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  1. https://karanyisounds.com/sound-collections/s3-polyscape/ Pad instrument for Kontakt $19 until March 15th
  2. $49 https://www.antarestech.com/product/auto-tune-efx-plus/
  3. I took the plunge with the crossgrade. I got a notice saying it will take them 2 days to verify the receipt I sent. I hope they will honor the price at the time of sending the cart to verification. If not, I'll save $125... Actually, I've been watching recently the UVI Falcon training at ask.audio and Halion seems quite similar to UVI Falcon in terms of capabilities (makes sense that Falcon is one of the crossgrade options)
  4. https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/2020-valentines-bundle?utm_source=hs_email $6.20 Plus Titan Vocal Bundle Free With Every Purchase https://page.waproduction.com/monthly-free-product
  5. From a musical point of view, I'd say yes. From a dealhunter point of view, considering that there are cheaper purchases at pluginboutique then it's no (although don't forget the virtual cash and tokens, instead of a discount pluginboutique gives rebates that can only be spent at their site so that we keep coming back for more...)
  6. I already have X3 suite, has anybody tried installing X4 side by side with X3? (I'm concerned about the downgrade from suite to silver)
  7. https://www.producerplanet.com/us/list/2019-holiday-calendar-save-up-to-75-1032/ Particularly useful if you still have an unused voucher from a magix humble bundle (3 days until they expire...)
  8. CLA MixHub for $20 is nice... I'm waiting for the code. Let's see if it goes through or it gets canceled
  9. Another missed chance for NI to drop the AVX requirements...
  10. Has anybody tried using one of the TH-U upgrades for upgrading from TH3 Cakewalk?
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