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  1. I'm still having a hard time deciding between 200 GC and 1 set of freebies and 300 GC and 2 sets of freebies. There are 10 products I don't need but would like to have, plus 12 products I don't need but look interesting. BTW - Since it hasn't been brought up yet: After getting a gazillion IK downloadables we probably want to also buy something like this https://www.newegg.com/p/2WA-00YJ-00018 (sure, redownload credits are probably cheaper in $$ but the annoyance cost is much higher than that)
  2. Inner Circle is also available with perpetual (non-subscription) Pro Tools licenses if you have an active Software Updates + Support Plan, although Spread does not seem to be included at this time. The current list I'm seeing is Convology XT ERA Voice Leveler Groove3 Tutorials Pro Sound Effects | Foley Essentials & Producer's Pack pureMix Tutorials Sound Credit Sound Ideas Tracktion — BioTek plugin
  3. For nylon guitars I wouldn't get them from London, for me Spain is "the place to go"
  4. Yes. For me, Music Maker with the Song Maker feature and a good collection of soundpools is tremendously fun as an idea generator (for creating songs). I wouldn't recommend MM as a daw. It's probably the most unstable daw I've ever used and it's practically unusable if you have a lot of plugins. Most of the time after running song maker I just export the tracks to wav and get them into Pro Tools for mixing & mastering It's a little annoying how Magix will try to "nickel and dime" you for features (unless you cave in, like I did, and upgrade to premium) but you can typically use some of the vouchers from the bundle to get the interesting features (and ignore the rest) In the latest version, MM 2021, Song Maker AI is a big improvement over the previous version (not because of the "AI" but because of the improved selection options, now it's finally possible to easily specify things like - combine the guitar loops from Metal and Flamenco soundpools with the bass & drum loops from a Trap soundpool and the accordion loops from a Schlager soundpool). It's currently "on sale" at $99 (MM Premium full) or $59 (MM Premium upgrade) at https://www.magix.com/us/music-editing/music-maker/?_oB=music-maker (the sales rotate every few weeks, either slightly cheaper and fewer add-ons, or more add-ons)
  5. @Bapu I hope that the nice people at IK support can solve your request! There are a few tools for producing a list of VSTs on a machine. I often have to check, to avoid buying duplicates (and kick myself when I'm too lazy to check and I still buy an occasional duplicate) I like one that was posted in this forum and generates an excel file (link below), Cubase also has another one, etc.,
  6. It seems to me that the "free version" that comes with the hardware is AT4, and then the "bundle" with AT5 is a purchase of both. I did ask earlier in this thread and Peter's response wasn't exactly explicit about this part of the question but it seemed to indicate that it would qualify (it wasn't a "no it 's not included", like he clarified was the case for AT5 MAX). Here is the comparison a) Get 200 gear credits for $112 & 48 Jam Points, use them to get AT5 b) Axe I/O Solo + AT5 bundle, $209 & 90 Jam Points (b) is $97 & $42 Jam Points more than option (a), a pretty nice deal for the axe i/o solo (if you have the extra cash and the need/want for a great guitar-to-usb interface) I haven't bought yet into the GB because of a severe case of "analysis paralysis" but time is running out...
  7. Many thanks @Peter - IK Multimedia for all your answers to our questions. If buying a "Max" (e.g., Amplitube 5 Max), will that qualify for the GB or not at all? At registration time will the different products get qualified for the GB as if buying each at the price levels shown in my product page or will many of the products be disqualified as if they were "freebies"? What is the impact of bundles/discounts other than jampoints? (e.g., code MODO50 for MODO Drums, or buying the Axe I/O solo + Amplitube 5 bundle), will that register at the price level shown in my GB page or at the price actually paid? What about using Custom Shop credits instead of cash, does that still qualify for the GB at the price level shown in my GB page? (has somebody actually tried the jampoints purchase mentioned by Larry or is it still an "it should work"?)
