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  1. Come on guys. It's not the end of the world one way or another.
  2. There is (was) a free demo of the Hammersmith so one could try before buying. The free version is excellent.
  3. Garritan CFX (Full!) is $111.26 now at www.proaudiostar.com. Best price I have seen for this piano. Put the Light and Upgrade into the cart, then apply their Black Friday discount code. It is among the favourites at PianoWorld for classical music and playability. The Abbey Road ambience is beautiful for solo work but keep that in mind if mixing with dry instruments.
  4. I liked the opportunity to revisit the missed Waldorf deal. Wish they had done the Ravenscroft 275, although it is 35% off until 1st december, at VI Labs so that is pretty solid.
  5. The VSL CFX is quite liked at PianoWorld; several people commend its playability. To accelerate the loading time of Garritan CFX, you can add the Garritan folder to Microsoft Defender's antivirus exclusions. On a fast nvme drive, loading times dropped from about 120 seconds to 30 seconds but the difference varies by equipment, luck, etc. Anyways, you will want to manually scan that folder periodically for safety.
  6. Popular software. I strongly dislike the misuse of the word "perpetual", particularly when it benefits the company at the expense of the consumer.
  7. Picked that up. Sound quality in the demo video was convincing. Couldn't discern this from "real" instruments. Plus price was right.
  8. Reid Rosefelt is such a helpful member here and at the VIC forums. I would like to thank him for all his efforts and advice. He is motivating and helps me get up the learning curve at a good clip. I have read 100s of his posts and have never seen anything untoward, whatsoever. Thanks again RR.
  9. Thanks Larry. That is a good deal!
  10. Yes! Glad you are back and hope all is well.
  11. Title brings to mind a certain smooth 90s rapper.
  12. And irritating. Back to cable and stand sales lol.
  13. Lots of rubbish for sale but I have to say this sounds awesome.
  14. @kitekrazy would you consider this as a faster way to "heat up"?
  15. Looking for a first semi-hollow body jazz guitar. Reality TV not virtual.
  16. Downloaded. With all these offers, I'll have to take a look at SonuScore's other VIs.
  17. Dynamic EQs are a lot of fun.
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