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  1. Hi, this is an awesome update, thanks to the Bakers! One thing I liked is the Selection Module following SMPTE improvement / fix! Also, I've noticed Tempo Track's Offset Tempo Map dialog box it's buggy on 2021.09 Early Acess. It's got a dark color backgroud and it's hard to read words like BPM and % .
  2. Hi, I'd suggest Musescore, which is a good (free) score editor imo .
  3. Hi, I'd like to add a comment to 57Gregy's post, that it seems bar size depends on its content (many notes or few notes may result in different sizes). Also one could change the page rastral size, selecting Print Preview on Staff View Print Menu, and clicking on Configure button. That will result in different music sheet sizes.
  4. Hi, nice work! Thanks for sharing! As others said it's a very important subject! Best regards
  5. Hi, nice composition and instruments sounds! ☕
  6. Hi, I'd like to say I did another try with Find/change feature and it worked as expected this time! However I had to change key signature from D major to C , as I wanted to test enharmonic notes related to D major key (I played D major and D minor scales with CbB keyboard controller, and tried to change A# to Bb (from Dm scale) using Find/change feature, but that didn't work on D major key signature. So I changed key to C major and it did the trick.). Also I kept the original D and Dm scales and changed key signature to G major and it did the trick, but the same didn't occur with D and A major keys, where A# didn't change to Bb (it may change to other note, but not to Bb).
  7. Hi, Mage_et_lent ! I've tried this also but it won't change the note to its enharmonic relative here. The result is similar to Event Inspector Module pitch field, where most part of the time won't change enharmonic notes. But I feel it helps when using Select notes by filter to select notes and Event List View to change it manually (at least the selected notes will be easiar to find).
  8. Hi, @Noel Borthwick ! Sorry for my post and thanks for the information! Actually I was going to write that "it's not being developed anymore" and changed the word on the last minute, but with small knowledge about the issue.
  9. Hi, PremJ Hans! I've had this kind of issue while using TTS-1 mainly if there are tempo changes on the project as well as a loop selection. If you could check if is that the same situation I guess it's a known issue. Also this soft synth is a DXi type which is not being supported anymore, as I read on this forum. However there are many options recommended on the Instruments & Effects forum, including the Yamaha S-YXG50, which is similar to TTS-1 as it is 16 channel GM plugin (see the Freeware Instruments Thread ).
  10. Hi, sjoens! Thanks for the reply! I had a better reading on online Help and saw it is possible to dock Multidock to the right and left edges, as well at the center. Thanks! Also I'll give a try to dock Inspector and Browser on Multidock to get full screen width. I've been dragging Browser to Multidock when I need to learn a song's lyrics, so I'll have more space to write it on Notes guide. It helps on workflow! Best regards
  11. Hi, I think this commands are obsolete, but the new Tempo Track will let you set tempo ratios adjusting Offset Tempo Map. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Tempo.11.html I hope this helps!
  12. Hi, sjoens! Thanks for your response! However in my case the Browser appears normally on Track View, as well as the Inspector. But on other Views Browser won't show, but Inspector still does. Fortunately your post helped me to understand better this issue, and it seems to be related to Project Templates, as most of them will start with Inspector on the left edge and Browser on the right. However Browser will be above the Multidock, and Inspector is aside it! That's the reason why I have to click on Dock Options to (re) choose Dock to Bottom on Multidock. So if I have any docked View I should choose Dock at Bottom to adjust it better and let Browser to be aside Multidock! Also I've noticed that since Screenset 02 all screensets will show Browser aside multidock. However many Project Templates will start with Browser set above Multidock (Screenset 01), and one should do that trick to adjust it and let Browser be aside it.
  13. Hi, I'd like to report an issue where Browser won't appear on other Views than Track View, unless one does a workaround with Dock Options Menu. The expected behavior is to hit 'B' key to see Browser on other Views, but that won't happen since Sonar Professional days. To resolve this issue one could click on Dock Options Menu at screen bottom and (re) choose Dock at Bottom, for example. Since this Browser will be available on other Views, like Piano Roll View, Staff View, etc. This is the minimum move to resolve it, but one could also undock Browser, dock it to the Left, undock it again and dock it to the Right, for example. I don't know if it's a known issue but if someone could reproduce it that will be much appreciated! Best regards,
  14. Hi, I'd like to comment I have an UM2 interface too and it's been working well with BEHRINGER USB AUDIO 2.8.40 driver. Also it has Direct Monitor selector which could help when doing screen capture and related jobs. Also I've made broadcasting (*) with Skype and Zoom and it worked fine, but I don't know if it is the same with OBS! (*) chat video broadcasting
  15. Hi, thanks to the Bakers for the update and for fixing an issue with localized Kind of Event dialog on the Event List! Also I've noticed Tempo Track zoom function will always start from zero, i.e. it won't remember last zoom settings (click + drag on Tempo Scale). It looks like that was not expected. Best regards
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