  8. W.A. Production may be onto something interesting with this one https://www.waproduction.com/plugins/view/zqueezer $19.95 launch price (50% off full price, although W.A. is one of the companies where most things seem to go on sale regularly and full price may not mean much) This is a "creative sound tweaking" type of plugin that "squeezes the harmonics" (does frequency shifts in the higher frequencies). It reminds me of some of the wild sound manipulations you can get with Unfiltered Audio plugins, or with PSP N2O
  9. This Weekend - Glitch Hop: Chipsounds And Glitches - Part 2 $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://www.producerplanet.com/us/article/chipsounds-and-glitches-part-2-2013/?license=commercial_unlimited Another "small" soundpool - 27 multi-pitch loops, 9 universal pitch loops and 4 drumkits with variations
  10. Regarding how this GB operates - Do you see the additional free products soon after the counter reaches the next level or do you need to wait until the end of the GB to get the additional products added to your account?
  11. @DeeringAmpsIf interested in Arc3 but also items in the $199 range (mixbox, etc), it's a little more expensive option but it may be effective getting into the GB with a $199 item, getting the software-only Arc3 as a freebie, and buying the microphone separately, e.g. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/arcmic/?pkey=mems-measurement-microphone-for-arc-system (minus jampoints, plus shipping). Btw, you mention having an older Arc already. Per the Arc3 manual, if you have an older Arc mic it is still supported in Arc3 (although the documentation does recommend the latest mems mic better than older arc mics or non-ik measurement mics)
  12. In case it helps, Firefox displays the pictures correctly for me. You may want to check your configuration...
  13. https://www.producerplanet.com/us/list/this-rare-offer-is-back-again-287/ Buy one, get a voucher for another one of the same price. It is not indicated, but in order to prevent "buy one, get everything else free", if your purchase is fully covered by a voucher you won't get another one (note: I found out about this rule in a similar past promotion, where I purchased a $20 soundpool using a $20 humblebundle voucher and I didn't get the BOGO voucher that I expected. I contacted Magix support and they explained how it works and were very kind to make an exception and issue another voucher for me)
  14. In case it it helps you "not save" $15... https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=568835&sid=fefcbff28c879210be02a987431037dc (not my post, I just happened to see it)
  15. Yes, but you don't get to use your plugin between now and when that offer happens 5 or 6 months from now
  16. Not strictly a music deal but potentially pretty useful for your next purchase of plugins, etc. Paypal is offering a $25 voucher for trying out their crypto purchasing (note: for me it showed up as the banner add after login but I'm not sure if it is country specific or there is some other eligibility requirement). Here is how it works (1) Log in at paypal.com and activate the offer (2) Buy $25 bitcoin (or some of the other cryptocurrencies offered) at paypal.com (3) use paypal to buy plugins (or something else), get $25 off automatically (it doesn't have to be a single purchase, it can be spread over multiple purchases until you've exhausted the $25, and note that it cannot be used for "family and friends" or "goods and services" transfers, e.g., it will not be useful for typical purchases in the KVR buy&sell forum) (4) sell the crypto at paypal After fees you should recover $24+ (assuming you sell soon after the purchase and don't try to keep it and speculate on the price of bitcoin) Activate by 9/25/2021, buy crypto by 9/30/2021 and redeem by 10/31/2021 Note that depending on your country, crypto transactions may be taxable and you may need to provide your tax info to Paypal before selling. E.g., if you're in the US you will need to provide Social Security Number and capital gains/losses should be accounted for at tax time (although, for losses of a few pennies due to fees it's probably not worth the hassle of reporting them) Note also that right now all you can do with crypto at paypal is buy it and sell it. You cannot transfer it or use it to pay someone. EDIT: For clarification (given the many comments below about crypto investing). What I'm suggesting is to buy, use the voucher and sell right away, for a quick $25 voucher grab. The above steps are ABSOLUTELY NOT a recommendation to invest in crypto. In fact, if you follow the steps indicated you are likely to "lose in your crypto investment": Crypto prices don't normally have significant changes in the few minutes it should take to use the voucher, and selling price should be very close to buying prices, but there will be a small loss from the fees (either direct transaction fees or indirectly in the form of of a bid/ask price spread). The good thing is that you "gain" a $25 voucher in exchange for a loss that should be less than $1. The deal here is that Paypal wants you to know that its possible to invest in crypto through them and they're willing to give you a $25 voucher to give it a try (which can be something quick and with very low risk, per the steps above)
  17. With the $25 and $50 (2021-07-50225G4YRL39) loyalty vouchers being non-personalized It's possible to get a little "creative" (the "typical tuner trick" just mentioned, etc). E.g. Brainworx bx_2098 EQ $99.99 + Tone Empire OptoRED + Brainworx bx_tuner$19 -> Total$38.98 Brainworx bx_2098 EQ + Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop -> Total $59.19 If you have other PA plugins you probably want to go over the available crossgrades & upgrades and try the sub-100 ones. E.g. what I ended up getting for myself is Brainworx bx_2098 EQ + Schoeps Mono Upmix -> Total$28.99
  18. This weekend - Hip Hop: Make some Cash part 2 $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://www.producerplanet.com/us/article/make-some-cash-part-2-1957/?license=commercial_unlimited Note: This Soundpool is already included in folder 'HipHop Vol. 15' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 20'.
