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  1. In addition to the Eq's already mentioned, they also have an Auto-EQ for under $10 https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-thirtyone-mk2/
  2. Note that the suite has been changing over time (e.g., it used to include Xfer Serum but not anymore). For reference, it currently includes: Exclusive Vita Solo Instruments Vintage Effects Suite The Brainworx Plug-in Package including: bx_oberhausen bx_townhouse bx_rooMS bx_delay 2500, bx_clean sweep pro VariVerb II plug-in coreFX mastering effects
  3. I'll be the optimistic one and say it'll reach 25, as the deal keeps getting better and better
  4. In my non-musical life I invest and trade (it helps "pay for the hobbies"). In this case, IK MM is privately owned so it's not possible to easily buy/sell its stock and I'm not planning anything, but I just find it interesting this kind of quick financial analysis.
  5. Just out of curiosity I was trying to figure out the impact of the Group Buy to total revenue at IK MM and I came across this page https://www.owler.com/company/ikmultimedia If we estimate an average spending of $100 for the Group Buy, at 10K participants that would be +$1M sales a) From the info at the owler page, Waves is ahead of IK MM in terms of yearly sales, not by much, but more than $1M b) Group Buy sales are below the average $1.8 M ($22M divided by 12) monthly revenue for IK MM although, the average includes more products (hardware, other products excluded from the GB) and considering seasonality and e.g., how much Black Friday can contribute to yearly sales, the Group Buy probably contributed to a pretty good number for August sales compared to previous years (on the other hand, the challenge in evaluating promotions like the GB is figuring out how much the results are an increase in total sales and how much it is just a redistribution from future months into the current one).
  6. @Peter - IK Multimedia here is a bug report for your Group Buy Webpage developers: the code for updating the "days remaining" in the page after reaching 10000, it didn't work, it's still at 1 😜
  7. Now that going past 10 freebies looks quite possible maybe you want to take a look into getting a better deal through Gear Credits. Buy 300 GC (or more?) lower the price using JamPoints . Download the free Custom Shop if you don't have it already), use the credits to get Amplitube (and something else?) then t-racks & t-racks-se, then the individual t-racks modules not included in the previous to complete your collection
  8. Yes, confirmed by Peter "at the other place" https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=568853&p=8180332&hilit=custom+shop#p8180332 and by various people
  9. They do show up in the Custom shop client 2.0.0, in the Sampletank section (do you have an older custom shop or maybe you're looking at a different section?)
  10. Will we see some flash sales soon, to give a final push towards that 10K line?
  11. E.g., SampleTron 2 is not in TS3M I haven't done all the calculations but if the GB is extended a month and gets close to the 20 range, 2 or 3 entries in the GB at the right price points and using all the right tricks already mentioned earlier in this thread (buying something that will let you qualify for crossgrades first, gear credits, the Groove3 coupon, jampoints), this GB may be a better deal than TS3M at BF prices
  12. Heads-up. If you got Amplitube SVX from the Audio Plugin Deals promotion a year ago, and you haven't registered it yet (e.g., because of already having TS2Max which was my case) you probably want to register it now and get a nice surprise 🙂 (keep that counter going up!)
  13. Free with issue 299 of Computer Music magazine (in your newsstand, magzter, zinio, etc) Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite, plus 5 sample packs: Transmute, Microtech, Erode, Oxide & Convolve
  14. "Checkout aisle" offers that showed up for me (at the DiscoDSP registration page): OB-Xd $24.50 https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ (note that there is a free vst version for non-commercial use, a license is needed only for commercial use or for the AAX version) Vertigo X-Wave $9.50 soundbank https://www.discodsp.com/soundware/?id=5
  15. Please don't feel bad! At least the way it sounded to me that whole part of the livestream, Brian is being promoted to "management". It can be bittersweet when your career takes you to a more managerial role where you can no longer be as much hands-on, maybe that's why his comments may have had a slightly "depressive" tinge but I totally agree with you that he is gifted and dedicated, and I honestly think he deserves the promotion and success. 😲
  16. Heads-up: the spreadsheet is very helpful but it may not be 100% accurate (e.g., I have TS2Max but I do not have London Grooves), always double-check the info
  17. @Simeon Amburgey I was just listening to the the APD livestream. Brian mentioned that you'll be doing more collaborations with them and that produced so many chat messages that Brian started questioning if he should retire and leave the channel all to you!
  18. I'm still having a hard time deciding between 200 GC and 1 set of freebies and 300 GC and 2 sets of freebies. There are 10 products I don't need but would like to have, plus 12 products I don't need but look interesting. BTW - Since it hasn't been brought up yet: After getting a gazillion IK downloadables we probably want to also buy something like this https://www.newegg.com/p/2WA-00YJ-00018 (sure, redownload credits are probably cheaper in $$ but the annoyance cost is much higher than that)
  19. Inner Circle is also available with perpetual (non-subscription) Pro Tools licenses if you have an active Software Updates + Support Plan, although Spread does not seem to be included at this time. The current list I'm seeing is Convology XT ERA Voice Leveler Groove3 Tutorials Pro Sound Effects | Foley Essentials & Producer's Pack pureMix Tutorials Sound Credit Sound Ideas Tracktion — BioTek plugin
  20. For nylon guitars I wouldn't get them from London, for me Spain is "the place to go"
  21. Yes. For me, Music Maker with the Song Maker feature and a good collection of soundpools is tremendously fun as an idea generator (for creating songs). I wouldn't recommend MM as a daw. It's probably the most unstable daw I've ever used and it's practically unusable if you have a lot of plugins. Most of the time after running song maker I just export the tracks to wav and get them into Pro Tools for mixing & mastering It's a little annoying how Magix will try to "nickel and dime" you for features (unless you cave in, like I did, and upgrade to premium) but you can typically use some of the vouchers from the bundle to get the interesting features (and ignore the rest) In the latest version, MM 2021, Song Maker AI is a big improvement over the previous version (not because of the "AI" but because of the improved selection options, now it's finally possible to easily specify things like - combine the guitar loops from Metal and Flamenco soundpools with the bass & drum loops from a Trap soundpool and the accordion loops from a Schlager soundpool). It's currently "on sale" at $99 (MM Premium full) or $59 (MM Premium upgrade) at https://www.magix.com/us/music-editing/music-maker/?_oB=music-maker (the sales rotate every few weeks, either slightly cheaper and fewer add-ons, or more add-ons)
  22. @Bapu I hope that the nice people at IK support can solve your request! There are a few tools for producing a list of VSTs on a machine. I often have to check, to avoid buying duplicates (and kick myself when I'm too lazy to check and I still buy an occasional duplicate) I like one that was posted in this forum and generates an excel file (link below), Cubase also has another one, etc.,
  23. It seems to me that the "free version" that comes with the hardware is AT4, and then the "bundle" with AT5 is a purchase of both. I did ask earlier in this thread and Peter's response wasn't exactly explicit about this part of the question but it seemed to indicate that it would qualify (it wasn't a "no it 's not included", like he clarified was the case for AT5 MAX). Here is the comparison a) Get 200 gear credits for $112 & 48 Jam Points, use them to get AT5 b) Axe I/O Solo + AT5 bundle, $209 & 90 Jam Points (b) is $97 & $42 Jam Points more than option (a), a pretty nice deal for the axe i/o solo (if you have the extra cash and the need/want for a great guitar-to-usb interface) I haven't bought yet into the GB because of a severe case of "analysis paralysis" but time is running out...
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