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  1. I just messed around with the demo and compared it to the Arturia Mini V3, and will easily pass on this. Note that I'm no master of the Mini Moog parameters and pretty much just compared the sounds of the presets.
  2. Wonder how this compares to Arturia Mini V. That said, I can barely order lunch for two at McDonalds for the same price. 😬
  3. At least they don't take up physical space. 😁👍
  4. Funny, I do the exact same thing. I was hoping it would encourage me to use more of my plugins, but sadly, I usually reach for the same ones. I've dramatically slowed my plug-in purchases lately and feel like I have everything I need. However, it doesn't take much for me to be enchanted by a new shiny toy.
  5. Since the panning is based on the incoming signal, it's not as robotic as your standard auto-panner.
  6. Sound Particles' Brightness Panner is also good. I like to use them on hi-hat loops.
  7. Played with the trial for a bit this morning and concluded that it sounds weird. I appreciate the tech behind it, but in the end, you have to like the sound. Here's a link to the only non-PA review so far by Nate aka Protoculture. It gave me a much better understanding of what the thing does. https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/first-look-unfiltered-audio-tails
  8. Here's a nice written review https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2022/04/05/crystalline-review/
  9. One demo showed it has resizable GUI.
  10. Don't forget the $100 voucher!
  11. Also includes a $100 coupon. It's been on my radar and I ran out of resistance.
  12. Anybody buy this? To me it looks very odd and vague.
  13. PB did a pretty in depth interview with the developer. I’ve always ignored this synth but have changed my mind. https://youtu.be/w9LkAI9f0qg
  14. I own Synomyn, Atlas, Cosmos, Resonic Pro, XO, ADSR Mgr, etc., with Synomyn being my current favorite. I've got over a miliion audio sample and MIDI files. I absolutely LOVE how Fyler displays MIDI file notes and can also play them. I think only Resonic Pro plays MIDI, but it doesn't show the notes. I also like the star rating and favoriting features. The one thing that it needs immediately is the ability to autoplay as you arrowdown a list. I also use Cakewalk to preview MIDI with a VST instrument, but a sample manager provides so much other info that I have to use both. Fyler ability to show the actual MIDI notes may be a gamechanger for me. Only time will tell.
  15. So far I've been able to resist. I know 12gb is supposed to be a good thing, but it makes me think twice. That all said, John will probably talk me into it today. 😖 It's silly, but my favorite thing about this is the stadium vocal lol
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