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  1. You don't have to change you're keyboard's output channel; you can leave it at 1 and leave the track's Input set to 1. The forced output Channel setting on each track will re-channelize both incoming and existing recorded messages dynamically on playback as they are sent to the output to match the channel assigned in the Kontakt. This sounds like you've created some multi-channel presets at some point.
  2. Just to be clear, the audio is saved per project, and you moved the whole project folder? Even if you somehow separated the audio from the project, you should just get a "missing audio "notification, not a hang. Otherwise it shouldn't be a problem but if that's that last thing that changed before it quit working, you should definitely try moving it back.
  3. Solo the track(s), export with Source = Buses, Ctrl+Shift+click one bus to deselect all, then select only the vocal bus.
  4. Yeah, I almost quit playing the piano because of all the stuff I had to learn. ;^)
  5. One and done method, but does not keep the timeline/metronome in sync with the slower audio: - Hold Ctrl+Shift and drag the end of the clip later to slip stretch it. Distinctly non-clunky, two-step method that keeps the timeline in sync, but doesn't offer flexibility in choosing stretching algorithms: - Ctrl+L to enable Groove Clip Looping on the audio clip. - Change the project tempo. Not very clunky method that keeps the timline in sync AND gives you the option of selecting different stretching algorithms to get the best audio quality: - Expand the Audiosnap section of Clip Properties tab in the Track Inspector. - Click the Enable box. - Change Follow Options to 'Auto stretch'. - Check the Follow Proj Tempo box. - Change the project tempo. Very clunky method: - I dont know this one; you'll have to ask John. ;^)
  6. I coincidentally just corrected a typoed project folder name this morning and had no issue opening the project from the Existing Project browser after doing that. And I've done this many times in that past. I've also migrated 30 years worth of projects across many PCs (and different drives in the same PC) without issue. In general, CbB will always look in the local Audio folder at the same level as the .cwp file within the project folder unless the project was saved referencing audio from the Global Audio Folder specified in Preferences > File > Audio Data. I have only seen issues arise with absolute paths including drive letters when saving/opening projects to/from a network directory that was not set up as a mapped drive.
  7. It's been a while since I had a controller set up to use ACT, but I think you need to remove this. IIRC, when ACT has control of ports, they can't be used for regular "musical" MIDI I/O by another device.
  8. CbB has the same Elastique Pro stretching algorithms available in Reaper plus some others. The difference is that stretching is not enabled by default. To enable it: - Ctrl+A to select everything. - Expand the Audiosnap section on the Clip Properties tab of the Track Inspector. - Check the Enable box. - Change Follow Options to Auto stretch. - Check the Follow Proj Tempo box. - Change the tempo; if the tempo is not constant, use the Tempo Offset function in the context menu of the Tempo Track. - You can change Online/Offline Render algorithms if desired; different ones can be specified per clip/track by selecting individual clips/tracks.
  9. You need to send in a formal report to support@cakewalk.com with a copy of the project. If you share a copy of the .cwp without audio as azslow3 suggested we can check if it's reproducible on other systems.
  10. Over the years, I've found the various algorithms can produce various anomalies on various parts of a track. I've also seen cases where it sounds good in real time but gets worse when rendered, even using the same realtime algorithm. In that case, you can do a realtime bounce to another track. I've always attributed these isses to the algotithms themselves, but it's hard to know. One other issue I've encountered with audio stretching is that it can interact badly (distortion/buzzing/clipping) with the 64-bit Double Precision Engine (possibly in combination with certain plugins) so you might try disabling that. I've ocassionally encountered hangs/crashes over the years while editing with Audiosnap tools - mostly in clip mapping as opposed to transient editing - but never on rendering that I can recall. If you can get even a semi-consistent repro, you should send it to the Bakers.
  11. They lost me forever when they expired the discounted upgrade from SD2 to SD3. Dumbest marketing decision I've ever seen in the music software industry. And that's saying a lot, coming from a life-long user of Cakewalk. 😜
  12. Clips with ARA FX applied can't be split. You must first render the FX by bouncing to clip or make you splits before applying the FX. I believe this is an ARA limitation, but have not tried it in another DAW.
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