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  1. No it's not. This is the cursor for that: As for the rest of it... have it your way. Just trying to help you have a better chance of getting your issues addressed whether due to defects or misuse.
  2. From a development standpoint, they each have to be docuented and investigated individually; if they are found to have a common cause and solution, great, but that's for the Bakers to determine. From a forum standpoint, multi-issue posts are not as sensible as you might think; they tend to just become a confusing mess of random responses. Videos can be helpful but they only show the actual result, not the expected result which is required to have a full understanding of the issue, (and to confirm whether there is even an issue or whether the expectation was faulty) and requires a verbal description. The problem with this is that you're relying on users to correctly determine whether their issue is actually a bug and whether it's the same bug as someone else reported. I can't tell you how many times someone has posted "I have the same issue", and it's not the same at all. Sometimes the same symptom, but a different cause (at least as often a config or training issue as an actual defect), and sometimes not related at all. I guarantee almost none of that will be reproducible by other users or the Bakers without a detailed description of the steps and much if it will turn out to he hardware/plugin/project-dependent. Personally, I have never encountered any of that or recall it being reported by anyone else in so many words with the possible exception of "worse performance at higher buffer settings" which can happen when your audio and disk buffers are not well-matched among other things. Bottom line: if you seriously want to see anything 'fixed", it needs a separate post with reproducible steps and a copy of the project in case it's not readily reproducible in a new project started from the Basic template. I believe your expectation of what should happen in the last two cases is mistaken, but I can't make sense of what you're trying to accomplish or why you're talking about 'slip-resizing" a clip and expecting other clips not to be affected when you're using the split move tool instead of the single-clip crop tool. I was mistaken BTW; It's Shift that changes this tool. not Ctrl.
  3. Turns out you have to check the box to "allow HoRNet Plugins to use my personal data as stated in the privacy policy".
  4. This can happen If you have certain Visual Effects disabled in the Performance section of Advanced System Settings in Windows. I recommend setting this to 'Best Appearance'. EDIT: On re-reading, I may have misunderstood. If you're referring to the mouse cursor rather than the Now time cursor, hit X on your keyboard to toggle Aim Assist on/off
  5. Had been thinking to check out their loudness compensator for a while but am getting no response from the 'Purchase' button at checkout with Paypal option. Do not see that I have missed filling anything in. Curious to hear if anyone else has success.
  6. Mouse cursor is showing the Crossfade/Split Move Tool. Try holding Ctrl to get the Slip-Edit Tool. EDIT: The second issue may also be related to this. Hard to tell exactly what the goal is. I would recommend bringing up one issue per thread unless they are clearly related. It's not clear the new issues are related to tempo changes.
  7. Your description does not completely make sense, but this should help make sense of what you're seeing vs. what you expect: By default, audio does not follow project tempo changes in Cakewalk, but because M:B:T time is the fixed scale in the timeline (and the Now time cursor speeds up or slows down with tempo changes), audio clips will appear to change length when you change the tempo but their absolute playback duration will not change. If you want an audio clip to follow a tempo change, you enable Clip Follows Project in Autostretch mode, and there will be no visible change when changing the project tempo, but the playback tempo of the audio will change with the pitch preserved. If you want to change the playback tempo of the audio without preserving the pitch (i.e. like slowing down a tape) that is not easily accomplished in Cakewalk. There are workarounds but they are awkward and the audio quality of the result will not be great. EDIT: It occurs to me that you may have imported a 'looped' audio file (e.g. REX or Groove Clip) that will automatically follow tempo changes, in which case you can Bounce to Clips to convert it to a normal audio file before changing the tempo.
  8. Go to the View menu in Event List, uncheck 'Notes', scan the remaining events for 'Patch' in the Kind column, and delete as necessary. If necessary, you can use the Event Manager option in the View menu to uncheck everything but Patch Changes.
  9. Going 15 minutes without something making me temporarily annoyed.
  10. I must have a dozen or more purchased reverbs at my disposal but still insert Lexicon Pantheon first.
  11. 'cause when you click the Unread Content link, 90% of the posts are on the deals forum, and the remaining 10% about problems with onboard laptop audio and TTS-1 are not interesting. At least, that's my excuse.
  12. I can only repro that the output ports of the drum map get re-routed to the next available virtual synth port (in the order they were added to the project) while the virtual port of the synth being replaced is momentarily missing. This is not entirely surprising. It works okay if the synth being replaced is the last one inserted or the only one in the project. I'm not not seeing the unexpected freezing.
  13. Ah, okay. So it's not really that "selection is cancelled", either; it's that the first lassoed node that goes offscreen is never included in the selection that's created when the mouse button is released.
  14. Not sure why, but I cannot repro that. Can you repro in another project - maybe one without arranger sections?
  15. Yes, this is something you would definitely want to try reproducing in the simplest possible project. If it turns out to be project-specific, it'll be difficult to get to the bottom of it without examining a copy of the project directly.
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