  19. This is almost as difficult to get as an amazon black friday doorbuster... Coupon usage limit has been reached. Will they be resetting it one more time? 😞
  20. Farewell as in "goodbye to the physical equipment that we used to model these plugins". Bx is still in business (although not in very good shape at the moment) Full Story https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/blog/blogpost/items/bx-under-water.html?vgo_ee=rMVGiERMGhhmPHxOgaNbfbDTS3YSZcqtiZXl2Jncxx61xH9OULhwDXsOY1iAafOK From the email: BX has decided to run some short-term sales to help minimize the financial damage, and to help get the team back to work in a professional surrounding as soon as humanly possible. Plugin Alliance will forward 100% of the proceeds of the "Support BX Sales" to Brainworx in Germany. You can support BX by buying some BX plugins, or some of their cool merchandise. We will start this series of "Support BX Sales" tomorrow with... guess what? Brainworx bx_console N for only $29.99 (24 hours only) Farewell sale for the console that started the TMT story... You need to use the voucher code BX-N-2999 to bring the price down to $29.99 If you add something else to the cart you can also use loyalty vouchers (this month codes are not personalized for $25 and $50) $25 off $35+: 2021-07-252222RZPF7T $50 off $75+: 2021-07-50225G4YRL39
  21. In case you're still missing something UJAM after the recent sales... https://www.minet.jp/contents/promotion/ujam-1week-sale-202107/ Ujam & Izotope Bundle: UJAM SOLID 2 (Drummer)+UJAM ROYAL 2 (Bassist)+UJAM AMBER (Guitarist)+iZotope Neutron 3 Elements (Mix)+iZotope Ozone 9 Elements (Mastering)+iZotope RX 8 Elements (Noise reduction)+iZotope Nectar 3 Elements (Vocal processing)+Exponential Audio Phoenixverb (reverb) - $90 (approx) Headbanger Bundle: Heavy (Drummer)+Iron(Guitarist)+Rowdy(Bassist) - $79 (approx) Virtual Guitarist (various to choose from) - $68 each (approx) Most other UJAM products (incl. upgrades) 25% off full price https://store.minet.jp/item_list.html?request=max_row&SEARCH_MAX_ROW_LIST=100&_=1627571927762&item_list_mode=0&sort_order=4#REFINE_BRAND=RF_UJAM&pointercat=REFINE_BRAND The site is in Japanese, but bing and google translators are your friends (or, if interested in Japanese language classes I know a good online tutor, pm me 😉)
  22. Please stop scaring people about WUP and possibly missing on deals TLDR for those who don't already know the details about WUP: Get the freebie and ignore all the talk about WUP. You'll get the plugin and a year of free updates, after a year there are no more free updates, but the version you have will continue to work the same as it worked before.
  23. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/rob-papen-rg-rhythm-guitar $39.00 (minus $3.90 DeluxeBucks) or https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/457 $39.00 (minus £1.42 PB Virtual cash + 0.5 tokens). This is approx $2.54 cash rewards but, if you don't yet have iZotope PhoenixVerb you can get it as the freebie of the month. (Sorry @Time+Space, we usually post in the thread when we find a cheaper deal than the original post. On the other hand, if you can improve on the current $1.87 in T+S Loyalty points, or you can add an interesting freebie of the month, we'll be happy to hear about it!)
  24. When I built my newest workstation I added a 2TB NVME disk ($210) dedicated to music content (kontakt, uvi, halion, soundpools, etc) and load time has never been an issue afterwards. I understand it's not an option for everyone but if your motherboard supports nvme (or you have a pcie slot available for a nvme adapter) it does make life easier
  25. I've always thought that "The Very Big One" is a great product name for a piano VI
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