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  1. JRR Sounds Super Natural Electric Bass https://www.jrrshop.com/jrr-sounds?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Vols 1 to 8 Compatibility: Kontakt (full), Halion, EXS24, Studio One Presence XT (EXS), Reason, Air Music Tech Structure (EXS), MOTU MachFive (EXS) $1.99 each, use coupon KillerKitty15 or Twitter15 for additional discount ($13.53 for all 8 vols after discount)
  2. The full list is at https://www.pluginguru.com/current-promotions/
  3. To celebrate the 12th year anniversary of PlugInGuru.com, the FM8 PowerPack is on sale for $12 (65% off $35). This Sale will end on March 21st https://www.pluginguru.com/products/fm8-power-pack/
  4. After registering the type B, you also get a 40% off coupon and a coupon for getting the "type A" for $19 (similar name, but it emulates the encoding stage of a Dolby A NR instead of an Aphex machine). Note: after using the coupon for type A, the 40% off coupon disappeared from my account, it may be an "either" deal.
  5. For reference: I confirmed that the 20% discount for the module if you own the synth version, it doesn't depend on where you purchase the synth. After buying the virtual instrument from everyplugin and entering the purchase code at cherryaudio, the price for the Voltage module at the cherryaudio store does drop to $23. This makes $46.33 the total price for getting both ($24.33 at everyplugin + $23.00 at cherryaudio)
  6. Autumn is still half a year away, and that brings Oktoberfest stuff on sale. There is currently a nice deal at producerplanet for German folk and Schlager loop libraries - 5 soundpools for $24 (royalty-free version, cheaper for non-commercial) https://www.producerplanet.com/us/article/oktoberfest-19591/?license=commercial_unlimited Mix them up with other genres for fun results (add some surprising yodeling to your metal or trap song, etc.) (note: there is another bundle currently on sale with the Schlager libraries only, but it's more expensive) Soundpools can be added to Samplitude and Magix Music Maker, and they can also be used as individual loops from any other DAW that supports wav or ogg acidized loop libraries Good use for your MMM vouchers if you got them in the most recent Magix humblebundle (expiring end of this month). And for any unused MMM leftover vouchers there's always KVR (https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=560208&p=8056697#p8056697)
  7. Buy (there it is, in just 3 letters) Then, join their youtube broadcasts to get those GAS juices flowing, try to get vouchers and... buy more!
  8. Got it! The checkout offer was Sequi2r EX at base price ($39.99) which I got as well (using the voucher that the nice guys at APD gave me at last week's livestream 🙂) https://audioplugin.deals/sequi2r-by-audiofier/
  9. Looks like it may be relevant only to Magix Music Maker without the VST support add-in (yeah, in MMM you need to pay $10 for VST2-64 and another $20 for the VST2-32 bit bridge..., unless it is a Magix VST). I Updated the title
  10. Courtesy of producerplanet - D16 Frontier self-adaptive limiter https://www.producerplanet.com/us/article/frontier-20815/ Available for free, only for registered D16 software users, who have purchased any product in the past or will do it in the future. It is available free of charge. But... producerplanet.com seems to be hosed right now (An authentication exception occurred, or 503 Service Unavailable)
  11. Both non-commercial and commercial (royalty free) version have a 100% discount, of course the recommendation is to get the unlimited licensed version https://www.producerplanet.com/us/article/modern-fairytale-12441/?license=commercial_unlimited Soundpools are essentially sample libraries with the melodic loops available in multiple harmonically-related pitches. They are designed for use in Samplitude or Magix Music Maker, but they are also available to download as zip files containing standard wav/ogg files
  12. Seriously, it's not, and I think that unfortunately there is some degree of "fear" factor, fueled by WUP complaints, that cause people to "subscribe" when they don't need to. You can mix and match waves versions (e.g., run v9 IM Pusher, v10 CLA Guitars and v12 OVox) installed in the same machine and in the same DAW session and it's perfectly OK. You really don't need to WUP. There are cases where upgrading gives something valuable (new plugins added to a bundle, support for new OS requirements like happened for Catalina, or support for new hardware such as higher-res screens, the 2nd license, etc). If this is your case, just evaluate what you get and decide if the price is right. New plugins in 2017 is a good example of what I mean. In 2017 if you added up the (2017) prices of the new plugins added to Mercury, it is noticeably more money than a year of WUP. If you wanted the plugins you'd be better off getting WUP instead of purchasing those plugins separately. Then, plugin prices went down and WUP prices didn't, making it less interesting. Time will tell if WUP prices come down and it will become a better deal again. In any case, since Waves is allowing the coexistence of versions and not forcing the upgrades, WUP is something good to have as a choice.
  13. The non-tongue-in-cheek answer is: a) Find out when your WUP expired b) Go to https://www.waves.com/downloads/release-notes and read what has been updated since (note that the page initially shows v12 and you'll need to click on the tabs for v11 etc). You probably want to search the page for the bundles that you have (except the Abbey Road bundle, of course) and see which plugins have been added to them. Example: If you have Mercury, the following plugins have been added to it over the last few years: (2017) BSS DPR-402, X-FDBK, Scheps Parallel Particles, Waves Tune Real-Time, Greg Wells series, Primary Source Expander, Smack Attack, F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, Brauer Motion, CLA MixDown, Torque (2018) Scheps Omni Channel, PRS SuperModels, Electric Grand 80, Sibilance, (2019) CLA MixHub, Submarine, Infected Mushroom Pusher, Berzerk Distortion, MDMX Distortion Modules (2020) MultiMod Rack, Playlist Rider, Kaleidoscopes, CLA EchoSphere, CLA Epic, (2021) Vocal Bender Like many other products, if you can wait and not upgrade right away but every 2 or 3 years instead, then upgrading becomes more effective
  14. or free without surveys or waiting, with coupon SPITFIREXNAMM2021
  15. On my older machine Davinci Resolve ran horribly on a 4GB video card (R7 370). On my newer machine, with a modern 16GB video card it runs pretty well. I find it easier than Vegas Pro/Premiere Elements/Avid Media Composer for the kind of things I want to do. It is a "big beast" with a bit of a learning curve, and sometimes clicking around the UI isn't enough for finding things, but there are plenty of videos on youtube showing how and where to make edits and adjustments . I would still rank myself as a beginner with it, but here is an example of the results:
  16. Same sale price for Stratum at audiodeluxe, but you get 10% back in deluxebucks. Solina Redux, Essential Keyboard Collection, The Compilation and Eighty Eight Ensemble 2 are on sale as well. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/category/brands/sonivox?f[0]=bm_field_on_sale_now%3Atrue
  17. To upgrade, if you bought it from Plugin Boutique, just find it in the list of products in your account, select Ver 2.0.0 in the dropdown and click download. Yes, I don't quite understand why they don't show the latest version as the default and instead they make you click the dropdown...
  18. I got this deal and received a coupon code from APD, to be used at noiseash.com. The coupon brings the price down to 0. By mistake I had added 2 copies to my cart and surprisingly, the price was still 0. I updated it to 5 copies and the price was still 0. I clicked the purchase button out of curiosity to see if it would go through and it did. I received 5 serial numbers. I haven't checked what is their policy for installing on multiple machines but, now I don't need to worry about that!
  19. Not long ago I got Ethereal Harps and I think that at $14.99 it is a pretty decent deal https://audioplugin.deals/etherealwinds-harp-ii-by-versilian-studios/
  20. Excellent videos I'm just having a hard time preventing the picture of "Bob" in Twin Peaks from jumping into my mind...
  21. 29 Jan - January 31, 2021. This weekend only. 🙁ends before next month's freebie drop
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