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  1. When I play a midi after it is complete the time bar line keeps on going until I click stop. How do you get it to automatically go back to the starting point?
  2. Great news my friend. I finally figured it out and got it to work thanks to your help. Ron
  3. Thanks Tenfoot. The midi's I use are professionally produced and they already have the lyrics with them. I high lighted the melody track and locked the screenset and saved the file. When I reopened the file I got an error message and the program shut down. I'm probably going to need to get with someone on the phone and let them walk me through this. I am U.S. based. Ron
  4. Thanks for your help Tenfoot. I understand how to do everything you suggested except the multidock procedure. I see multidock listed at the bottom of the track view but how do I get to the multidock? That is the only thing I can figure out. I have been a Sonar 6 user for several years but some things in the Bandlab Cakewalk I haven't figured out yet. Thanks in Advance
  5. When you open up a file in Cakewalk by Bandlab the lyrics are behind the track window. You have to click on the lyrics to bring them to the front. I click save when I close the file but when it is reopened the lyrics are behind the track window again. Is there anyway to assure the lyrics will be in the front. Also concerning the play list window. When using Sonar 6 after a song is chosen to play the play list window drops off the screen and reappears after the song is finished. Is there anyway to do this in the Bandlab version? After the latest MS 10 update my play list function on Sonar 6 was affected. When you choose a song an error message pops up and the software shuts down. This is why I want to switch to Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  6. I've noticed when using the Bandlab Cakewalk you can place your lyrics in front of the tracks and save the file. When you open the file back up the lyrics are behind the track and they do not come up front even after the track starts playing. You have to click on the lyrics to get them to the front again. This was not the case with Sonar 6 and newer versions of Cakewalk.
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