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  1. kevmsmith81

    Work It Out

    Like it. Once it kicks in following the intro, the riff reminds me of early Def Leppard. And that's a good thing.
  2. kevmsmith81

    Let Me Go

    Nice work. Great guitar sound and nice riff, the guitar part in the verse reminds me of "Gimme All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top. I like how much the snare cuts through it as well without overpowering everything.
  3. My first new song in quite a while. All about my favourite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you haven't seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, none of the references in the lyrics will make any sense to you at all, But, the song may get stuck in your head as badly as it got stuck in mine whilst I was mixing it, so please give it a listen! Youtube link
  4. For people to help, they'll need to know your setup - computer, interface, which drivers etc.
  5. I'd be inclined to the your last version of SONAR if you still have it to see if the issues persist. That's what I intend to do next time I'm at my PC with my gear set up. Then if the issues persist, I'll know its something with my set up. But if the last version of SONAR Pro works without dropouts, but I'm getting them constantly in CbB, that to me would be a clear indication that Cakewalk is the issue.
  6. Have you tried opening something in the standalone Melodyne client to see if that works correctly? If it doesn't, it may be a case of either reaching out to Celemony support, or trying to uninstall and reinstall Melodyne. Last time I used Melodyne, which was probably a week and a half ago, it worked as expected for me. Although I'm using Assistant edition.
  7. Yes. Track 1 - Karaoke backing track (.wav format), no plugins loaded. Track 2 - vocal track, Sonitus reverb loaded and nothing else. No Plugins loaded on master channel, no buses etc.
  8. Just to check, have you ensured all tracks are highlighted when rendering the final audio file? Cakewalk will only render the selected tracks.
  9. I've had audio dropouts when recording a vocal take over a karaoke track, when the only plugin loaded at all was the Sonitus reverb on the vocal track - done simply to test a very undemanding situation. Other than that, I can't say currently as I'm away from home at the moment and not with the laptop that Cakewalk is installed on.
  10. I will give it a try - the only thing I will say is I'm unlikely to get a chance to do it before the weekend due to things I have happening, but I will definitely give it a try as soon as I can. If this is the issue, I hope it can be fixed. The sonitus reverb and compressor are my go-to for these tasks and the Sonitus compressor won't work in any other DAW, at least of the ones I own. Although this is helping me get to grips with Reaper and Mixbus lol. I am liking the mixing workflow with Mixbus.
  11. I need to test some things, but I'm having dropout issues as well, and having seen some other posts here I'm starting to think the dropouts may possibly be linked to using 32 bit plugins within Cakewalk. I don't get any dropouts in Reaper or Harrison Mixbus 32c, but I'd still prefer to use Cakewalk as it's what I'm used to.
  12. I'm not trying to suggest that I have learnt everything, or even close. But to suggest that this should be a reason to not launch new plugins is ridiculous. And that includes stuff which is paid. I have no issue paying for good quality stuff, just as I paid for SONAR whilst it was still paid software.
  13. Speak for yourself. I think many of use would be happy to see more plugins and virtual synths, especially if they're of the sort of quality that we had from Z3TA and the Sonitus plugins etc.
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