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  1. Incorrect! I think he is referring to transferring of the old license after an upgrade
  2. 😮Synth Stack 2 is $21.99 for me. A very inexpensive way to get Quadra! 🙂
  3. @Kevin Perry if you log on to the Magix Service Center ("My Account") and go to "My Products" is it not showing up? You may want to contact Magix support (I've had to contact them a couple of times and they've always been pretty good for me, both in terms of responsiveness and solutions)
  4. Also at pluginboutique (but with freebies, tokens, etc). Bundled version also available https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/253-Harvest-Plugins
  5. Sorry, I did use too much jargon, I'll try to explain it better (I'm not trying to convince anybody one way or the other, this is an explanation for reference) Motherboards have PCIe slots that support multiple data streams (lanes), often with different sizes (https://duropc.com/the-difference-between-pcie-x1-x4-x8-x16-and-x32). Typically you insert one card in each slot, and the card uses all (or only some) of those streams. Some motherboards allow grouping the streams in a slot using a technique called multiplexing. This technique fools the rest of the system and makes it look like there are multiple smaller slots. There are simple adapter cards, like the one that I linked or the one in the picture below, that plug into a PCIe slot with 16 lanes and provide 4 small nvme slots, connected in a way that works with the multiplexing (each drive will look like it's connected to its own slot and using 4 lanes). If the motherboard cannot do the multiplexing, a more complicated (and more expensive) card is necessary for adding more than 1 nvme drive using 1 slot.
  6. Instead of adding 4 SATA ports, consider adding 4 nvme slots if your motherboard supports PCIe multiplex (a BIOS setting that converts one physical PCIe x16 slot into 4 logical PCIe x4 devices). https://www.newegg.com/asus-model-hyper-m-2-x16-card-v2-pci-express-to-4-x-m-2/p/N82E16815293043?Description=asus hyper m.2 x16 card v2&cm_re=asus_hyper m.2 x16 card v2-_-15-293-043-_-Product
  7. You are probably seeing a price difference because after you log in, it knows how much tax to add and it shows you the price with taxes included
  8. I removed the original post because it sounded too high risk. The coupon code for 50% off, if anybody else feels it's worth the risk to try it, is ZCE49QAE @better5150I'll be very interested in hearing if you can fill it up with 2tb of data and read the data back (e.g., using windiff or a parity/checksum tool like par2)
  9. And the "How its work" demo video in the Evolution:Dragon page is done with Sonar Platinum...
  10. I did order 3. I just read the reviews and I'll probably cancel the order, it looks like too many people are reporting them as fake and it worries me that the drives could be a way to distribute malware
  11. Did you get a new hard drive for all the IK GB downloads? Are you thinking about what else to fill it with? Modern Producers are bringing back the "Billboard Bundle" before Black Friday. A collection of Top 40 Kits with 20+ GB of Samples, Loops, Kits, Drums, Vocals & Presets inside, organized in 3 sections. 1) Billboard Loop & Sample Kits: WAV loops, compositions and melodies, as well as many accompanying MIDI files. 2) Billboard Construction Kits. Ready-made compositions including melodies, bass, 808s, drums and so on. 100% royalty-free 3) Billboard Instruments & Presets. Drum kits and vocal kits, as well as presets for popular VSTs, including Kontakt, Omnisphere, Electra X and Serum. $47 until Friday, November 19th https://www.producerbundles.com/get-billboard-bundle-now
  12. The "all expansions" bundles are pretty nice deals but, if you're interested only in a few (e.g., because you already have many of them) the individual expansions are also on sale at synthmaster.com for $4 each https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterexpansions.aspx https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasteroneexpansions.aspx
  13. I already have them, very interesting libraries. This is the best price I've ever seen for them (the discount is actually a little better than 90%, and you get a few "just in case" APD wallet rewards)
  14. I got it with together with Boz Digital Labs Transgressor 2 ($26.54), a transient/sustain EQ with applications similar to the Eventide splitEQ (although the UI is not as slick) Melda transfer fees are expensive, better save the code if it's a dupe
  15. Which one adjusts better to your way of making music? In some cases more control may be better however, if you're already using amplitube and managing the cab and microphones there, having the choices also in the leslie plugin may be more an inconvenience than an advantage
  16. If you're near a micro-center this price is hard to beat https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/specialofferydssd240.aspx but wait... oh, no! its's too small for all my IK downloads
  17. Some good stuff to get after ignite: PSP collection for $41.11 at Everyplugin https://everyplugin.com/psp-modular-collection-for-voltage-modular.html
  18. No, if you get an upgrade it is registered at the time of purchase and you are entitled to free updates for 1 year from the time of purchase (you get 1 year of WUP included with your purchase) If you want to "hold" your license and not start the clock on the included 1y WUP you need to purchase the full product from a retailer and not use the registration code until the time when you actually want to use the plugin. The other advantage of holding the registration code is that you can resell it without transfer fees. The risks are that you may lose the registration code (e.g., if you lose your email and didn't have a backup) and that it's harder to keep track of what you have and you may end up accidentally buying something twice (I confess to this happening to me) For updates, it's registration time what counts, activation time does not matter
  19. You were lucky. I do keep a USB 3.5" floppy drive around, e.g. in case I need to dig out ancient midi files from Dynaware Ballade, but they didn't ask me the fun questions, only boring ones about subscription models and brand awareness.
  20. I had the same thought but the math does check out. These are some of the "expensive aax plugins" and they are $499 before discount (note: from what I have observed they go on sale occasionally but not too often).
  21. Just to be clear, there was no "reset" for the code, I just checked and it says that it has already been used
  22. $99 from Avid (80% off) https://www.avid.com/plugins/aphex-aural-exciter-and-big-bottom-pro-bundle AAX only (no VST) This emulates the more modern exciters (unlike the one from Waves which emulates the vintage model)
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