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  1. I think it's safe to say that nobody has switched from Cubase to Mixbus, as one is a robust, full-featured DAW and the other is a decent software mixer with horrible everything-else. I did at one point use Mixbus in conjunction with Reaper, routing the audio from Reaper on separate channels via Jack to be mixed in real-time in Mixbus. For mixing Mixbus just worked for me, but for composition it (Ardour) sucks horribly. It was also unstable. My experience was on v4 however, but I'm willing to bet it's the same crap it's been year after year.
  2. I'd prefer for it to stay this way. Aside from the "occasional" off-topic and humor, the information to noise ratio on this forum is remarkably high. Getting flooded with personal "for sale" threads would clutter it to the point I'd just stop visiting it. No. Same rules for everyone. Larry does what he does because he likes to help people (his own words), not in exchange for privileges. Also, from the moment you give someone special rights it creates negative attitudes towards the person. It's an irrational and unjust proposition with likely negative outcome were it put in effect. We can all find Larry's sale thread on his sig. There you have it, from the horse's mouth (with the teeth of a king).
  3. sarine

    I am officially BOLD!

    Nice try, not many bassists need three years to find their place.
  4. This raises so many questions. Is the MONSTER sale more eminent than the MEGA sale? What are the distinguishing features of either that necessitate distinct names? What's the rationale behind the naming scheme? Is there a scheme? I get that MEGA is a fancy Greek word for "very big", but I'm not sure how to feel about a MONSTER sale. Is the monster well- or ill-tempered? Whose side is it on? Should I be worried? Are my kids safe? Can bullets kill it? Is it conceivable that one day I might be able to purchase canned imagination and elegance on Amazon and have it delivered (Prime) to PA's marketing team? etc.
  5. At the risk of sounding like a scold it's about time someone stood up, bold to let you know this joke is now officially old. If you think you can save it, your horses you should hold - for in order to make it funny again, time & space must you fold. So there you have it, you've now been told: This joke's so old it's growing mold. Making another reference to it will be avenged a hundredfold (starting from now, as we're just barely below the threshold).
  6. Good mic. Horrible, cheap build quality. Typical AKG. Still one of the best USB mics in the sub-$250 range.
  7. Indeed. For me the lack of updates may be a sign that the codebase is actually solid. People need to get back to thinking about software as purpose-built tools instead of hydras with fuzzy motives that end up doing a little bit of everything badly if given enough development time. When you have an appropriately defined, clear purpose and role in mind for the software project, there exists an attainable state where the software is complete. The contemporary digiconsumer doesn't seem to appreciate complete software. They will feel much better if the products they purchased are constantly receiving patches because it feels like dusting & polishing your silverware and reassures them that the bits don't get to rot. Also, what I've seen happen with the popularization of the subscription model for consumer segment software is; the developers become lazier - not more motivated, they know how to spoonfeed the average end-user that feeling of their product/service being catered to and maintained, they direct more energy towards making themselves look and sound active and competent than actually developing the software, they prefer to introduce new features and change visible parts of the software rather than rewrite/refactor the buggy foundation/backend or refine and optimize what already works but which users already take for granted, they like to keep their changelogs busy just for the sake of posing to the subscriber that their subscription money is actually "sustaining software development" because as we know their justification for the monthly billing is the fairly recently invented axiom that without this "software development is simply not sustainable" - despite commercial software having been around and sustaining jobs for decades and the numerous examples of the old model working fine today. "Good enough" is the new gold standard of what to strive for, because there is actually less pressure on developers to innovate and excel at their craft and the focus has shifted to keeping up appearances.
