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  1. One thing to note here you can't stack discounts and the bundle is already on sale for $99 ($299 reg). So if you add the BF50 code, the price goes up to $149!
  2. They are getting my $15 just for the hilarious video. 🤣
  3. Gladiator by Tone2 $89.40 at KVR. Cheapest elsewhere $101. $169 on sale on Tone2.com. $199 reg. It's old, but pretty cool. Electra2 and Icarus2 are also $89.40 https://www.kvraudio.com/product/gladiator-by-tone2-audiosoftware
  4. I don't use it live either; however, I've always thought it would be perfect for that. It can easily be a one man band.
  5. Boom’s Enrage is currently 25% off, but at T+S, you can stack their 10% off code 10%BFWEEKEND and effectly get 33% off ($234.89). I’ve been eyeing Enrage since it came out, but the $349 price seemed ridiculous. $234 is still a bit pricey, but I’m ending my BF spending spree with a bang! https://www.timespace.com/products/boom-library-enrage
  6. Oops. Thanks Larry. I knew something was missing. 😕
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only one to see Wytse's Snake Oil video on tape plugins. Found a promo code that takes 60% off Softube's $99 Tape plugin. $39 net. Use Promo code: TUNECOREANDSOFTUBE
  8. I'm glad I kept up with the sales as they unfolded. Missed out on a few slightly better deals on actual BF, but it was worth it. 😬
  9. Reid, Unify is really difficult to explain, isn’t it? There really is no VST comparison. It’s funny. The only reason I originally got it was to be able to load a MIDI effect plugin like an arp and an instrument on one track. It’s like buying a Macbook because it does email. LOL
  10. Unify is so powerful, it’s difficult to explain. It can load other VSTs, so you can layer multiple instruments together which can be the same or different VSTs. When they “Unify” a VST, it means the factory presets in that VST have a corresponding Unify preset. This allows you to quickly layer multiple instances of that VST within Unify. You still need to own that VST. So you can load one preset and that preset loads 5 Omnisphere presets, 2 Serum, 3 DiscoverStations, etc. And then you could add others, swap some, play their own MIDI sequences, have different VST audio effects, etc. Oh yeah, you can load multiple Unify presets inside a Unify preset! It is somewhat like a DAW within a DAW. It can have it’s own MIDI files, VST effects, etc. It can split keyboards for each VST. It has it’s own MIDI routing capabilites. Pretty insane and a steal for all it does.
  11. Lunacy Audio CUBE is just $99 (Reg $249). This is $50 lower than the sale a few months ago. https://lunacy.audio/products/cube https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/8033-CUBE Note that if you buy from PB, the installation zip file is missing the samples file. I'm waiting for a response from PB support.
  12. I submitted a ticket. Fixed now.
  13. Their website must be having issues. Just a bit ago, there was an Upgrade button and cost to upgrade from Nexus 3 to 4 was $99 (reg $249). Now, the button says Buy now, even though I'm logged in. Value 10 bundle was $349 ($50 off) I assuming it will get fixed.
  14. Synapse Audio Dune 3 $129 through Nov 28. https://www.synapse-audio.com/shop.html
  15. I wasn’t really looking to get it, but saw some positive yt videos on it and for just $56, I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.
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