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  1. For a future request . . . Is it possible to hide the post EQ visual box (shown in the picture) on the console without the "Post; Clip-Indicator and Power Button" being hidden too? At the moment when it gets hidden those features hides too.
  2. Yep. Bonnet/Hood; Seriette/Napkins; Tomato Sauce/Ketchup "Freeze/Bounce/Render/Lock." You can youtube or google it. Potato - Patato. Different parts of the world.
  3. When inserting two mono inserts of the TTS-1, the DAW crashes. Also no sound coming through while recording the Midi insert in Mono.
  4. FYI - With everyone using Pro tools, Cubase and logic. It means to lock the clip it place.
  5. Literally thought "Freeze" was just to lock clip in place. Might have used it in the past and probably forgot when AUX and Patch points was introduced 5/6 years ago. 😧😳
  6. @scook My guy - first of all I want to apologize. I've found what I was looking for and requested. For years I'd literally thought "FREEZE" was just another name for "Clip lock" as how it is in most DAWS - that's why i never bothered to use it. I've always just RIGHT CLICKED on the clip itself and chose "CLIP LOCK" to lock a clip in place. So, I thought "Freeze" was to lock the clip and that's why i didn't first caught what you meant. I think the naming should change to MIDI RENDER/BOUNCE instead of freeze. I think it might help a lot of users with navigation. Strange thing is . . . I'm working 12 years in a professional studio and never knew this in cakewalk. I always just recorded the track to an aux. So now I know "FREEZE" in cakewalk is to "Render/Bounce" a midi clip/file in place inside the daw. 😑😧
  7. Exactly . . . It'll be much appreciated to if we can get the "On place render/bounce" from Midi to Audio on site - where and option to "render" the midi file to audio on place within the daw. This will obviously need a feature to "undo" the render/bounce file on site (Which ever you prefer using.) I just think this will be an awesome edition to our DAW as a future request. Working strictly with audio files saves a lot of CPU consumption too.
  8. I'm playing around as we speak. Still feel like too much work and the audio track being there for what I'm trying to accomplish - makes no sense having it there if you can't quantize it with the midi together.
  9. Still too many tracks. How do you fix quantization on both midi and audio tracks with the split option at the same time? That's why I prefer doing patch points or Aux tracks recording, cause being able to only quantize the midi and having an un-quantized audio file doesn't make sense.
  10. What I mean was . . . the ability to "bounce" a midi file "instantly" to wave file - with just a click of a button, without having to setup extra tracks to record your midi clip to. See the clip in the picture? Wouldn't it be great to just select an option from that tab on the clip itself and turn it into an audio file instantly. The less you do, the more you get out.
  11. Pretty sure you didn't highlight every single track. 😅 10 years later and i'm still making this mistake. Drag every track from the number down to the last track. Don't just "Ctrl+A" make sure the numbers are highlighted too.
  12. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to bounce a midi file instantly to audio wavefile independently - having the option available in the TAB shown in the picture. Recording through patch points are cool, but it sometimes messes up the individual track. Plus, having the daw to instantly bounce the file to and audio wavefile within the daw with an undo bounce function to do editing if necessary - time saver!
  13. Will_Kaydo

    Prochannel Opciones

    I've been here . . . Nothing nice about it. 😢
  14. Does it translate over on every device? I've experiment with this before, but couldn't hear the backing vocals in the car, but came through in my fiances and - think i had iphone 5 then, where it was not heard too.
  15. Read the entire post again, maybe you will then.
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