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  1. I don't think many will download you file as it has very dubious name, If you spend a few minutes online you will find much information how to debug. E.G. https://www.raymond.cc/blog/how-to-analyze-memory-dump-dmp-file/
  2. Will this still work on windows 7 or is windows 7 support now stopped.
  3. A good CPU is more important than the motherboard audio works different that graphic packets which handles cores so the more the better not so for audio as most processes are real time this is a good one Intel Core i7-8700 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.6 GHz LGA 1151 300 Series 65W Motherboard ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 LGA1151/ Intel B365/ DDR4/ Quad CrossFireX/ SATA3&USB3.1/ M.2/ A&GbE/MicroATX Motherboard
  4. Maybe Vocal Align Pro will help as its best to sync audio etc but not cheap. https://www.thomann.de/ie/synchro_arts_vocalign_pro.htm?glp=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA5JnuBRA-EiwA-0ggPQnOK6OlGoE7p_xOL6KejV-sATXBGwz36Y0XeW4y_mdIef97vrpKSRoCsCUQAvD_BwE
  5. I only recognise a few of the old names on here now since the forum changed to a new platform. Nice to know you are still out there as you offered very valuable information over the years.
  6. Brundlefry mentions this as a workaround. What you want to do is select all clips, and Apply Trimming to destructively apply the slip-edits, and then disable Audiosnap on all the clips, either using the AS Palette or the Audiosnap section of the Clip tab in the Track Inspector. Is brundlefry still with us?
  7. Scott You said Cakewalk will struggle with multi-tracked drums. Can you explain further? Can you let us know the difference in this feature in Cubase where I presume it works well to Cakewalk. Is Cakewalk aware of these issues?
  8. Comprehensive Video. To keep everyone happy on here by all means do these videos but use the stock plugins that come with Bandlab. Recording, mixing and mastering is around $47-77 Dollars for other Daws tutorials. If you want more you will price yourself out of the market. The dollar exchange rate is terrible for Euro and Sterling so any higher will not just sell. From the numerous emails I receive all companies trading in US dollars are getting hit badly and they are offering huge discounts including Waves plugins which used to be so expensive.
  9. https://www.musicradar.com/news/what-is-the-best-daw-in-the-world-today-vote-now-for-your-favourite
  10. It's an incredible offer from Bandlab and all you have to do is give your email and and you have a great DAW for free. Just look at the updates alone since they took over. Incredible, and you get the man who designs and writes this software Noel answering the forum questions. It don't get any better than that. Thank Bandlab for a job well done.
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