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  1. Using the old shortcut by Holding down ALT when replacing an effect without the "new replace effect feature" now replace the entire FX bin with one chosen effect by DELETING every other effect in the bin!!!

  2. On 10/24/2022 at 2:09 AM, Will. said:

    You can split it yourself.

    What if you dont want the stereo track to be split on import to save some track space | OR | because it doesnt need extra work done on it? 

    I gaved gou advice here. 

    On 10/24/2022 at 10:31 AM, FJ Lamela said:

    Do you understand what "posibility" means ?.  Of course you dont.

    Posibility is the option of, It is not the obligation of.

    Having options in a software is always something positive and for users it is a plus.

    Then you go and insult me here, but I get a warning? 

    Wookiee can ban me for all I care! 

  3. 2 hours ago, sjoens said:

    Nice to know this can be done easily. However, improvements can be made.

    1. Original levels aren't maintained. The split files come in hotter than the original.

    - Peak dBs:

       Stereo file = -0.5 dB

       Left split file = 1.1 dB

       Right split file = 2.5 dB

       Combined split = 3.6 dB

       Curious why either one of the split files is hotter than the stereo file.

    2. Pan must be set manually.

    3. Option to split should be added to  drag&drop function and selectable in Preferences.

    If a file was recorded with two of the same mics, both L&R channels will be balanced. Using two completely different brands - Rode or Telefunken: The sensitivities of thes are different, so the dB of each channel in the stereo field will vary. 

  4. 1 hour ago, FJ Lamela said:

    Posibility of import stereo file, splited in 2 tracks : L, R


    You can split it yourself.

    What if you dont want the stereo track to be split on import to save some track space | OR | because it doesnt need extra work done on it? 

  5. Your health should always be a priority.

    Yes, although composing, mixing, playing an instrument or singing is a form of meditation for some - it still puts a strain on your health. 

    I always take an hour break if im more than 2 hours in the studio. 

  6. 27 minutes ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    No because as far as routing goes an input on a track from a patch point behaves the same as a hardware input. Arming a track shouldn’t impact what you hear from other tracks. If you are feeding one tracks input from other tracks you will need to manually solo to hear just that track.

    I hear you. 

    I did 3 songs for another studio and they are strictly analog with Patch Bays I had to get used to everytime I would record something. We would sometimes take a bus comp that sounded better than a mono hardware and turn this stereo comp to mono, with these patch bays (totally different experience,) but the original track always goes silent and we would only hear the track its gona be printed on. 

    I'm not sure if its a hardware setup in the studio, I will have to contact that studio's technician to ask the guy. 

    Anyway . . . Just a curious thought in the digital world now that cakewalks patched inputs are finally fixed. 

    Thanks again. 

  7. Question on Tracks sourced from aux track L/R/S


    Track 1: Stereo Synth.

    Track 2: Aux/Track with patch point set to L - input (mono) 

    When track 2 is armed - obviously both tracks are heard when you play Stereo Track 1 | and the armed L-input AUX Track 2.

    This always believes me thinking the Input L/R are still bleeding into the stereo field, until I solo the Aux Track.

    Now the question is: and I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong topic - isn't there a way for track 1 to mute behind the scenes and only let the armed track be heard to give the user the actual picture of what is being projected to him through these inputs? 

    It already sounds difficult - I know. Lol. 


    Video with Audio

    EDIT: When set to R on the input - the track sounds different. 

  8. The EA installer just asked me to sign in as the administrator, but I only have one account on the system as the administrator - weird. Clicked, OK and the install started. Probably a Microsoft update again. Just thought I should post here in case others run the same issue.

    Did some digging and the system seems to be OK. Oh-well.  

    EDIT: It's with the new EA Update 1 - Build 031.

  9. On 10/20/2022 at 12:16 PM, Karrade said:

    Hello all, new user.

    I used to be able to replace synths to change instruments. Now I open a new project add an instrument track, then if I try to replace it, it will bring up the instrument UI sometimes but doesn't change it. I've tried this 20 times with different instruments and got the same result, even with a fresh blank project.

    Is there a setting I have messed with inadvertently that can cause this? Could be something very obvious or basic. Thanks.

    You have to enable the Syth Property Page.



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  10. 3 hours ago, Lukasz said:

    Are there any tutorials on how to make music with loops? For Cakewalk?

    What works in one DAW, will work in all of them - this all depends on your creativity.

    You will need some external samplers and sample players. 

  11. 6 hours ago, Cint MMedia said:

    We load a large project, 24 miditracks, 4 audiotracks (vocals and effects). Multiple instances of VSTi's on the miditracks, among them Halion Sonic 3, Magix Independence, Korg Triton Collection, Cakewalk SI drums. Cakewalk VST-efx on a couple of tracks.
    After loading - and no start - the Late Buffers counting begins. Wait 15 minutes and we read 400 or more late buffers.
    Playing the project, Late Buffers behaves in the same way. Sometimes Cakewalk's audio engine stops, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes Cakewalk crashes.
    Experimenting with buffer settings in Cakewalk and/or Asio Panel does not solve the problem.
    By removing some tracks, one by one, at a certain point the Late Buffer counting stops. Playing the left-overs of the project: zero Late Buffers.

    All plug-ins, VSTi's and VST's, are 64 bit.
    System (April 2021): Windows 10 Pro, ASUS Rog mainboard, Intel i9-9900 (not overclocked), 32 GB Ram, 2x SSD 1TB, Motu 624 audio interface on ASUS Thunderbolt EX3, Motu Asio driver. No reports of devices not working properly or missing/outdated drivers.

    Loaded the project in our second system: same behaviour.
    System (September 2021): Windows 10 Pro, ASUS Rog mainboard, Intel i9-11900F (not overclocked), 32 GB Ram, 2x SSD 1TB, Behringer UMC404HD audio interface on USB. Behringer Asio driver.

    Loaded another large project, following same procedure as with the other project: same behaviour.  

    The tests on our second system rule out that there is a problem with the computer system(s) and connected devices. So it seems that Cakewalk by Bandlab is not capable of handling large projects with multiple instances of VSTi's and VST's, which we find hard to believe.

    Though we are longtime satisfied and experienced users of Cakewalk, there might be a chance we overlook something in the Preference Settings, but that's also hard to believe.

    Anyone an idea?

    Its best to attach the crash dump file. 

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  12. 57 minutes ago, abacab said:

    Played around a bit more with the horns, piccolo, and flutes that are seated behind the strings to check out the front to rear distance. I'm not an orchestrator so it's hard for me to tell when they are all played together, but when tracks are soloed the instruments sound closer or farther depending on where they are placed in Panagement.

    Overall I would say it adds to the realism of the space. So far I have just used the plugin UI to place the instruments, and have left the other settings at default. Need to dig a bit deeper.

    Edit: It's definitely doing something right! I just disabled the Panagement inserts and now all I get is a big wall of sound coming from everywhere on the stereo master bus!

    Yikes! I definitely prefer the way it sounds with everything spread out! :)

    🤣I was expecting to get this reaction - NO LIE! 🤣

    All you need to do is to put your creative hat on. With the spread you have gotten there . . . place a L and R instrument that's panned hard on the sides and put them in pre-send, then mix the send level in with the rest. 

    I love it on bgvs. 

    Try their other free products as well - Especially LENS. 

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