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  1. Hi @msmcleod Thanks for the response! I'll try to check this out! Best regards
  2. Hi, I've been having an issue with Tempo Track, I guess it's already known! It happens when inserting a new tempo by double clicking on Tempo Track, sometimes a weird line will cross the space connecting the new node with another one, maybe from a similar height. It will produce more than one Tempo line. Unfortunately it's more frequent nowadays - maybe this frequency could be related to the recent update? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I don't know if this is a known issue but I've had CbB closing without warning when drag and copy "expression" content in Staff View (words like "bend" or "fade out" written via Expression button on SV toolbar). However that will only happen when using Smart Tool to drag and copy (using Select Tool will do the trick).
  4. Hi @msmcleod Thank you very much for the explanation! It seems setting audio clip time base to absolute did the trick! Also changing midi clip's length to 200% looks essential to do the job! However I'd like to report an issue that occurred - all worked fine but midi clips start point didn't sync with audio clip and tempo map! But that was easily fixed moving them a few bars ahead. * There was 1 empty bar at the beginning, so after the procedure the song should start at bar 3, but it did on bar 4,5. I guess that happened because tempo map was not accurate, as my job was just transcribe music to score. Maybe some imprecisions, as well as fast curves, for ex., did this issue.
  5. Hi @David Baay I'd like to say that didn't work! However thanks for the suggestion, as it's an useful thing to do on other situation. The result was that audio clip followed tempo map and became 50 % stretched! Maybe I was not clear on OP! What I'm aiming to do is simply change midi/staff content to its double, like when one writes "quarter note is equal to half note" on music score, when changing 2/4 time signature to 2/2, for example. The result is that audio would be the same, but notation would change. I'll read more about Snap audio, but Tempo Track looks easier to deal with!
  6. Hi, David! Thanks for your response! I'll give it a try! Best regards
  7. Hi @mibby Thank you for the response! Despite I've read about reference tracks I still didn't use them! I'll try to change my habit including them on my mixes! Yes, that's important! Thanks for the reminder! Also sometimes I use LANDR and they have improved their preview options letting one upload a reference track for AI mastering, but I didn't use it too much. And another point is I still don't have a decent place and equipment to mix my recordings, but at least I have a few acoustic panels, which I belive are useful. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Hi, I'd like to ask if is there an app similar to Audified Mixchecker? I've been testing my mixes on different sources and there's always something to be fixed! Mixchecker seems to be a nice tool to use but it's beyond my budget at the moment! @mibby suggested me https://www.tbproaudio.de/products/isol8 on Favorite Freeware FX Thread and it's a cool software but it's not so user friendly, as Mixchecker seems to work with presets that simulate different speakers. I read some articles on internet about different speakers and it's respective frequency bands but I feel lost on how to get the same result with Isol8. Does someone could suggest me some reading on this subject? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I've been using Tempo Track to draw Tempo Map when I'm transcribing songs to music score. But I've always failed when trying to make Tempo Map get to half or double (when it's done) to fit audio music better. In an example, it's like when I thought a song was on 2/4 time signature but actually it is 2/2 - I want to keep the same beat so I'll need tempo map be 200% faster. If I use Offset Tempo Map on Tempo Track it will do the trick but it seems dots won't move horizontally (x axis) when working with audio files, it won't follow music anymore. However when using MIDI clips it will work fine. Does anyone knows a workaround to do this? Or maybe I'm missing something? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi @RikF and @Bajan Blue , thanks for the feedback! I'll try to add more rythm and instruments to the song! My first intent was to do a chord melody version but after listening again to the original song I saw how other elements can add more interest! Best regards
  11. Hi, if someone could listen to the music above and leave a comment it will be much appreciated! I'm intending to improve my musical and mixing skills! Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, maybe solarlux could zoom out Time Ruler a bit to hide M:B:T numbers. 🤔
  13. Hi, I'd like to ask if is there an app similar to Audified Mixchecker? I've been testing my mixes on different sources and there's always something to be fixed! However Mixchecker is beyond my budget at the moment! Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, @Johnbee58! Thanks for sharing, it's a nice work! * I've been doing some simple mixes when recording 2 or 3 tracks so when I listen to songs on this subforum I really enjoy it! Also after a second hearing this song reminded me some Pink Floyd music, like A saucerful of secrets album. And the song When the muses call is nice too! Congrats! Best regards,
  15. Hi, I'd like to share my guitar version of brazilian popular music "Como é duro trabalhar" (Vinícius de Moraes / Toquinho). The song is a funny poem about a guy looking for work but also missing a woman to live with. The title could be translated as "How is it hard to work". It's a 70's bossa nova / samba tune and there's a riff played by a mono synthesizer, which I played here on a distorted guitar. Any comments are welcome! Thanks for listening! Best regards,
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