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  1. I just spent 2h+ really trying to understand what Nuendo or Wavelab would give me

    1-I already have Cubase (and I generally use Pro Tools anyway). It sounds like Nuendo is essentially "Cubase Ultimate" adding many tools for game audio & film audio, and for  surround, but compared to Cubase it adds very little for stereo music production (some extra VSTs, e.g., for vocal tweaking, but you can get similar functionality from 3rd party vst's)

    2-I already have Soundforge and Spectralayers. I use them infrequently, when I want the "fine tuning" capability of an audio editor, e.g., very detailed noise correction, sample-granularity cutting/trimming, or format conversion (sample rate conversion, or extracting audio from a cd/cassette/video/field recording). It sounds like Wavelab is closer to a DAW than Soundforge, and integrates both wave editing and spectral editing, but the result is more complicated to use. The other area where Wavelab offers advantages is advanced batch processing (vs. the simpler batch processing in Soundforge of "set up a chain, let it run, listen to the results an hour later")

    In summary, on the one hand it's clear that they both offer advantages over what I have, but it sounds like it's not a simple call to "go with the best" because these advantages are in areas I don't really use, and all I'd really gain is added complexity.

    A question for those of you using Nuendo/Wavelab, is there something that I missed and I should look into?

  2. You did get the Free WiFi & drinks deal when you booked the cruise, didn't you?

    Toasting yourself on a hammock next to the pool can get boring, nothing better than browsing deals on a tablet while sipping margaritas and pina coladas


    (and after the cruise the tablet will be useful as a nice eucon controller)

    Just kidding, WiFi on a cruise ship is generally lousy, just enjoy a wonderful and relaxing trip!


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  3. Other bundles on sale also include $25 discount codes as bonuses


    (you need to scroll down in the details to find out what has $25 discount codes and what doesn't)

    Although it doesn't look like purchases can be chained, I'm getting "Discount cannot be applied to one or more products in your cart"


  4. 54 minutes ago, Zo said:

    Why the f.... we don't here about this brand ?

    I'd say insufficiently strong Marketing was the reason why we don't hear more about them:

    a) Price point. They've remained expensive for a while. Xils-labs synths have been in the "luxury class" for quite a while. No "reasonably priced everything bundle" Not many good promotions.

    b) Presets. Some great presets from Lotuzia (RIP 😢) and Nori Ubukata but the total list was relatively short, not enough "instant gratification". These are virtual synths where you need to get your hands dirty. They didn't bootstrap  a healthy "ecosystem" of preset/library developers.

    c) Choices. Emulated synths either overlap with less expensive alternatives or are very obscure (they may still be great synths but they don't trigger nostalgia purchases, "I so much wished I could have had a xxx when I was in my teens/twenties")

    Things may change after the arrangement with Plugivery, At least for me they finally hit the "impulse buy" price point and I loaded up this past holiday season.

    They're probably missing a flagship synth where they apply everything they've learned from working on emulations, and produce a "modern" synth that doesn't emulate anything, something like Arturia did with Pigments.

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  5. On 1/17/2023 at 3:43 PM, Nick Blanc said:

    According to Musicradar.com "It’s also currently being given away for free to anyone who buys V Collection 9." I can't find this anywhere on the Arturia website. As an owner of V9 I think that would be weird. A new customer would buy the same product as me, but not really

    My upgrade to V collection 9 is $149, the price of MiniFreak bundled with the V Collection 9 upgrade is also $149

    Didn't they do something similar with V collection 8 and S80V? To encourage sales mid-cycle, they add to Collection purchases one of the new synths that will be in the next version.

  6. Ugh, my humble account is still "in the timeout box" after getting multiple copies of the recent Magix bundle, and purchases are blocked. I reached out to Humble support to see if they can help

  7. 14 hours ago, Zo said:

    Thks Eusebio , the most important for me is flexibility , no external  battery i need built in lithium battery and easy transfert ....

    If you find one that you like but the battery is not built-in, you may want to look into AA and AAA li-ion and li-poly batteries, e.g.


