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  1. That's what I was looking for - a $5 throw away item - so I can get the free AAS library that I'll never use.
  2. I know it's mentioned in the posts somewhere. I'm looking to grab one of this month's free items but just want to buy some super low cost throw away item. Suggestion please?
  3. lawajava

    Audiodamage EOS2

    Unrelated to this sale I recently put together a guitar passage where I ran the same passage through Eventide’s Blackhole, then through Valhalla Shimmer then through EOS 2. All of them sounded terrific with their own character. I liked all of them very much. I played it for a friend and he liked them all but liked the EOS 2 portion the best. It has just a slightly cleaner aspect within the reverb.
  4. I frequently use InfiniStrip - so thanks and good to know!
  5. Great tip on how to navigate and get value with that scenario Larry.
  6. Caved thanks to you. Picked up Guitar Swell.
  7. Oh no! And just as we start entering the big sale season!
  8. Years ago I had a rag tag smattering of various Waves plugins from different $29 specials. At some point I inquired with Every Plug-in. He was able to put together a custom price that got me to Mercury at a price that made me jump. I would never have imagined previously that I’d get Mercury.
  9. Not to mention for Studio One users these updated versions from UJAM include tight integration to the chord track and to automatically list sound variations (key switch controls) which altogether is super slick.
  10. Agreed. Although wading through 8,000 audio files doesn’t seem that appealing. Probably would never touch a fraction of them. The samples sound excellent.
  11. I received my code today. Also provided info on the GUI.
  12. I use Bias as my primary amp sim so am very interested in whatever this is.
  13. Joshua Casper mentions you need to drag a C3 note across the clip if you want it to sync to the DAW transport. That’s weird, but he demoed that and said that. Seems like a nuisance on that point. But it does have drag and drop and appears potentially interesting to experiment with at $29 price point. I use Studio One so now I’m interested to hear more about that lock up glitch.
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