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  1. Hi, these are nice plugins! Also there's a cool effect from this pack which is Studioverb2, but I can only open it with Music Creator 6 (32 bit). : / Best regards
  2. Hi! Thanks to the Bakers for the recent updates, specially for a problem I had when hovering the mouse and clicking between plus and minus buttons for value fields on dialog boxes, like Note properties, Event Inspector, etc. Until 2019.11 update that would cause CbB stop responding and sometimes Ctrl+Alt+Del would be necessary to get out! Thanks to the recent fixes now it's working well! Best regards,
  3. Hi, huviolan! I tried to reproduce this issue but I don't think I got the problem - because the tendency of playback is to move notes to the left, they will be out of sight! : ) Also I'd like to ask if you are talking about tablature, where the numbers are fixed on the lines, or fretboard, where numbers appear for a short time? Best regards,
  4. Hi, Toddskins Sorry I misunderstood your question! If you want to change parameters on Note properties dialog box the Shift key workaround won't work! What I meant to say is that if you press Shift and right click on an empty space on Staff View that will bring context menu with some options like Transpose, Length, Scale velocity, Quantize as well as MIDI FX menu. Sorry for my bad grammar! : / Also you could change note parameters of multiple notes using the Event Inspector module on Control Bar. I hope this help!
  5. Hi, I'd like to add one could follow the Time and pitch locator (*) as a workaround, as snap function doesn't seem to work well in Staff View. Also I think snap will actually work if you use it, as a note dropped on 12:01:700 will be set at 12:01:720, for example. (*) More about Time and pitch locator / Cursor position: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Views.28.html Also, in relation to the Erase tool, one could always press 'T' key to call floating Tool module. EDIT: Also, in relation to select multiple notes, on Toddskin's comment, one could use Select tool and hold Shift key while right clicking on selected notes (*) (this will do the trick)! (*) Actually one should right click on an empty space on Staff View while holding Shift key to do the trick!
  6. Yes, that's true, some plugins take longer! Thanks for the reply! In relation to my hard drive I'm using a SATA III 1 TB 5400 rpm on my Lenovo notebook. Maybe it could be related? I'm having a feeling it's a bit slow on daily use, but I thought it was RAM memory related!
  7. Hi, I've notice SI are a bit slow during VST Scan when I load some projects, specially a template I use to start some recordings. The delay is for 5 or 6 seconds each SI, but sometimes it takes more. On the other hand, other plugins are usually fast during the scan. Is this a normal behavior? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm enjoying the 2019.09 update, thanks to the Bakers! I also would like to thank CbB staff for a fix when renaming markers with right+click on them! I don't know if it was just me but before this update doing so would maintain markers dialog box and it was necessary to click 'OK' again to finish operation! Best regards,
  9. Hi 陳章民 I could reproduce the Drag and Drop Option issue on the Staff View! However I would suggest you to disable the Ask Every Time option when using Drag and Drop for moving notes! Best regards
  10. Hi 陳章民 I could reproduce the Drag and Drop bug on the Staff View! However I would suggest you to disable the Ask Every Time option when using Drag and Drop for moving notes! Best regards
  11. Hi, on Staff View Move tool won't move notes, you'll have to use Select tool to move them! See more on link below. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Notation.12.html Also there's a bug related that won't let you move notes correctly. But as a workaround you can press Shift Key while dragging notes with Select tool. And there's this thread on old forum too. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Select-Tool-issue-on-Staff-View-m3766165.aspx I hope this helps!
  12. Hi, @Chuck E Baby It's cool this tip about Ripple Editing as it changes meter/key, tempo, etc. Thank you! But I didn't get when you suggest changing meter key before some point won't affect what is ahead that point! I just made a test and meters will rolll back if you lower the number of beats (*)! If I understood your point one should add a measure to compensate the lack of beats, or maybe tweak with tempo. EDIT: (*) if you lower the number of beats/time signature
  13. Hi, as a workaround you could use Project > Insert Time/Measure and enable to Slide Events in Tracks, Markers, etc. Maybe it could help!
  14. Hi! I'd like to ask if this green bar is from normal selection? Because for me nothing has changed as normal selection is black/dark gray, loop is yellow and punch is red! Thanks!
  15. Hi, Syphus Thanks for your reply! I tried to open more projects as you suggested, and it seems it's working now! Thanks! (I was working with one project at a time and that didn't change the 5 limit from OP). Best regards,
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