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  1. Hi, I'd like to update OP and say I had contacted Maestro app support a few days and they answered my question yesterday. They said they are working on to improve MIDI import and export and also gave me a tip on how to export music - one should set tempo to default value. I've just made a quick test and it worked as expected! Thanks for the attention!
  2. Hi, 57Gregy ! Yes I've tried both but that doesn't work. I thought the problem could be related to the method of sharing the file (via bluetooth), but I've just opened it on Android BandLab and it still doesn't import easily to the project (clip is a bit out of grid). Also this app allow user to export music to MP3, maybe that could work on CbB, as one could adjust audio clip to grid and convert it do MIDI with ARA. I've already exported one song to audio but first I'd like to try more with MIDI export.
  3. Hi, I've been using an Android app for transcribing songs to music staff, it's called Maestro and it's a cool free software! But I’ve been having an issue when exporting music to MIDI files, because I can’t use them on any of my DAWs or sheet music editors without having to adjust them. In time, I hope I could get help on this forum, I wonder which forum fits better. As an example when I import Maestro MIDI file to CbB I’ll have to stretch MIDI clip like 96 % so it will match Cakewalk project (but I still have to repeat this procedure to get a good result). It’s like an offset issue, as there are 1/32 rests to fit melody on DAW project. * That also happens on Reaper, Musescore, Finale Notepad and Sibelius First. Has anyone seen this kind of issue? Thanks in advance! Best regards,
  4. Hi, I’d like to say that I’ve found out the issue’s problem with chord library groups on CbB! The problem seems to be with the local language, which is Brazilian Portuguese (I switched to English language and the feature behaved as expected)! I've been in touch with a Cakewalk support worker which had asked me to do a screen recording about the issue. That helped me on doing more tests. I hope it will be addressed to future updates! Best regards,
  5. Lol, at least that didn't happen! But that's weird, this Matrix Data Track also appears on Group list. I thought I did something wrong when I was trying to save new chords and libraries, and MDT could be there in result of that. I also sent an e-mail to CbB support about this issue. If they find out anything I can post it here!
  6. Hi, scook! Thanks for the reply! I tried to copy MC6 library to CbB directory but that didn't help. I also did some tests and tried to create another library, and it seems CbB uses CHORDS.CWC so save data. Actually I tried this a few years ago, and maybe that could be the cause of this issue! Thanks anyway!
  7. 57Gregy, thanks for your response! The procedure you described is working fine on my DAW, but it happens that Guitar library isn't the default option when Chord Properties dialog box opens. When I try this feature on Music Creator 6 it works as expected, but on Sonar and CbB the default option for chord libraries is an empty space, so I have to click on Group and choose Guitar, which is the only one available. If only CbB could remember my last choice it would be great, but that not happens! Every time I insert or edit a chord I have to choose Guitar on Group list. : (
  8. 57Gregy, yes! It is the chord diagrams above the staff. That has been happening on Sonar since 2017 if I recall.
  9. Hi, I've been having an issue when inserting chords on Staff View, which is I always have to click on Group options and select Guitar to access chords library. This happens because the default option is an empty space (actually, the Guitar library won't show until I click on Group drop down list). I tried to reproduce the issue on Music Maker 6 and it worked fine, but on CbB, as well as Sonar Home Studio 2015 and Sonar Professional it's buggy as described above. Not a big issue but a bit annoying when there are many chords on the song. : ( Has anyone seen this before or maybe there is a workaround? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks, scook! I'll try these procedures and see which fits better. Also I'll try drum map editor too see where the sounds are missing! Best regards
  11. scook, also thanks for the drum map for the 808 kit bundled with Sitala! I also would like to ask a question about drum maps, because I've been trying to work with it to program rhythmic sections on Piano Roll. But also I've trying to add 3 more instances of SI Drum Kit to have 4 drum tracks (like cymbals, snare, toms and kick), so I could give each one different audio treatment. But when I set each MIDI out to a drum map instrument sounds will stop (so I'll need to set MIDI out back to one of SI Drum instances). I'd like to know if it is possible to work like this or maybe there are easier ways to do it? Thanks!
  12. Hi, scook ! Thanks for the response! I tried to reinstall Sitala and it seems it was originally saved on Steinberg folder - I guess I installed the app but didn't pay attention to that! Now it's working as VST. Thanks!
  13. Hi, talking about Sitala I'd like to ask how could I use it with CbB? I've installed it a few months ago but it would just run as standalone app. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi @winkpain , I guess these are two articles I read at the time: http://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013042/The-Complete-Guide-to-Using-Rewire-Part-1 https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/wire Best regards
  15. Hi, I'd like to update OP because I found out selecting notes accurately with Set From = Now and Set Thru = Now will let notes to be moved or deleted in some cases they won't move at all (when lasso selecting them with Select Tool). Also selecting accurately the beat marks on Time Ruler will do the trick.
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