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  1. I'm trying to register an upgrade by entering the code into the elicenser control manager (Menu: Actions>Enter Activation Code) but it has been failing for hours with an error message indicating that the licensing servers could not be contacted The Steinberg employees in charge of operating the licensing servers must be having a "fun" day... On the other hand, a lot of people trying to register the software is probably a good indicator that sales have been healthy!
  2. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CMJS9MD?tag=1sale06-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&customid&coupon_code=AME5LIQO?utm_medium=de $20.40 after coupon AME5LIQO
  3. Would you be annoyed if it is included and then SLv7 ownership entitled you to a discount on the upgrade? (I don't know if they're planning on anything like that, it's just a speculative question)
  4. suggestion: Fix typo in subject (missing z) to make it easier to find later when using search
  5. It's a toy instead of a plugin but it may be interesting nevertheless (note: there is physical shipping involved so most likely it's not a deal outside the US) https://sellout.woot.com/offers/sphero-specdrums-2-rings-2 $39.99 (free shipping with Amazon Prime)
  6. The yearly sale is here https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterexpansions.aspx Very nice sounding preset banks from Nori Ubukata, Rob Lee, etc. Grab some and have fun playing! If you don't yet have synthmaster you can get synthmaster CM for free from here:
  7. These sale vouchers have been typically per plugin, that's why they don't apply to "bundles" like byome & triad, and they don't even list the bundles as exclusions. Triad can be a mid/side or a multiband version of Byome anyway and includes all its presets. It's curious that bassmint is excluded, considering that it was already $29 yesterday for many people, $79 crossgrade minus the $50 monthly voucher. I got it for myself, and I saw other messages in the KVR forums yesterday about people buying the same deal. Btw, Matcha is a recent release that is not excluded
  8. wouldn't that be an interesting name for a band?...
  9. I didn't know people in this forum would be interested in this kind of deals. FWIW, Roswell Pro Audio has been offering a 75% off with coupon AES2020 for their apparel https://roswellproaudio.com/collections/apparel
  10. That was one of the first things I tried, and I still had the bluescreen. The new iLok driver got installed in addition to the old one, not as a replacement I posted what I did because that's what I know worked. I didn't check the service control manager but, if it shows up there then it should be the preferred way to disable it. Something that seems unusual is that even after uninstalling, the entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TPkd is still present in the registry (and the machine has been shutdown and restarted quite a few times since I uninstalled) By the way, I do like the SONiVOX plugins and that is why I went through the effort of figuring out how to make them work. Yes, it takes a small amount of additional effort compared to other installs but I hope it doesn't discourage people from grabbing a good deal!
  11. Looking at the SONiVOX site, the version it mentions is 1.3 https://sonivoxmi.com/products/details/vocalizer-pro My account at pluginboutique only offers 1.3 for download Can you post a link to a page showing a later version? Anyway, it's very easy. After installing the plugin, take a look in add/remove programs. If there is anything mentioning TPkd, get rid of it. If there isn't, then there's nothing to do
  12. It is silently (and unconditionally) installed. You do not see any iLok installer dialogs, but you see it if you look in the Control Panel add/remove programs after installation, and it is installed even if you already have a later iLok driver installed. The tricky part is that the latest iLok installers do not uninstall the old one. Maybe some older iLok installers did? If that was the case, SONiVOX install folllowed by iLok install would have been ok. BTW, other people are having similar issues (e.g., https://forums.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=239002)
  13. Heads up: I recently had to reinstall a bunch of SONiVOX instruments and it took several hours to get the procedure right. The SONiVOX setup programs force installed an ancient iLok driver based on tpkd.sys that crashed Windows 10 after reboot. I ran the startup troubleshooter to make the machine bootable again but the troubleshooter had to reset the machine to an older state, before installing. The process that worked for me in the end was: 1) Install the SONiVOX product(s) and DO NOT REBOOT 2) In the Control Panel "add/remove apps" find the tpkd (iLok) driver just installed 3) Open the registry and find the tpkd (iLok) driver just installed. Set the start type to 4 (disabled). Note: I used the registry editor because I had opened it while troubleshooting the issue, but probably this can be disabled using the Service Control Manager instead, and that would be a better idea. 4) Uninstall the tpkd (iLok) driver just installed and reinstall the latest iLok driver 5) Reboot
  14. The IR library seems to be a free download http://www.echothief.com/downloads/
  15. Thank you for the reminder! For reference, there is more discussion about this deal in this thread:
  16. Get a free badge courtesy of eventide with Promo Code: AES2020Eventide. Just go to aesshow.com and register for the showcase. When prompted on the payment screen, enter the Promo Code. This year the convention is virtual. A little sad for those of us who regularly attended in person, but it will be good for everyone else who didn't have a chance to get to NYC (or the corresponding international location for the Spring convention). Hopefully it will still be a good way to learn more about all the new gear, get nice swag, and listen to interesting presentations
  17. I got this from splice and when I logged in to my ableton account to register it, there was a notice "Good news, a license for the latest version of Live Lite has been added to your account" For other people like me, getting this in order to get a free upgrade from a previous version (e.g., one that came bundled with hardware) - Check your account first, you may not need to get anything from splice
  18. The Shofuku expansions if you don't already have them. Nori Ubukata is a real master!
  19. Saverio's latest plugin, HoRNet MasterTool is available for 11,49€ until September 25th at 21:00 (Italy time). Use the learn button to analyze your track, then dial the desired amount of EQ and Dynamics Just go to https://www.hornetplugins.com to get the special prices!
  20. I've read in this forum a few good words about captain plugins. Any opinions on the rest of the software? E.g., the coupon also works for the producer collection, which includes a song key detection plugin and Odesi, but then Odesi sounds like it doesn't really add functionality on top of captain plugins, that it's essentially the same in a non-plugin format.
  21. I like how they say for the "non-bundle" version of Spire INCLUDE 900+ FACTORY SOUNDS ONLY 😂
  22. Standalone "toy" synth/loop sequencer. Primarily useful for getting the kids into music production, but the results can be exported to wav so it might have additional uses (please do read the comments on steam to get a better idea of what this can actually do and what are its limitations) https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/rytmik-ultimate-bundle Various bundle tiers from $4 to $12
  23. I had no plans to buy these but it looked like too good a deal to miss ssl 400G + bx XL + BX-XL-2999 + SSL-4000G-4999 + monthly -$50 = $29
  24. Well... you could also get a couple of copies of Kaleidoscope, to have some extra to give to friends 🤠
  25. a good time to upgrade? E.g., https://www.scan.co.uk/products/native-instruments-komplete-12-ultimate-music-production-software-collection-upg-k8-12 even though it is ~$130 more expensive than a K12 -> K13 update it is probably a better deal
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