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  1. It's well worth checking out. Totally free to distribute, royalties paid. And their support is very good as well when I've needed to contact them to ask questions.
  2. I get my songs distributed using http://amuse.io. It's a free service, and they don't even take royalties for it - and I have received payment for my streams and downloads, so it's completely legit as well. And I've been checking out your more recent stuff through Soundcloud as well, still pumping out the quality tunes!
  3. Users of the old Cakewalk Forum may possibly have heard this song before, as I did post my original version of it back in November 2015. However, I have recently done an official release of it, having re-recorded the vocals and remixed the song from scratch. Various ways of downloading/streaming (including Youtube, Spotify and iTunes) below: https://song.link/i/1473491997 Thanks!
  4. I was looking at the piano roll last night, so please excuse me if i've missed something! Is there anyway of the piano roll editor highlighting the notes in a specific scale? So, for example, selecting the F# scale, and making all the notes that fit within that scale a different colour to the rest? I don't want to use the snap to scale option, as there are sometimes obviously reasons to use notes which don't fit within the scale. Just that this would be a useful feature for composition, especially when you're an idiot with regards to music theory like me. Now, I know the simplest thing would be to just put some stuff in using C major or A minor and then transpose, but I'd prefer to have the option of highlighting the scale.
  5. We're getting into semantics here, I think. For me, latency is low when I can record live without any noticable latency. I consider this entirely acceptable. What you show as being defined as extreme would obviously be very nice, but sadly I don't have Presonus Quantum kind of money.
  6. I have one of the low end Behringer interfaces which uses Asio4all, and I have to say I've had no issues with it. Latency is extremely low even with a relatively humble CPU and the sound quality is good. Yes, I know a interface with a dedicated ASIO driver would have been better, but it was what I could afford at the time and I've had exceptional value from it. That said, am I reading this correctly in that the Windows 10 WASAPI drivers also offer low-latency recording as well? As if it does, I may well have to give that a try and see how it stacks up.
  7. Just came on to say thanks to all the kind folk who replied - I've finally managed to get back onto my laptop and have managed to get CbB to show the missing synths. You guys are awesome.
  8. Ah lol, should have figured that one out!! Thanks, I will have to do that.
  9. What's CbB? I have set all my plugin paths via preferences so all the plugs which loaded in Sonar should load, but these two are conspicuous by their absence. And thanks for the replies...!
  10. Hi all. Wonder if any of you fine people can assist please? I'm a former user of Sonar Professional, which I purchased through Steam back in the day. I decided to load up an old project, which dates back to the Sonar days. When I loaded it up, I got a message to say some synths could not be found. One I understood and was cool with, as it's an entirely 3rd party one which I'd forgotten to reinstall following a recent Windows reset I needed to do. However, more troubling was the lack of Session Drummer and Z3TA. I know Z3TA is on my system - the files are all there, and it will load up if I fire up Sonar Professional. It seems to show up in the VST effects menu, although when trying to add a synth track it doesn't show up. Session Drummer seems to be gone altogether, as it doesn't seem to show up in Sonar either. SD I can work around, as I have alternatives. Z3TA was a vital component to this project though, and is also with some others I planned to finish soon. I can't go back to Sonar though, as even though it's on Steam which still recognises my licence key, it will only load up in Demo mode meaning I can't actually save anything. Has anybody else managed to get Z3TA to work in Cakewalk since it became a Bandlab product? Or am I stuffed on this one? Would be kind of irritating if I can't use it, as I bought my Sonar licence with all the stuff that came with it in good faith.
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