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  1. Works fine for me too. Never had problems with fabfilter plugins
  2. 640 fries ought to be enough for anybody
  3. Fortunately, it can be left justified, there's an option in settings. With the centered layout, the start menu icon moves back and forth, which is really annoying, besides being against Fitts law
  4. Still working here, both kontakt 5 and 6
  5. I'm trying to update CbB from version 2020.11 to 2021.01 update 1. Im' not using BA that I uninstalled a couple of months ago and I'm doing the update inside CbB, which asks me to confirm the download of the installation program. I confirm the popup and the following message appear,s telling me that the download is complete, but if I click "Install Now" nothing happens. If I open the download folder, It's empty I successfully updated Cakewalk on another machine
  6. I agree with you on both points. I can't understand, for example, why the smart tool works differently in the PRV and the Staff View. To delete a note in the PRV you have to right-click on it, while right-clicking in Staff View brings up the Note Properties window. To show the Note Properties Window in PRV, you have to double click on a note, which does nothing in Staff View. In 2020.07, despite the advancements in Staff View, to create a note in PRV you have to double click or click-drag with the left mouse button, while in Staff View you just have to single click, which, by the way, doesn't clear the selection as it does in PRV. Right-clicking should be reserved to the context menu, since it's standard Windows behaviour and lasso-selecting should be done with a left-click. In my opinion, a good choice for both editors could be: left double click: create note/delete note left click on a note: select the note left click on empty space: clear selection left click and drag: lasso select right click: show the context menu The Note Properties window could be an entry "Properties" in the context menu or bound to something like shift-double-click It's debatable and maybe there are better choices than my suggestions, but I think that the mouse actions should be rethought to be more standardized and consistent between the two views.
  7. The selected note is a D# which is included in the key signature, so it's normal there is no accidental. Am I missing something?
  8. It will be fixed in the next release. See the following thread:
  9. I too had to switch some months ago to the onboard Intel GPU because some plugins crash using the Nvidia driver (it happens in every daw, not only CbB). Cakewalk still works perfectly and I never noticed any difference between the onboard intel adapter and the more powerful GTX950M I think a GTX 1050 is more than adequate for CbB. The only problem could be the bug I mentioned above in the Nvidia game driver. It's a known bug but not solved yet. However it doesn't affect every system.
  10. I can confirm that the status of "Show Aim Assist Time" seems to be randomly set at startup. Workspace set to None
  11. It happens the same to me. The status of the "aim assist time" seems to be randomly set on startup, but it happened also in the previous releases, not only in 2020.04
  12. It was the first thing I tried, but it didn't work. I probably pasted a wrong url because I've tried again and now it works thx
  13. I saw some posts in this forum in which another topic is embedded in the post body with a preview. I tried to do the same, but couldn't find the function in the online editor and could only insert a hyperlink. How do you embed topics?
  14. It's a long standing issue. I, too, find it very annoying. I reported it on this forum in January, but had no answers from the bakers: I think it was first reported on the old forum in this thread: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3623086 It never worked for me, but it seems it worked for you, so it's probably a regression introduced some time ago. Unfortunately I think fixing it is not considered high priority since the issue is still present after years it was fist reported 😞
  15. I think I can reproduce it: on my machine it happens whenever I create a new instrument track by dragging a synth from the instruments browser to the tracks pane. After closing the "Insert Soft Synth Options" window, the aim assist line gets stuck against the left border and I cannot move it anymore.
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