a step in the right direction at the time, I think, but lacked so much polish and lost features from 8.5 (layers for me). At the time, I still didn't look elsewhere. I am loyal to a fault, I guess! Now, the new Cakewalk is an evolution of that Skylight interface. It's definitely better, but I think some of the sluggishness I experience in the program compared to Studio One is because of the legacy of this interface.
  8. I doubt it. Once bitten and all that. For a few reasons: 1. I already have fully adopted Studio One because of the Grand Screwing Gibson did with the Sonar product. If you all remember me from those days, I was quite involved in these forums, in helping others, in keeping up with Sonar versions, and in buying into the "Lifetime updates" that lasted about 6 months (?) for me. 2. Bandlab has already said "we will never charge for this". The day they say "we are going to charge for this", they will have signed their "you can't believe me" note and I'll not be interested in paying - though I still have to wonder how the heck they are paying the developers to continue to improve and advance this now-free DAW. Got to make money somewhere, and if they are smart they will start finding a way, whether through in app purchases or whatever - just not a charge for the base product. 3. I'm still not using it as my primary DAW. It's unfortunate because had Gibson not done what they did, I'd have never looked elsewhere and wouldn't know any better. I still think that Cakewalk is a quite useful DAW and if I hadn't looked around I would still be using and promoting it to this day. Too bad Gibson screwed it up for them the way they did. I've really actually enjoyed getting to know Studio One and all of its features. I DO wish the community here would migrate over though. The PreSonus forums are "ok" but nothing compared to what happens here.
  9. I have a presonus faderport 8 that I really like in studio.one but also works pretty well in Cakewalk in mackie mode. I use it primarily for transport and navigation, but it is just fun to be able to control several channels at the same time and to do things like automation rather than drawing it in. I did a video showing how to use it in cakewalk on my youtube channel if you are interested: https://youtu.be/RlZASE5gibU.
  10. I have an Acer dm431k at the house and one at the office. I love these things for both work and studio use. 4k running at 100% zoom is exactly like have 4 1080p monitors without the bezels. At the time I got these, they were $299 each. During covid lockdowns they hardly available anywhere. I see now that there are 6 in stock in my local microcenter at $450 and b&h says they have them at $399. These are sharp.and true ips panels. One if mine has a few bad pixels right the very bottom but otherwise no problems. I did a video on this topic on my youtube channel if you are interested: https://youtu.be/XBBWMGd-gj8
  11. Since there are a number of people around here interested in the Console 1, I thought you might want to hear about the newly released TrakPak for Console 1 from Empirical Labs, including the LilFrEQ and the Mike-e compresser (etc). Check out my review here: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/empirical-labs-trakpak-for-console-1-review-and-comparison
  12. It's a great device. Of course, it is more full featured in studio one since they are both presonus products but it is still a ton better for me in cakewalk than my bcf2000 was. I am sure that I am missing some things with the extra modes, but unsure wish cakewalk and presonus would get together about a few of them and other issues, like the fader scale being not the same so feeling a little drift from the actual markings. I don't know that either company needs to do anything. I think it's both.
  13. For those who want to skip the Blog post, here's a direct link to the YouTube video:
  14. For the sake of comparison, I've done a video on this for the FaderPort 8 in Studio One as well, which shows some of the differences in the behavior of the hardware in the Studio One software and how some of the functions that Mackie MCU mode in Cakewalk doesn't cover. You might find this interesting: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/5-reasons-to-use-the-presonus-faderport-8-with-studio-one
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    @jack c. Wow. Humbled. Thanks for that.
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