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  1. It happens the same to me. The status of the "aim assist time" seems to be randomly set on startup, but it happened also in the previous releases, not only in 2020.04
  2. It was the first thing I tried, but it didn't work. I probably pasted a wrong url because I've tried again and now it works thx
  3. I saw some posts in this forum in which another topic is embedded in the post body with a preview. I tried to do the same, but couldn't find the function in the online editor and could only insert a hyperlink. How do you embed topics?
  4. It's a long standing issue. I, too, find it very annoying. I reported it on this forum in January, but had no answers from the bakers: I think it was first reported on the old forum in this thread: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3623086 It never worked for me, but it seems it worked for you, so it's probably a regression introduced some time ago. Unfortunately I think fixing it is not considered high priority since the issue is still present after years it was fist reported 😞
  5. I think I can reproduce it: on my machine it happens whenever I create a new instrument track by dragging a synth from the instruments browser to the tracks pane. After closing the "Insert Soft Synth Options" window, the aim assist line gets stuck against the left border and I cannot move it anymore.
  6. Thanks Gustavo! As long as you don't click on a note head, it works!
  7. In staff view, some entries in the right click menu are not accessible because when you right click on empty space, selection is reset and right clicking on a note shows the properties window. I think the properties window should be displayed when double clicking on a note like in PRV and right clicking should be reserved to the context menu. Another improvement would be not resetting the selection when right clicking on empty space.
  8. Save clip's AudioSnap tempo map in project Aim assist line not stuck against left border Snap working in staff view Selection editing in staff view like in PRV and track view, with the new green line that lets you shrink, expand and move the selection Right clicking on a note in staff view shows the context menu
  9. No reactions on this topic by anyone. I guess few people use this feature, so maybe fixing it isn't a priority. It's a pity because it's rather powerful, but at the moment it's incomplete since you have to do all the editing in one session. Ableton Live and Logic have similar features, but the tempo map gets saved in the project, so you've got all your editing when you reopen it. It should be the case in Cakewalk too. Anyone using tempo mapping with AudioSnap? Any suggestions or workarounds?
  10. I have the same annoying issue with the aim assist cursor jammed up against the left side. Restarting CbB solves the problem, but it happens every time I use CbB, I can't understand what triggers the bug
  11. If you enable audiosnap and edit a clip's tempo map to sync transients with musical beats, the editing is not saved with the project and when you reopen it, all the work done is lost. I found this thread in the old forum, where it can be deduced that the bug was reported in 2017, but has not been fixed yet: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3623086 English is not my mother language, so I find it difficult to explain the bug in detail, please read the above thread for a better explanation of the problem. To the bakers: is there any chance the bug will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases? I know I can use melodyne to create a tempo map from an audio file, but in this case it's a piece of classical music which requires surgical adjustments, which I think are possible only editing the tempo map with audiosnap
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