     Nowadays that they have fast on-battery usb charging and you don't need to deal with carrying a battery charger, the loss of flexibility should be minimal

    (note: I pasted an amazon link because they have better descriptions, comments, etc but this is the kind of product that can be found much cheaper from https://aliexpress.com)

  8. I didn't find a freebie but 2 plugins that "are only available for people who have completed the survey", A|B Assist and Jotter ($44 for both)

    (A|B assist is actually not that exclusive, the AAX version has been available through the Pro Tools downloads for quite a few years)

    From the page https://nugenaudio.com/after-survey/ click on the button "Buy A/B assist and Jotter" (note that if you click on the links to the product pages you won't be able to buy)

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  9. On 1/17/2023 at 3:58 PM, PavlovsCat said:

    I would much prefer if I could just slap a midi plugin on the piano track to quickly see what's being played

    There is a nice tool that does exactly this and I've seen in @Simeon Amburgey 's videos, but I can't remember the name right now (I think it is neither Hornet SongKey nor EZ Keys)

  10. For years the Tascam DP-006 has been consistently my favorite for recording of live choir/orchestra/band performances. I often use a Tascam DR-05 side-by-side, with the DP-006 producing more pleasing results every time. I believe the "magic" is in the microphones, which are omnidirectional and result in a more "open" sound that I consistently like better. I sometimes reduce the omnidirectionality  by placing a vocal shield (which reasonably keeps the "openness" but allow for focusing on the stage while reducing potential noises from the audience side)

    The DP is a more complex machine, with options for multiple track mixing that I never need, since I end up doing all my mixing in the DAW. But I keep using the DP because, for my taste, it just produces nicer sounding recordings.

    If you don't like omni mics or if size is important, that will probably disqualify the DP. In terms of price, it is generally 50%~100% above the price of the Zoom H1n/DR-05/DR-07


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  11. 21 hours ago, Yan Filiatrault said:

    Any recommendations? Prices are so low

    Many, depending on what you are looking for and what you already have. For example

    3xOver for simple (3 bands) multi-band processing of anything

    ThirtyOne for inexpensive auto EQ

    Total Eq for surgical EQ (unless you already have something like fabfilter, ssl x-eq, or DDMF IIEQ, etc)

    Elm 128 for a loudness meter with a nicely clean UI


  12. I subscribed but I still don't understand why you keep committing to a single-platform strategy. Isn't it preferable to diversify a little so that if things go sour you have alternatives?  And being able to monetize from the beginning without min 1000 subscribers can be an advantage, e.g., on Odysee


    And there is also Rumble, without min # of subscribers

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  13. I thought his stepping down was actually announced around the time of Soundwide so, not much of a surprise.

    I met Dirk in person once at a an IMSTA FESTA in New York City, where he was demoing the bx SSL consoles, and TMT technology. He really radiated shining passion and love for music production. I think he will do great at the Board of Directors, still providing advice and direction, but with more time for himself for enjoying the results of years of hard work.

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  14. 18 Magix soundpools for $41.39 (or $22.39 if you got some vouchers from the humblebundle that expired just hours ago)


    (non-commercial is $20.69)


    • Big Room Mastercuts - Complete Bundle
    • Future Instrumentals
    • New World
    • Blues Rock
    • Full On Psytrance - Complete Bundle
    • Sleep - Complete Bundle
    • Gods of EDM - Part 2
    • Uptown! Complete Bundle
    • Dame Candela - Complete Bundle
    • Boom! - Complete Bundle
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  15. 4 hours ago, TheSteven said:

    Probably with one of the PT subscription models, as a freebie user don't think I ever had that offer.  :( 

    I have Pro Tools standard (now Studio) perpetual license and pay support & updates (I bought a renewal for multiple years when the prices weren't the insanity that they are today).

    If I were in your situation I'd probably ask nicely and fill out the form anyway to see if I get lucky, there's a chance they don't care much, and there is not much to lose anyway if they say no.

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  16. 28 minutes ago, Jan Schmitz said:

    Does this ever go below $250ish?

    Falcon AAX was included in Pro Tools for free for a limited time. When it was removed they had a crossgrade offer. It wasn't well advertised and I found out several months later (https://avid.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/FAQ/UVI-Falcon-FAQ). I filled out the form, and they sent me a code that discounted Falcon to $100. The form seems to be still active

    If you don't have Pro Tools but have a friend who does, and is not interested in Falcon, try to convince your friend to get you a code, or to let you use his/her ilok id to fill out the form and get the code.

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