  8. Fixed. Reminds me of the time I had acquired an Intel server board to install into an Intel server chassis. The chassis was for older motherboards but I had done my research and determined that the new board was indeed compatible with the older chassis. So, the motherboard arrives but what I had neglected to research were the spacer screws for attaching the passively cooled CPU heatsinks to the chassis, and luck had it that I didn't have the correct parts. No big deal, I'll refer to the docs and buy the spacers to spec... Turns out this detail was not mentioned once in any of the manuals/specs for the chassis or the motherboard. No big deal, I'll just google it... Except that this information didn't exist on the Internet. No big deal... I'll e-mail Intel's support. I explained the situation and asked for the spacer dimensions and threading, and the Support Man responded with a laconical statement "Motherboard X is not compatible with chassis Y." I replied saying I realize that, but if you would be so kind and point me to what kind of spacer I need. He responded with a more verbose rendition of the same dogma. This went on for quite a few e-mails back and forth, with me trying to persuade him to support me even if the combination of the chassis & motherboard were not officially supported just so I could continue the build, and him using more and slightly different words in different arrangements to repeat the same thing. I have no doubt in my mind that this utter imbecile spent a lot more paid time handling the ticket the way he did than if he'd just given a call to someone with actual technical knowledge (at worst). Of course, I also was not the brightest, because in retrospect I would probably have avoided the futile battle trying to use the broken commandline interface that was the Support Man, had I just remarked; "Oh, my bad; I actually have this newer, Compatible and Supported motherboard! Sorry about the confusion, now GET ME THE ****ING SCREWS!!" Well, I eventually acquired a dozen different spacers and found the correct one, proceeded with the install... and found that a removable air duct wouldn't fit due to some capacitors placement on the motherboard. No big deal, I'll just saw off a piece... You guessed it; I didn't have a saw. I didn't have any proper tool. But I had an improper one. I had a very sharp four-inch fruit knife. No big deal. It took me a little over two hours, a lot of sweat, countless profanities to the point I had to start inventing new words to express the depth of my disappointment with the Universe, a cramped hand with calluses, and a retired fruit knife (a true vet). If I was facing the same situation again and the Support Man was my significant other, and they were in possession of the only hacksaw on Earth, I'd grab the fruit knife any day of the week. To this day I imagine, hope, dream and pray that in this cosmos there exists a mechanism that somehow transfers my pain to the Support Man of Intel. My research is still ongoing, but currently I like the concept of karma, and an armored bulldozer rampage is a close second.
  9. I had Pro-Q 3. I sold it because I had better use for the money. I also have MCompleteBundle. I also had/have a bunch of other EQ's, and got rid of what I could. I use Nuendo's stock four-band EQ. It's integrated into the mixer so it's easily accessible and I can see the curves on all channels at a glance. It equalizes just fine, and usually when I find myself needing a fifth band it's a sign that EQ is not the solution to my problem. My soundscape is probably too crowded or the source too dirty. I then work backward and clean up or refactor the foundation instead of polishing the turd. I work with synths and there the cleaning of the spectrum starts with the synthesis itself. Equalizing is a solved problem for me (when it comes to tooling), and if I ever need a fancy solution - which I never I do - or want one - usually because I'm lazy or playful - Melda delivers with its multi-band this-and-that sidechaining facilities.
  10. Stopped reading at "subscr..."
  11. This microphone brand is a marketing success story. Bulky, relatively high price, and mediocre, unbalanced sound with digital artifacts... Yet somehow the #1 pick on about every generic "best 10 X's in year Y" list pertaining to USB mics, recommended by youtubers, etc.
  12. Would probably be alright if it was stable, which it wasn't the last I tried and heard since. I have zero interest to invest time and energy in learning and using unstable software when better options exist. When the instability seems to persevere through the years it's a clear signal that I should not start building anything complex that depends on their tools.
  13. Looks like I got the wrong address... I'll see myself out.
  14. It will. I feel like I've failed as a human being. My only comfort is that most of y'all will be quite a few levels in Hell below me, and I expect to hear your screams.
  15. Objective was to not buy anything. In the last moment I crumbled and ordered a battery for a wireless Xbox 360 controller.
  16. I just got myself a new acoustic guitar, second-hand. I already have most of the digijunk I'll ever need, and the missing pieces are quite specific and none of them essential.
  17. Mind you, I play piano, not keyboard (important distinction) - but hey, just what I would expect a guitar player to say. I recently picked up guitar (and made some sounds), and it is definitely the more difficult instrument to learn and play well, which is why I'll make sure to use every opportunity to decrease guitarists' happiness. I'm not jealous, I just think it's Zen.
  18. Stop being so cheap. All you need is this book, $2000 worth of tools, 300h of your time, and one amputated finger. Most importantly, that shitty guitar will be yours. Imagine how proud your wife will be.
  19. Granted, it's a quality I have to respect when a band is able to change and adapt along the way. Metallica has made many fans angry too, occasionally making me happy. Same with Infected Mushroom whose later albums the purists loathed, while I found their absolute most brilliant music came very late into their career.
  20. Relieved to hear that the user has been elevated to the status of Unartificial Dumbness. What else could it mean? You can now be a bad random generator that feeds input to a good random generator. Cheers? Yes, I'm sure... The AI was just your muse and an enabler in carving away the extra stone from the statue that was already in your mind. That's totally how these work. It's not just marketing talk to make you feel better about being lazy & uncreative.
  21. Selling England by the Pound is the one true Genesis album (and by that I mean it's the only one I've actually properly listened to, countless times). It is pure life-sparkling, exquisite aural & lyrical poetry. I didn't really like any of the Phil Collins era stuff. Except that one hit song. Yes, the one. Besides being such a high-brow music afficionado, I also like cheesy stuff. So my power level is basically unlimited.
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