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  1. Hi, Syphus Thanks for your reply! I tried to open more projects as you suggested, and it seems it's working now! Thanks! (I was working with one project at a time and that didn't change the 5 limit from OP). Best regards,
  2. Hi, Syphus Thanks for your comment! But the issue I'm having is related to Recent Projects tab on Start Screen, which is limited to 5 projects. But this started after I made some tests with Project Templates on the corresponding folder to see them on Start Screen. I don't know if I made some other thing that changed Recent Projects tab behavior, or if somehow they are related! EDIT: I just saw you posted new informations, thanks for sharing!
  3. Hi, I read this question about adding pictures to Project Templates and it was very helpful! 👍 However, after I made some tests including Project Templates on its corresponding folder I've noticed Start Screen Recent Projects has limited its number to 5! Maybe I did something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi! Jaime Ramírez I'm able to import MP4 videos on CbB, as well as MPG and WMV. Best regards,
  5. Hi Rick Rickoff, you could right click on the Time Ruler and it will appear an option to set which format you prefer. By the way nice OP about synchronize horizontal zoom! Best regards
  6. Hi @fogle622 Thanks for the information! I just updated my post with comments that might be useful to forum users, like the feedback from Cakewalk support about the OP issue, according to my experience. Also thanks for the CbB support request link! Best regards
  7. Hi, I've had this issue too, it happens when one tries to scroll between the plus and minus buttons, so CbB hangs sometimes. Here is a thread where I reported the issue on Feedback Loop forum. I also updated it with feedback from Cakewalk support, which told me the bug is going to be fixed!
  8. Hi! I guess I read about this issue recently and I remember there were a problem with tempo changes and DXi synths like TTS-1. On those situations there would happen big delays and notes would sound many seconds after keys were played! That bug was fixed by Cakewalk (*), but there is still a variation, and it happens on looped regions with tempo changes. My guess is CbB / Sonar doesn't reset the tempo when it repeats the looped region, so there's where the delays happen! (*) see thread on old forum - http://forum.cakewalk.com/Fixed-CWBRN40021-Delay-when-using-DXi-soft-synths-on-Sonar-m3295179.aspx I hope this helps!
  9. mgustavo

    delete marker

    Hi, you could also select the region where marker is, select Edit > Delete Special and choose markers.
  10. Hi, just to update OP - I've contacted Cakewalk support and they could reproduce the first issue, related to the bar between the + and - values! It seems it's going to be fixed! Also interacting with support made me tweak a bit more on Event Inspector module and I saw there is an option to clear the Auto Open Collapsed Modules on the Control Bar, as show on Cakewalk on line help: Note 2: If you do not want pop-up modules to automatically appear when you point to collapsed modules, right-click the Control Bar, point to Options, and clear the Auto Open Collapsed Modules option. When this option is disabled, you must click a collapsed module to open its pop-up module. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=ControlBar.01.html#1500771 This procedure solved my problem! : ) Thanks! Best regards,
  11. Hi, thanks for the comments about helping readers with a friendly score! I'll try to work on this! Actually these transcriptions are meant for register purposes and to help producers work the tunes with its composers. In these cases they seem to play and sing by ear, so some scores would change from 6/4 to 4/4, 5/4, etc. I guess they will fit it on more common forms. Best regards,
  12. Msmcleod, thanks! Yes, that's what is happening, there are many repetitions of 4/4 and 2/4, maybe 6/4 will help reading! Best regards,
  13. Hi, I've been doing some music transcriptions for a music studio and in some cases there are sequences of 4/4 + 2/4 . I thought it would be better if I write 6/4, but they are not compound meter, they feel like 4/4 + 2/4 . Is that common on music writing? The reason I'm asking is because there are alternate time signatures like 5/8 and 7/8, where we count 3 plus 2, etc. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'd like to report minor issues related with dialog boxes, maybe they are easy to fix. One issue is that I've noticed CbB started to hang when I tweak on dialog boxes, like Note Properties and Event Inspector. It has started with march update but I've noticed that before. It happens when I hover the mouse between the plus and minus buttons of value field and a double side arrow appears. When that happens clicking and dragging the mouse will cause CbB to produce a 'beep' sound and it will hang, forcing user to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to leave Windows for a while and then go back. I tried to reproduce this on Sonar Home Studio 2017, but it is working fine. The other issue happens on Event Inspector too. It happens when I click on one parameter to change value, but if I hover the mouse out of value field CbB will end the operation. As an example, if I hover accidentally the mouse and hit '3' for third bar on 'Time' field, CbB will open 'Screenset 3'. Best regards,
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