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  1. Hi, I've doing song transcriptions to music score and I've been using Staff View a lot! For this job is a bit hard to work on Piano Roll View, but it could help if I need to write quintuplets, for example. However working with MIDI CC is easier on PRV, and also Transform Tool is a nice feature for this task! Also PRV is better for programming drums, but if I need to print drums part I'll have to review it on Staff View, to adjust notes rythmic division.
  2. Hi, I'd like to report CbB have been closing without warning when I drag and drop paste or move chord names (chord symbols) on Staff View (although sometimes it works as expected). It happens when trying to use drag and drop to paste or move chord names, but leaving notes on their places. Also sometimes moving notes in SV from one measure to another will make CbB close without warning. I've made a test with earlier version 2021.11 and the bug didn't occur there. To reproduce the issue I started a project with some audio tracks and an instrument track with Rapture Session plugin. * Despite it's not related with update 2021.12's new features and fixes it seems to be a new issue. 🙁
  3. mgustavo

    Staff View

    Hi Starship Krupa, thanks for the suggestion to start a new thread to report this bug! But first I'd like to post it on 2021.12 Feedback thread because it seems it's related with the new update. I've just made a test with earlier version 2021.11 and the bug didn't occur there! However the issue where content is deleted when drag and drop pasting chord names to another measures is an older bug, which I wish to report soon.
  4. mgustavo

    Staff View

    Hi, I'd like to report CbB have been closing without warning when I drag and drop copy or move chord names (chord symbols) on Staff View. Although sometimes it works as expected. EDIT: the current issue happens when trying to use drag and drop to copy or move chord names, but leaving Staff View notes on their places. Also there's another bug which will delete chord names when tweaking with them as described above. Also some notes could be deleted with this procedure. Best regards
  5. Hi, I was having an issue which was similar to OP, as I've had glitches when doing multitrack audio recording. Actually playback had many glitches during recording, but when only reproducing it was ok. Also I was having glitches on recorded audio, even if it was one single track project. Fortunately John Vere video tutorial helped me to configure CbB properly. My audio interface was working on a low latency for my system so I increased it to 256 samples. Also I disabled Read and Write Caching on Audio - Sync and Caching in Preferences and set both Playback and Record I/O buffers at 256 KB. That seems to work! Thanks @John Vere for this nice tutorial! I'm going to read CbB documentation to understand better how it works. Best regards
  6. Hi Billy86, as others have said Musescore is a good software for this task, but you could use CbB too, adding words to notes on Staff View, as well as using Lyrics View, to see it as a text. In both cases you should hyphenate syllables (or separate words with underline symbol). Also to use it on SV click on the Lyrics button to activate this feature. For more (and better) information see the following link. Working with lyrics
  7. Hi johnpeeee, I've seen some users on CbB forum which liked BandLab free mastering service! I remember trying it but I didn't like it too much - at first sight it reminded me those EQ presets from hi-fi micro-systems (which have their value!). I don't know if BandLab has improved it but I'm going to give it another try. BandLad is a nice online DAW and sometimes I use it on my smartphone. However I don't have audio interface for Android / Samsung phone, so I don't use it too much. Also Cakewalk brought the opportunity for users to get a free account of LANDR on Sonar days, and I used it many times! Unfortunately it seems they have changed their politics about free and paid subscriptions, so one won't have 2 free low resolution MP3 mastering per month anymore. 🙁 Also thanks for indicating Cloudbounce, I'm going to give it a try! Best regards
  8. Hi Jeremy, I see that Offset Tempo Map is working as expected, but if it will sound stretched that's not what I was aiming to. Maybe Production Techniques forum will be more appropriate for this issue. 🤔 Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes, you're right! I've just enabled SMPTE mode on Time Ruler and it's showing correctly. Thanks! But still happens that Tempo Map will get longer than audio clip, so I'll lose subtle changes, despite overall tempo will be ok. Also MIDI clip will follow new Tempo Map size, but will be half velocity. So I'll change MIDI clip to follow audio music, but again Tempo Map will be longer. Sorry for my insistence with this issue, but I'm not getting the point. 🙁 I guess I was expecting Tempo Map to behave like Locked Markers, which I use when I want to change tempo without losing SMPTE positions.
  10. Hi Jeremy Murray-Wakefield, I feel Tempo Track is nice feature and improved the workflow with Tempo Map! The only thing it could be improved, imo, is to keep the zoom size, as a starting point, when changing its proportion via Tempo Scale. That's because when tweaking with Tempo Scale zoom will always start from zero, i.g., from its wider size. Also I'm having an issue when trying to change Tempo Map by a half using Offset Tempo Map, but it seems it won't change nodes location (i.g., their position on Time Ruler). Maybe I'm missing something? In an example I have an audio clip and I want tempo to go slower but keeping the same beat (and the same Tempo Map). Like when we have a quarter note measure but will count tempo with half notes. Could this be possible? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, John Vere I guess changing https to http could help Cakwalk site show pictures instead of broken icons.
  12. Hi, this is an awesome update, thanks to the Bakers! One thing I liked is the Selection Module following SMPTE improvement / fix! Also, I've noticed Tempo Track's Offset Tempo Map dialog box it's buggy on 2021.09 Early Acess. It's got a dark color backgroud and it's hard to read words like BPM and % .
  13. Hi, I'd suggest Musescore, which is a good (free) score editor imo .
  14. Hi, I'd like to add a comment to 57Gregy's post, that it seems bar size depends on its content (many notes or few notes may result in different sizes). Also one could change the page rastral size, selecting Print Preview on Staff View Print Menu, and clicking on Configure button. That will result in different music sheet sizes.
  15. Hi, nice work! Thanks for sharing! As others said it's a very important subject! Best regards
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