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  1. Hi, chuckebaby! Yes, I also do this procedure of creating a meter/key change to return to previous meter/key. Thanks for the feedback! In relation to OP, by coincidence, I was using different time signatures on the same tune while transposing amateur songs to music staff, but my boss said some clients didn't like that, so I'm trying to make simpler scores! Best regards
  2. Hi, Noel! Yes, now I can use Cakewalk and other apps with no audio problems! Thanks!
  3. Hi, thanks for the feedback, but I guess the issue was related to an automatic Windows Update on this week! While doing some tests I noticed Windows Defender was damaged, so I did another Windows Update and both WD and media sites issues are resolved! @Noel Borthwick Sorry for the confusion!
  4. @Noel Borthwick I did the roll back to 2020.01 update but the issue was still there! Sorry I didn't noticed that before! In relation to the driver mode I'm using ASIO. Also I'd like to add that I tweaked some options on Windows Sound Control Panel and that reduced the streaming sites issue, so the bug only occurs when CbB is open (if I shut it down streaming sites will work fine). Best regards
  5. Hi, scook! Yes, both are at the same sample rate. I had the impression this started with the new Early Acces update and I'll try to roll back to see if it works. Thanks!
  6. Hi, thanks to the Bakers to 2020.04 Early Access update! It looks awesome! I also would like to comment EA is avoiding me to watch streaming media on sites like Youtube and Soundcloud, where playback doesn't occur. To stop this issue I'll have to logout Windows (and login it again). By the way I had a similar issue with Sony Vegas Studio, but I found out that changing Windows audio settings to 48 KHz before using it and going back to 44 KHz after that would do the trick. But I guess that was another scenario! Best regards
  7. Hi, chuckebaby! Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try! The only thing is I don't want to change melody, for example, but only key/meter settings. I wonder how is that possible, as I belive Ripple editing will do the trick by moving clips. Actually I only do basic operations with RE, but I'm going to read user's guide a bit more! Best regards
  8. Hi, I'd like to update this thread by adding some information related to Copy and Paste Special on Meter and Key Signatures. It happens that on some intricate tunes Paste Special will delete the next meter/key change. This happens with apparently no logic as some paste special will work fine, but most part will delete the next meter/key change. Example: Measure 2 - Ab - 2/4 <-- Measure 3 - Ab - 3/4 Measure 5 - Ab - 2/4 Expected result Measure 2 - Ab - 4/4 Measure 3 - Ab - 3/4 Measure 5 - Ab - 2/4 Actual result Measure 2 - Ab - 4/4 Measure 5 - Ab - 2/4 Maybe this is a known issue or maybe I'm missing something? Any help will be much appreciated! Best regards
  9. Hi, I don't know if an update on MusicXML export would help, but if I need to finish sheet music on Musescore it won't reproduce correctly tied notes, so I'll have to import file on Finale NotePad first, export to MusicXML and open it on Musescore. It's not a big thing but if that could be fixed it would be great! : ) Best regards
  10. Hi Mario Branchi! Some forum users found out a workaround to this issue, holding Shift key while right clicking on Staff View! Best regards
  11. Hi, Alan Bachman I read on CbB online help that value=1 gives good performance for dual core processors, and value=2 is better for quadcore ones, when the Use Multiprocessing Engine option is enabled. But I can't say if there's downside as my system is entry level (*)! Edit: (*) also I've been using CbB more for simple tasks like score editing. By coincidence I was trying to program midi with recorded guitar and noticed this new scheduling model issue!
  12. Hi, I'd like to report I had midi latency when using ThreadSchedulingModel=3. When playing with midi keyboard and Virtual Controller the latency reaches more than 1 second after 3 or 4 minutes. So I changed it back to value=1, and all is good! Best regards,
  13. Hi, msmcleod! Thanks for the tip! I'll give this a try! But it happens that meter and key signatures are part of the same change point, and there are tunes (from amateur singers specially) with many meter changes, but on the same key signature (if it was possible to only paste special key signatures it would be cool!) But I guess this tip will help on the job! Thanks!
  14. Hi, I don't know if this have been discussed already but I'd like to ask for an update on Settings of Meter and Key Signatures, specially for changing multiple key signatures at one time! I've been transcribing music to score and the first thing I do is set tempo and meter, so melody will match audio music. But if I've forgotten to set the key signature I'll have to do it one by one in some cases! At least an alternative to toggle from one Meter/Key change to another without closing the dialog box that would be great! Best regards
  15. Hi, thanks to the Bakers for this release! Awesome update! Best regards,
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