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  1. It's on it's way, but not yet there... $31.49 - $1.57 deluxe bucks ≈ $29.92 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/solid-state-logic-ssl-fusion-transformer
  3. I have a few plugins that I tend to use for my "baseline", typically all the self-adjusting or "AI" plugins (Sonible, Neutron, Ozone, etc) and I use them quite frequently, then there's always something specific that I want to achieve for specific tracks and a gazillion plugins that I try until I find a result that I like (e.g., let me try bassmint on this track... mmm, no, let me see if I find in CLA Bass the sound I'm looking for) The plugin inventory tool lists 5515 plugins (linked in my signature) but many are duplicate plugin format. 2323 are 64bit VST2, which still include duplicates (multichannel/mono versions, 2out 4out 8out versions, etc). Many are freebies, many are from bundles. I do acknowledge the "collector mania" but the raw number looks much worse than it actually is
  4. This weekend - Ambient: Best of Ambient $8.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $4.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/best-of-ambient-4449/?license=commercial_unlimited
  5. Note that, because of how bestservice has designed their search 🙄, the link doesn't have the search encoded in it, you need to enter "Magix" in the box and click the magnifier button
  6. https://www.waves.com/account/free-berzerk-dom-sigalas
  7. If you want several Xils Labs instruments, the "buy more save more" discount at dontcrack.com can provide interesting deals, for a final price even lower than everyplugin Buy a second product and get 5% extra discount off from both products Buy a third product and get 10% extra discount off all 3 products Buy a fourth product and get 15% extra discount off all 4 products Buy five products or more and get 20% extra discount off all products E.g., Xils String machines + Xils vocoders + Xils KaoX + Xils Poly KB III + Audiomodern Forms ends up at $208.79 There are other low-priced items that can help lower your cart, e.g. Blue Cat Hot Tuna
  8. Back to the Dontcrack.com newsletter - Sounds like they (plugivery) could be on a path to absorb Xils Labs products, taking over distribution and collaborating on maintenance and development of new products
  9. If it were a reorg within Soundwide, these plugins would have been moved to PA and/or NI. It doesn't sound like either would be reluctant to add more reverbs, more synths, etc to their lineups
  10. That's not what I was suggesting. It should be possible to 1) Create a new email (and configure it to forward everything received there to your main email account, so that you don't end up having to read mail from multiple places) 2) Create a new personal adsense account using the new email address 3) move over your existing channel to this personal adsense account https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7367146?hl=en Anyway, I'm not trying to convince you to stay on YouTube. Personally I've had my disappointments with putting my creations on YouTube (for a different reason, their random application of US-centric cultural standards and disregard for other countries' culture, regarding bullfighting in particular). If this is the end of your YT account but the beginning of your Rumble and/or Odysee accounts, I'll be happy to subscribe to the new ones.
  11. My theory is that we are just seeing a recession unfolding. There is a serious inflation problem and prices are going up, but people are also becoming more selective in their purchases and figuring out what items are non-essential. Some companies are finding that they don't really have pricing power because people are choosing to buy nothing and, instead of being able to raise prices and follow the pace of inflation, they have to offer discounts as the revenue streams dry up. When it's clear that the revenue from discounted products cannot sustain the business, they go into more drastic cost-cutting, reducing personnel and eliminating less profitable product lines. When we see "unusually good discounts" let's enjoy them as they come, but we shouldn't be surprised if the recession wipes out a few products and possibly even whole companies when they don't have a sufficiently good combination of both good products that people still need and a robust business model that allows them to weather the storm.
  12. One thing I didn't understand is around 4:10 why you're referring to "singular email address"? Why not create an email account at a free (or paid) provider and configure it to forward email to your main address, then use this new address to create the second adsense account? https://www.lifewire.com/forward-outlook-mail-1170648 https://support.google.com/mail/answer/10957?hl=en
  13. ...Or Odysee I recently had to deal with truly distopian AI and a friend introduced me to gethuman.com. I just checked what they have for YouTube and it looks like phone support doesn't exist at all but you may be able to go past the AI and get to a person through other forms of communication https://gethuman.com/phone-number/YouTube
  14. Slightly more expensive for me, then I noticed it's actually $119.40 + tax
  15. 20% off yearly membership ($255 instead of $319) with code AES2022 Until Oct 31 https://mwtm.com/join
  16. Claim 10% discount at https://linktr.ee/nugen.audio Until Nov 3
  17. Audio and Music Business related books 30% discount with code 4eAES22 https://www.rowman.com
  18. 30% off with code AES30 https://www.soundparticles.com
  19. 40% off plugins with code AES40 https://apogeedigital.com/products/plugins
  20. Upgrades from cubase are not discounted but I have seen people at kvr reselling their cubase for "upgrading" at a pretty decent price (which could be a good chance too for those looking for cubase instead)
  21. From the Native Instruments plugins, is there anything particularly recommended? (note: I already have Komplete standard)
  22. For reference, wavesaudio has a free tape transport plugin https://www.wavesfactory.com/free-audio-plugins/cassette-transport/
  23. Multiple orders of individual plugins is more flexible than being forced to pick 10 plugins in 1 order. Also, considering that they are putting it in writing that it's OK to gift/resell these vouchers, individual plugin vouchers are much more convenient from this point of view, probably that flexibility is worth the extra $1
  24. Back to business... In addition to being able to pick up to 3, an interesting advantage of this "higher level voucher" is that the list of plugins to choose from is longer, compared to the lower level E.g., Amek EQ250, HG-2MS, Console Amek 9099, Soma, Lindell 50 series, etc.
  25. AES Show is back at Jacob Javits Center in NY Free Exhibits+ Pass, courtesy of Eventide, with code 22EVENTIDE153 https://aesshow.com/registration
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