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  1. Is it possible to narrow the tracks in the Console view and widen the Buses? Would be nice if you could just double click them and make them narrow or wide.
  2. Impressive Performance very talented people in that band. RIP David and condolences to all his family.
  3. https://www.waves.com/bundles/platinum This is a great offer.
  4. Great course. Turn on CC and change the language to English and you can follow along easily. Well done and thanks for all these video's.
  5. Is it possible to purchase your own course?
  6. I know Bandlab are doing a great job in keeping this DAW updated etc but I feel this forum is missing something. As a cakewalk user since the 90's I feel the Gibson issue destroyed us all in some little way. Many people just left. Not the buzz we had had years ago. I wonder what can do done to bring that back? No media from the Bandlab team and over at Presonus they are churning out great video's daily. So let's hope they hire people, create more videos on the new features and do some serious marketing.
  7. https://www.virtualdrumming.com/drums/drums-basic-beats/drums-waltz-beats.html This is pretty good site. Just create the pattern yourself in cakewalk.
  8. I use an RME fireface 800 and it has loopback as well. Tested it and it works a dream. Thanks
  9. To open the VocalSync editor To open the VocalSync editor, do one of the following: Double-click the VocalSync Region FX clip. Right-click the VocalSync Region FX clip, and select Region FX > VocalSync > Open Editor. Click the Region FX clip icon, and select Open Editor on the pop-up menu. The VocalSync editor appears next to the clip. Is vocal still working for everyone. I can select the region and also editor but I don't see anything different when Set as Default VocalSync Guide Track is selected under display.
  10. The console view is not great. I would like to be able to see the numbering on the meters when you are in narrow mode.
  11. A new Interface would be nice.
  12. https://www.soundonsound.com/sound-advice/q-how-do-create-stereo-mix-mono-material
  13. Kick and snare should be around the same level. The kick is too loud in the mix anyway. That's my opinion
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