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  1. Coming Soon, Tranquility 2: Mind and Soul
  2. Hi guys.. thanks for all the responses. After some more diagnosing, I have come to find out I had a failing hard drive in my system that was causing the pops, crackles and freezes and it wasn't even my audio drive or main drive, just a backup drive...but I backed everything up and removed it and everything working great now...
  3. Yes, both CbB and the audio interface is synced, same sample rate and bit depth.... still scratching my head on this one..thanks..
  4. Einstein R

    New Audio Interface??

    Hi there, I have had my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Firewire interface for the last 8 or so years using a TI based firewire PCI card and lately I have been getting lots of crackles, pops and even audio dropouts and was wondering since they are not supporting this audio interface anymore driver wise, would a newer Gen3 Focusrite Scarlett USB2 interface be better with windows 10 v.1909? I have tried upping the latency, etc. pretty much everything I can do, including disabling background processes, etc, but still getting crackles and pops. So I was wondering if a new usb interface would fix this? Thanks..
  5. I have been with cakewalk since the DOS days of 2.0.....so a long time fogey user here:)….keep up the great work Cakewalk....
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