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  1. I tried RC, and ponied up and purchased. Yeah, the UI is pretty terrible and not intuitive at all. It’s good example of why companies need UI designers and should leave the programmers to the under-the-hood stuff. Like anything, if you already know how it works, you may not see what the problem is. However, as someone coming in cold, it is pretty much a mess. Sadly, the online tutorials are slow, unfocused and torture to watch. That all said, I love these type of plug-ins and have delved in to learn it. It is dang powerful and does some really cool stuff. I use Unity to get around Ableton’s limited VST MIDI routing capabilities and it works pretty well. (I have to do the same thing with Phrasebox.) I can already see me using some of the phrases in my EDM projects. IMHO what keeps RC from becoming a monster hit is the poor UI and lack of quality tutorials. I suspect the former will never happen, but the latter might. I’d do some tutorials myself if I didn’t think I would just add to the pile of crap LOL
  2. I must be slacking off...I didn’t even notice! Better get to spending ASAP.
  3. I know...what's up with that?! They aren't part of BF sale either.
  4. Small discount on full retail boxed Omnisphere 2 at B&H for $455. Free shipping and no tax if you have their Payboo credit card. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1142849-REG/spectrasonics_omni2_omnisphere_2.html
  5. I worked with Spitfire online tech support and finally got things working using an ancient version of their installer app. Good result, but not a good experience software-wise.
  6. Installed it on my Windows 10 machine today. Crashes right after logging in. 😡 Tried all of the “fixes” I could find, but no change. Submitted to support.
  7. I sent a note to Sonible. They asked for the dump file, but surprisingly none was created. One thing I noted after testing a bit. Merely adding Smart Comp to a track won't cause the crash. You have to do the additional step of analyzing the track. From what I can tell, the plug-in itself loads, but crashes when it loads the settings from the project.
  8. Yup. Same problem here. Running Windows 10. It gets to the "Almost done" notification and BAM, it's gone. Note that when I first added the 64-bit plugin to the project, there were no problems. Multiple instances as well. However, after you save and try to load, it won't load successfully. Note that the 32-bit VST3 works fine.
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