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  1. Headline summary: pretty good loop collections, commercial (royalty free) versions, for $1 All deals of the advent calendar are now available https://www.producerplanet.com/us/list/advent-calender-2020-1769/ For all the soundpool/loop collections, the price on the landing page is the price for noncommercial version but, you can click on each soundpool and get the commercial (royalty free) version for 2x the price of the noncommercial one. From that page, the soundpools (but not the instruments, effects, or Acid Loop Collections) are also available in the Musicmaker store, which means you can further bring down the price by using the current humblebundle vouchers, $1 for a $19.99 voucher and a $9.99 voucher https://www.humblebundle.com/software/your-sounds-your-movies-rebundle-software If you are interested in more than a couple of items, the vouchers can be purchased multiple times. If humblebundle warns you that you already have it and doesn't let you continue, you can work around the warning by switching payment methods (e.g. the first purchase is done via paypal, the second purchase via direct credit card payment) or by selecting "this purchase is a gift" and then gifting to yourself The soundpools are purchased and downloaded in MusicMaker but the downloads are wav or ogg files, and can be used in other DAWs
  2. Probably. You could try it by moving the files somewhere else, checking everything works an then deleting the moved files (the good ol' learning through experimentation)
  3. Nice house! But yes, you may want to renovate the windows to make it more comfortable
  4. Merry Christmas from Long Island, NY (not too far from @Reid Rosefelt) and Happy Holidays if you prefer to celebrate something else! Also... not to say that 2020 was good but it did feel like it had even more deals and freebies than years prior
  5. You should do this only from the Waves installers and only for major versions (e.g., if you're no longer running any v9 plugins, run the v9 installer and choose the uninstall option) You do not want to manually delete minor versions, because waves doesn't always update all the plugins in sync. E.g., some plugins may be version 9.82 and some 9.89, and if you delete the 9.82 waveshell then your list of available plugins will become incomplete. The waves installer will handle this for you (and this may sometimes complicate the "just copy over the files to your preferred folder" approach, because it will keep around in your preferred folder some obsolete versions that can cause issues, in addition to copying files you need to also track which waveshells have been removed and do the manual removal in your preferred folder)
  6. piano textures is free as well https://www.sonixinema.com/collections/all/products/piano-textures
  7. Some interesting upgrade prices with this coupon Studio One 5 Professional Upgrade $79 (-1.17 Bestcoin) Melodyne 5 Studio Upgrade $129 (-1.17 Bestcoin) Reason 11 Suite Upgrade $149 (- $5.07 Bestcoin) (+ choice of drum library/kontakt harmonica/etc freebie)
  8. ...and the "intro" for later upgrading to Liquid Music
  9. Kards+Starter Pack is free today on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1471390/KARDS__Starter_Pack/ (this is a trading card/deck building game with a WWII theme)
  10. I couldn't find any wheel to spin but 60% off is pretty good anyway (fwiw, Hornet plugins at full price are still a pretty good value-for-money)
  11. Samplitude unbundled libraries are on sale in today's "window" of the advent calendar https://www.producerplanet.com/us/list/advent-calender-2020-1734/ (I think it closes at midnight CET, Germany time) These libraries are on producerplanet.com, but in the section that is not in the Musicmaker store, therefore the current humblebundle coupons won't work.
  12. Available also at pluginboutique but it's full price and they aren't accepting the manufacturer's coupon (unfortunately for me, since I still have December freebies to claim...)
  13. Yes, when you first set up the link (in step a), however, when you run the waves installer afterwards (e.g., to update or add more plugins), it will get automatically redirected to the linked location
  14. Some plugins (waves, etc) don't let you choose a target path. One option that I have found useful is, choosing one location as "the good one" and then replacing all the other folders with directory links to this "good one". E.g., if I decide to use c:\Program Files\Common\VST2 as the "good location" I would a) Check c:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins, and move anything in there to c:\Program Files\Common\VST2 b) Delete the empty c:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins c) Open a command prompt and run: cd c:\Program Files\Steinberg mklink /d Vstplugins "c:\Program Files\Common\VST2" d) repeat the above procedure for all other alternate vst plugin folder locations After replacing folders with links, for anything that allows specifying VST location (DAW, plugin installers) use the "good" location (because some plugins do check and give you an error if they are scanned at a linked location, e.g., XLN) . Remove all other paths (e.g., in your DAW you don't want to have it scan all linked locations, because that will just multiply the time it takes to scan plugins and not add anything useful)
  15. I haven't contacted their tech support but I have had to contact Steinberg Sales support and they did solve the problem I had, reasonably well (after purchasing a HALion crossgrade when it was on sale, the crossgrade verification took too long and I ended up being charged full price. The support rep asked me to pay full and he would then issue a partial refund to bring it back to sale price. Paying full and waiting was a little unnerving but the refund did come through a couple of days later and it all ended well)
  16. misprice? limited quantity? I clicked on the link and it's showing up now as $313.99 at for me ☹️ It is $279 at magix, https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-pro/product-comparison/, it says it's valid until Dec 15 but it's magix so it may get extended...
  17. Correct. The instrument is the same but libraries come with their own license checks. You can have the 70 GB library licensed for Samplitude and the 12GB licensed for everything. Then, if you open Independence e.g., in StudioOne, all the instruments will show up in the instrument selection pane, but you will get a licensing error if you try to load an instrument from the 70GB library. You will only be able to actually use instruments from the 12GB library Yes, it is rather annoying and probably the main reason why I end up looking first in Falcon and Sampletank when looking for "typical" sampled sounds.
  18. If your downloads were taking a very long time (or simply not starting) it looks like an update was pushed out today that solves the issue. To install, just (re)start the Software Center and let it upgrade itself
  19. Other drum replacers: SSD Trigger (Steven Slate), SPL DrumXchanger (pluginalliance), Drumagog, Massey DRT
  20. Gone now. The new "advent calendar window" is for two 90's RnB loop collections for $2.49 (non-commercial) or 4.98 (commercial use) each, or the bundle for $4.49 (non-commercial use) or $8.98 (commercial use) https://www.producerplanet.com/us/list/advent-calender-2020-1615/ Considering the current humblebundle sale including magix vouchers, you can get the RnB bundle with commercial use license for $1
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