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  1. Get a free badge courtesy of eventide with Promo Code: AES2020Eventide. Just go to aesshow.com and register for the showcase. When prompted on the payment screen, enter the Promo Code. This year the convention is virtual. A little sad for those of us who regularly attended in person, but it will be good for everyone else who didn't have a chance to get to NYC (or the corresponding international location for the Spring convention). Hopefully it will still be a good way to learn more about all the new gear, get nice swag, and listen to interesting presentations
  2. I got this from splice and when I logged in to my ableton account to register it, there was a notice "Good news, a license for the latest version of Live Lite has been added to your account" For other people like me, getting this in order to get a free upgrade from a previous version (e.g., one that came bundled with hardware) - Check your account first, you may not need to get anything from splice
  3. The Shofuku expansions if you don't already have them. Nori Ubukata is a real master!
  4. Saverio's latest plugin, HoRNet MasterTool is available for 11,49€ until September 25th at 21:00 (Italy time). Use the learn button to analyze your track, then dial the desired amount of EQ and Dynamics Just go to https://www.hornetplugins.com to get the special prices!
  5. I've read in this forum a few good words about captain plugins. Any opinions on the rest of the software? E.g., the coupon also works for the producer collection, which includes a song key detection plugin and Odesi, but then Odesi sounds like it doesn't really add functionality on top of captain plugins, that it's essentially the same in a non-plugin format.
  6. I like how they say for the "non-bundle" version of Spire INCLUDE 900+ FACTORY SOUNDS ONLY 😂
  7. Standalone "toy" synth/loop sequencer. Primarily useful for getting the kids into music production, but the results can be exported to wav so it might have additional uses (please do read the comments on steam to get a better idea of what this can actually do and what are its limitations) https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/rytmik-ultimate-bundle Various bundle tiers from $4 to $12
  8. I had no plans to buy these but it looked like too good a deal to miss ssl 400G + bx XL + BX-XL-2999 + SSL-4000G-4999 + monthly -$50 = $29
  9. Well... you could also get a couple of copies of Kaleidoscope, to have some extra to give to friends 🤠
  10. a good time to upgrade? E.g., https://www.scan.co.uk/products/native-instruments-komplete-12-ultimate-music-production-software-collection-upg-k8-12 even though it is ~$130 more expensive than a K12 -> K13 update it is probably a better deal
  11. Aren't the "free"plugins provided by Waves directly? (depending on registering new plugins but not on depending where you got the reg codes). In the past that's how I remember it worked. You may want to check the details at the Waves website.
  12. but... at an average 70% off retail price that means a savings of at least $3,264 Thy choicest gifts in store, Oh him be pleased to pour, Long may he reign. May he defend our deals And ever give us cause To sing with heart and voice God save the king.
  13. Note that this discount replaces the bundle discounts (the final price is 50% off the unbundled price, not 50% off the bundle price)
  14. >A medium-sized ensemble of harps struck with a hammer. Sampled in insane detail in a stunning concert hall, with 8 in-house custom presets What? Only insane? not "painstaking detail"?
  15. I was trying to find what limitations are there for the free/demo versions of the various synths at discodsp but it wasn't very clear. It looks like it could be a commercial vs non-commercial use limitation but GPLv2 doesn't really allow limiting the use, only the distribution
  16. Wrt modulation effects, don't miss Arturia's bi-tron (the hardware mu-tron biphase was itself an evolution of the uni-vibe)
  17. Sounds like a nasty joke about the current gap in our purchase histories at JRR... (which btw, Eric Dahlberg has mentioned it is expected to be fixed in September)
  18. And, update plan coverage for this plugin expires 6 months later than the previous... 😜
  19. https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/dorico-crossgrade/?utm_campaign=315637515412_dorico_crossgrade&utm_content=crossgrade_us-de-es-fr-row_en-de-es-fr-ja&utm_medium=dorico&utm_source=newsletter Regular crossgrade price $279.99, now $140. Available at some dealers as well (e.g., Sweetwater https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Dorico35PCg--steinberg-dorico-pro-3.5-crossgrade-download). Not discounted (yet?) at JRRShop Email just says "for a limited time" without a specific date but Sweetwater indicates "Effective now through September 16th, 2020."
  20. Since you're asking... Yes I bought it and I like it. I also bought the "exit aisle deal", Etherealwinds Harp II for base price, which I also like.
  21. When I am trying to figure out if a store is legit or it is selling shady versions I check if they are a dealer for the brands they distribute. E.g., see pluginfox in this list https://www.plugivery.com/about/dealers/
  22. The English edition is out. Now I can read what's actually interesting instead of basing my "interests" on the questions being asked https://www.falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat-english/?p=1 Another download that is new for this month is that the "Beat Studio" includes DDMF The Strip
  23. Actually, I think they are but in a different way. I have some 32-bit vst2's that I keep struggling with ways to make them work in newer hosts (tubeohm vintage, xhun ironaxe, to name a couple).
  24. PSP N2O Semi-modular multi-effect plug-in. $29 at audiodeluxe https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/psp-audioware-n2o Personally I find this plugin quite interesting for creative manipulation of samples. Before/After example of door closing sound converted to clap/snare with N2O: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AprFlDcoRnnogeynDrd_iJJQvn2QQOw?e=NIWdWp
  25. In case anyone is interested, and missed IK's June offer for newsletter subscribers, and is not already planning on getting it in the VI group buy... https://www.falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat/beat-09/2020?number=beat092020 There are a few other goodies as well, and interesting articles about Roland, Elektron & Focal products
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