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  1. Set the Now time, right-click the timeline and choose 'Set Project Start Marker at Now Time'.
  2. Cakewalk does not currently support changing bar numbering or have 'pre-roll' measures. The best you can do is set some later bar (e.g. 5, 9 or 11) to fall on the absolute start time of the video using Set Measure/Beat at Now (Shift+M), and just remember that everything is offset by 4, 8 or 10 measures as you work. When you do the 'Set', CW will change the initial tempo to make that specified bar hit the specified Now time, and insert a matching tempo at that point. You can then change that second tempo to be whatever you want for musical purposes.
  3. Preview files are generated by default the first time you export from Sonar unless you deliberately uncheck the box and will remain in place until over-written by new ones. They can be freely deleted without consequence but will survive Clean Audio Folder because they are associated with the project file internally. EDIT: I should also mention that they are CWP file-specific so if you save alternate/evolving versions of a project in the same folder, each will get its own set of preview files when you export from it.
  4. Preferences > Colors > Show Strip Colors Make sure Views > Icons > Show Icons is enabled and Sonar is looking in the correct path for custom icons in Preferences > Folder Location > Track Icons.
  5. Looks like it might be more than just Tube Saturator. Prochannel EQs and Compressors may also be contributing. I would just disable all the Prochannels completely if you're not using them. And/or delete all modules except EQ and turn those off. The easiest way is to create a preset that only includes the disabled EQ (which can't be removed), and load that into all the tracks and buses. There seems to be something going on with Prochannels in this project in particular as just enabling those modules with no input signal to process will not normally generate any output.
  6. Meng's in it, and he is independently wealthy. 😉 That said, it should be understood that the expression "not in it for the money" typically implies "not only/primarily in it for the money".
  7. A. To keep you from leaving for a product that's being actively developed. B. To keep the developers from leaving because they're bored to tears. Like Craig said, the developers aren't in it for the money; it's the intellectual challenge of innovating that keeps them around.
  8. As mentioned in the other thread about this, Massive X has a 'View Size' scaling factor in the pick list next to the logo at the upper left, and Ozone 11 is continuously resizable by dragging the lower right corner.
  9. Massive X has a 'View Size' scaling factor in the pick list next to the logo at the upper left, and Ozone 11 is continuously resizable by dragging the lower right corner.
  10. Try un-checking 'Enable Plugin DPI Awareness' in the Settings drop-down of the CLA-NX UI (and maybe SSL E Channel as well). In general I'm finding that plugins with a scaleable UI behave better with this option disabled. And some plugin UIs (especially older ones) will render too small with it enabled.
  11. No doubt some users really like and depend on the one-click delete for their workflow and any change at this point would need to be optional/customizable (as it should have been when they changed it previously).
  12. Yes, I should have mentioned it. I sometimes find it difficult to accurately double-click a note when the PRV is zoomed out or the note is short so usually just lasso it and use the Event Inspector... after I undo the initially mistaken right-click erase.
  13. I should have mentioned: the option is in the Settings pick list in the plugin title bar so pretty easy to switch it as needed and to know you're changing the right plugin.
  14. I've found it doesn't work for everything, but it is odd that I'm getting a different result with the same plugin unless maybe it's a version issue. Are you loading the VST3?
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