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  1. Hi, jack c., thanks for the reply and for your comment! I'm glad you liked the recording! I also enjoy Ivan Lins songs, he's a very talented musician! Also I intend to redo some parts of the music, as well as complete the arrangement. I just started a few songs to see if I could make a nice playlist to play live in public places or to distribute on internet. But I also don't have much practice with this job, so I'm intending to practice more the guitar parts and parts I play with controller keyboard, and then try to quantize the hard things to play (actually I do it sometimes but I still can't hide that is edited audio!). Best regards,
  2. Hi, David Sprouse! Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you liked it! By the way I remember listening to a jazz tune you posted on this forum, very sophisticated too! I'll see if I can find it on my web browser. Best regards,
  3. Hi, I'm recording some musics with CbB and I'd like to ask if you could make comments about a cover I did of Sampa, a brazilian music from C Veloso. It has a simple arrangement, so it won't have much mistakes! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, pwalpwal! Thanks for the reply, it worked! I've just changed M Edge settings and it is showing images again! Best regards, Edit: Anyway it won't hurt if I update my bookmark address and let browser with its default settings. 🤔
  5. Hi, Promidi! Thanks for the reply! Yes, I've just tried opening Online Help with another browser and it worked, thanks! I tried to open it from Discuss Cakewalk forum and it worked, so I checked out my preferred browser to see online help, which is M Edge and I saw it had an old URL on the address bar. It seems Cakewalk site URL with 'https' is buggy now and one should open it with 'http' protocol. It's funny because it has always worked! Best regards,
  6. Hi, it's a been a few weeks that I've noticed online help won't show images and the site is very show too. This results in only text pages with a broken icon where the pictures should be. * the site is very slow too Is there someone else seeing this or is just me? Thanks!
  7. Hi, grannis! I think that's right, if you preview WAV files on Media Browser with Preview at Host Tempo enabled it will sound the way you described. But if you insert it on project it will play on its own tempo. On these cases you could adjust clip tempo on Clip Properties Inspector, under Groove Clip section. But as it is a bit complex IMO I’d suggest you to read the CW Reference Guide, depending on your experience with CbB. But in short you could both adjust clip as a simple clip or as Groove Clip (clicking Ctrl + L will toggle between one and another). However you could also preview Groove Clips files as well as ACID WAV and REX files on Media Browser, because they have internal marks which turn them better for loop purposes. Then when you drag them into the project they will sound as expected. For better information see How Groove Clips work in Cakewalk : https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Looping.07.html I hope this helps! Best regards
  8. Hi, I've tried a few times do what OP intends, and I used Word to do that, but it's a bit complex, as one should be familiar with paragraph spacing, etc. (I hope I'll try again next time!). But recently I did chord notations on a song's lyrics with Photoshop Elements. One could print the lyrics to PDF, open it on Photoshop and write the chord names to taste (then he could copy and paste repeated chords to get a more standard result).
  9. Hi, it seems it's a snap offset. Cakewalk - SONAR Documentation - Snap offsets
  10. Yes, Cakewalk does support MusicXML export, but this could be improved too! I've been exporting sheet music from CbB using MusicXML but it's still on version 2.0, so when I open it on Musescore it won't reproduce tied notes. A workaround is using Finale Notepad as an intermediate, because it exports files as MusicXML 3.0 .
  11. Hi, I'd like to update OP and say I had contacted Maestro app support a few days and they answered my question yesterday. They said they are working on to improve MIDI import and export and also gave me a tip on how to export music - one should set tempo to default value. I've just made a quick test and it worked as expected! Thanks for the attention!
  12. Hi, 57Gregy ! Yes I've tried both but that doesn't work. I thought the problem could be related to the method of sharing the file (via bluetooth), but I've just opened it on Android BandLab and it still doesn't import easily to the project (clip is a bit out of grid). Also this app allow user to export music to MP3, maybe that could work on CbB, as one could adjust audio clip to grid and convert it do MIDI with ARA. I've already exported one song to audio but first I'd like to try more with MIDI export.
  13. Hi, I've been using an Android app for transcribing songs to music staff, it's called Maestro and it's a cool free software! But I’ve been having an issue when exporting music to MIDI files, because I can’t use them on any of my DAWs or sheet music editors without having to adjust them. In time, I hope I could get help on this forum, I wonder which forum fits better. As an example when I import Maestro MIDI file to CbB I’ll have to stretch MIDI clip like 96 % so it will match Cakewalk project (but I still have to repeat this procedure to get a good result). It’s like an offset issue, as there are 1/32 rests to fit melody on DAW project. * That also happens on Reaper, Musescore, Finale Notepad and Sibelius First. Has anyone seen this kind of issue? Thanks in advance! Best regards,
  14. Hi, I’d like to say that I’ve found out the issue’s problem with chord library groups on CbB! The problem seems to be with the local language, which is Brazilian Portuguese (I switched to English language and the feature behaved as expected)! I've been in touch with a Cakewalk support worker which had asked me to do a screen recording about the issue. That helped me on doing more tests. I hope it will be addressed to future updates! Best regards,
  15. Lol, at least that didn't happen! But that's weird, this Matrix Data Track also appears on Group list. I thought I did something wrong when I was trying to save new chords and libraries, and MDT could be there in result of that. I also sent an e-mail to CbB support about this issue. If they find out anything I can post it here!
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