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  1. Hey bitflipper...I have a frontier transport that works in windows 10. Maybe I could help you get yours going? Let me know if you want an assist. It mostly has to do with allowing unsigned drivers, which is fine if you trust the device. The device isn't supported any more and lacks some features like the pause button working in the "new" way (like 2009 new I think).
  2. Ha! Yeah - I have a whole drumkit behind me, so space is hardly a concern in this case. I have my shakers, tamborine, and such laying on the floor under the "floor tom". My Coffee/beer (time-of-day dependant) still sits nicely just to the right of the Faderport 8->Console 1. And, as you can see in the video behind me, I just "sheetrocked" my door closed in prep for other changes in my room, one of which will be a re-arrangement from corner desk to flat on the wall desk that I'm actually going to attach as "shelves" to the wall, freeing up space and making my area to keep various beverages larger! Thanks for the comment.
  3. Hey all. I recently got a Softube Console 1 and added to to my equipment collection. I have been spending some time getting accustomed to using it and figuring it out. In this process, I've out together a blog post with a Top 5 reasons to buy one. While the video contains Studio One as the example DAW, I have also put it in Cakewalk and it works the exact same way, so what I show here can work in either DAW. Want to check it out? I'd appreciate a look. Maybe it will help you decide to add one to your equipment list as well! https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/5-reasons-to-get-a-console-1
  4. @Jaime Ramírez I am using the default tungsten theme. @Jon Sasor windows 10 pro 1903 - 4unning on an Asus mb with an Nvidia gtx960 (Asus strix if that helps) Need any other specs?
  5. I can verify the aim assist issue here as well. Don't have a recipe. Happened on a blank project template, so nothing fancy.
  6. @msmcleod next chance I have to check this I will . Again, I am not really sure why I care anymore about it, but there was something I preferred about the workflow and if now it can work like comping or layers depending on how I want to work, this could matter to me. I am still struggling coming back to cakewalk, having gotten pretty comfortable with studio one and having the 4.5 pro version, but there are things about cw that I miss, like sound on sound recording, ability to set different punch and loop regions, etc. There are a lot of things in studio one too that I prefer, like more complete integration with faderport 8 and presonus sound card, and many other things. Each has its strengths. Thanks for the info.
  7. So I guess what I want to know on the lanes is "can one lane of audio overlap another and have both heard" just like separate tracks or are overlapping regions still treated as "one or the other plays"? Not a big deal really either way, just trying to understand what is different than just the comping was. I can hardly remember why I cared that much about layers vs tracks in folders anyway!
  8. Trying to understand the comp changes. I honestly haven't been super involved in the comping since layers went away (long ago). I actually looked at this update specifically because of the changes here with the intention of creating a quick screencast video. But in my noodling around with things, I can't see how "assembling takes" differs from previous methods, and therefore couldn't create any kind of tutorial, as I couldn't really tell what was happening that was any different from before. I looked at the doc updates and still don't understand. Any guidance here?
  9. Fastbikerboy and I were among a few around here years ago sharing bcf2000 usage videos. He then went on to do a bunch of training videos I think. Haven't heard from him in a long time. Videos on his youtube channel are 6+ years old. Maybe he moved on to another daw, another hobby, or simply doesn't have time as was the case for me for quite some time where now I have been MAKING more time for it. Hope he is ok.
  10. If you are going to make a whole new copy of the project folder, why even bother with the save as or save copy as features? Why not just copy over the whole folder and pick one to edit and then eliminate the other when done. I am all for backups but wonder what the point of the save as would be except for yet another copy, possibly leading to more confusion.
  11. I guess I found a way to post something to the coffee house and get no response at all!😀 Most of the time, folks post some pretty random stuff out here that gets Something back. No biggie...just surprised someone didn't have something to say.
  12. Since this is the most casual discussion area on the forum, I thought this would be a decent place for this post... My company, Technical Resourse Solutions recently got involved with producing 360 videos. We did one at a new beer release party for Reformation Brewery where a local classic rock station (97.1 The River) was and there was a bunch of music playing in the background. Facebook didn't allow us to post it that way because of music copyright, so I had to put something together really fast to get it uploaded. So I threw a few guitar chords together, dropped on some bass, and recorded the mimic pro "rock" preset. I also added some Shaker and tambourine. I did very little to this mix except to add a little compression to the drum bus and other simple stuff, but for the most part, this is the preset. I am not asking for you to like the Facebook page or anything. Just take a look at the video and take a listen to the music bed behind. IMHO, so easy to get a decent drum sound with very little work. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/108755019142581/posts/2957381360946585/ Thanks for taking a listen
  13. I have a full.motized standup desk at the office that I really like a lot and have considered getting the same for home daw use. Yes, it was like $600 but my home desk is old and in need of replacement at this point. Being able to transition from recording a vocal to seeing the screen in stand position would be quite useful, and standing makes you Less tired overall, I have found. Hard part for me will be going from corner to not corner. I know that corner is "bad for audio" but I really like how I have things and it sounds good, is very accessible, etc. I like the while desk option though. I don't think a varidesk partial desktop surface would work for me. Too many peripherals that need to follow the up and down.
  14. @msmcleod I don't really do prog Rock, though I have done a bit here or there in collab and such, but I think the 6 minute limit is silly. Soundtracks and even songs like Bohemian Rhapsody are over 6 minutes. In fact I just checked and one if the pop like tunes I have on my site (Roger Taylor's my country) is over 6 minutes and not progressive Rick, just Rick with a few sections.
  15. I think there are aspects if skylight that are cool and some about studio one that are. Overall, I think I prefer studio one. I think the individual controls in skylight look good/cool. It's when you have a while screen full of them that it gets to busy and cluttered looking to me. I prefer the darker (bit quite black) scheme's personally so that elements that I want to stand out actually do. That separation again makes an interface look less cluttered and more focused to me . Studio one could use a little live in this way. Studio one also lacks the ability to control anything other than macro level changes, so even though there are a lot of choices there are still only a small number of them that work overall in my opinion. On the other wand, skylight theme editor is so complicated to get around to actually build a whole theme is a huge labor. It's not just about changing a few major colors and calling it done. It seems like you can either use the regular options and have the ability to change 10 to (exaggerated), when you try to get into the theme editor you have to edit 1000 elements just to get enough done to not look like you quit half way and it probably still won't be complete...forget about changing out actual graphics, like knobs and such. And this all assumes you can even locate the elements that You want changed. No gui us perfect. Unfortunately, it seems that developers spend a ton of time on features and very little if any on gui. Of course people would complain about the opposite as well. Seems like studio one would have better options and Cakewalk would simplify the theme editor to be more approachable and also release some new themes once in a while.
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