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  1. I think it was yesterday or early this morning that i checked out this thread to see who he was. Didn't recognize his name.

    Then i logged out and surfed a couple of other sites while i started winamp and continued to play my playlist.

    And...there he was...playing  Orange Blossom Special, live. Excellent song and performence. 🙏

    Small world. O.o

  2. 2 hours ago, Ma'azouk said:

    Hi, thanks again for all your help. I've tried each suggestion but still no joy though i'm afraid. 

    I can't help thinking it's a midi channel routing issue as the problems only happens when I put more than one instance of BlueArp in a project. Perhaps I need to study the midi routing in Cakewalk a bit more.

    One thing I don't understand. In your example, why does each instance of BlueArp have a different midi ch out, but the same midi ch in?

    Cheers 🙂


    Blue Arp needs midinotes on its input. Ctrl-c is my midi keyboard and as most it defaults to channel 1 for its output. I  don't use "omni" to try to avoid it picking up unwanted notes. Omni input reacts to all midi on all channels.
    I wanted the same note going to all arps and keep them in sync that way. Then i change the pattern for the arps one at a time to find three different patterns that work together.
    The output channel in the arp makes sure that the arp goes to only the synth that use the same input channel.
    When a note plays on arp1 it's only the synth with input arp1 channel1 that sounds.
    When a note plays on arp2 it's only the synth with input arp2 channel2 that sounds.
    When a note plays  on arp3 it's only the synth with input arp3 channel3 that sounds.
    This is how i make three synths work independently with midi software. And it's semi-synced in the way that all arps reacts at the same time when a new note is played.

    Sure, you can set the arps output to the same channel and select the arp nr.x as input on the synth.
    My method feels a bit more secure with the extra layer of the routing.

    You do know that selecting the same arp to more than one synth probably could give symptoms like you describe?

  3. I always drag my plugins from the browser to the empty track pane. It then becomes an instrumenttrack. Both Blue Arp and Surge use instrumenttracks.

    Input echo button is on for all tracks. I'll use mute when i don't want any output from a track.

    When i save i also change from the default 32-bit to 24-bit audio. I don't know why it's 32-bit as default. I always setup audio as 24-bit 44.1 khz. I surely must have missed that change sometimes but all saved wav handles ok so i don't waste time with starting an investigation.

    Workspaces is set to "none". Ripple edit is set to off.

    Can I ask....are you able to export your project to audio straight off, without any bouncing? And the arps play as they should in the rendered file?

    Yes. I opened the project. Let all input echo be on for all tracks 1-8. Muted all tracks but the ones with recorded midi, Surge instrumenttracks  4-5-6. Selected only track 4-5-6 and it exported fine but this time the resulting wav file differs a tiny bit. It's almost the same but not identical to the first exported wav.

    Surge is my favorite software synth. 👍

  4. Ok. So i did a test with a new project containing 3 instances of Blue Arp and 3 instances of Surge (vst3).

    Track1 - Blue Arp1 - my midikeyboard with channel1 as input - "none" as output. Blue Arp gui - arp mode on - midi in ch1 - midi out ch1.

    Track2 - Blue Arp2 - my midikeyboard with channel1 as input - "none" as output. Blue Arp gui - arp mode on - midi in ch1 - midi out ch2.

    Track3 - Blue Arp3 - my midikeyboard with channel1 as input - "none" as output. Blue Arp gui - arp mode on - midi in ch1 - midi out ch3.

    Track4 - Surge1 - Blue Arp1, ch1 as input - "master" as output.

    Track5 - Surge2 - Blue Arp2, ch2 as input - "master" as output.

    Track6 - Surge3 - Blue Arp3, ch3 as input - "master" as output.

    All three Blue Arps got the same notes from my midikeyboard. Selected different patterns for all three Blue Arps. All played fine thru their Surge.

    Record armed track 4-5-6 and then clicked record and played some notes for approx 30 seconds. All three tracks had recorded midi in them and played back fine.

    I cut the empty bit in the beginning of all three tracks.

    I muted track 1-2-3 and bounced track4-5-6 to track 7. It's now a pure audiotrack. It played back fine.

    I muted track 1-2-3-4-5-6 and selected track 7 and did an export to wav.

    I dragged it in from the mediabrowser to my added audiotrack 8. It played fine. Switching between the exported audio and the bounced audio on track7 or the midifiles recorded on track 4-5-6 confirmed that they sounded identical.

    Bonus info: I never did a save on the project until now. I got to think it could be wise to have some proof if someone questions my result.:D

    Hopefully you can use this info to figure out where you went wrong.

  5. 10 hours ago, brandon said:

    Yes I noticed there were some missing - the main reason   I wondered if they could be deleted. 

    Of course they can be deleted.

    My point is that it will take time to do so.

    Save a copy of the resulting folder and check that CbB don't have reset it after an update.

  6. Ok. I know of Foobar.

    I'll check it out. It probably comes with a ton of options. Lets see how easy it is to strip down.

    I really, really don't need album art or artist info etc.

    I'm right now testing Musicbee on my other desktop. Shitload of (for me) unnecessary album, categories, album art, artist, and other info. The files themself is in a little corner easily missed. Options for handling of files is hard to find. :(

  7. Someone know of a good candidate for this?

    All software mp3 players i've tested usually can shuffle the songs but no one seems to use any type of database to avoid playing a song that has been played before.

    For example if i have 500 mp3 songs, a played song shouldn't play again before the other 499 unique songs have been played.

    Would be nice with something smaller/simpler than winamp and vlc. It should just play thru a filelist with songs. No other options needed.

    Should work with windows 32 and 64 bit.

    PS. My main desktop have winamp and it have the ability to sort the filelist to get a random playlist. That kind of works also.

    I also checked CbB and Reaper. Seems they don't like to play chains in their mediabrowsers.

  8. Everything was too fast. I tried to sloow down to 0.5 speed but the voice sounded too absurd so i skipped it.

    For native listeners the speed of the talk is probably fine.

    But the speed when doing things in the daw is a bit too fast. For me at least.

    Good idea though. 👍

  9. 56 minutes ago, TheSteven said:

    Obelisk Windows v1.1.6 / Obelisk Mac v1.1.5 is out.
    Can't find a change list so no idea what was fixed or tweaked in new release.

    I got the feeling that @cclarry just happen to mention the number of the MAC version in the topic.

    Meaning his list of changes is what goes.

  10. 16 minutes ago, antler said:

    I was interested in this a while ago but got put off because someone said that the plugin startup time was quite long. Is this (still?) the case?

    It has to be a misunderstanding. Obelisk is a midi only plugin with simple gui. There's very liitle to load.

    So, no. It starts immediately.

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  11. You should check if the vst you're interested in loading, is 32-bit or 64-bit.

    64-bit vst is the preferred version to use.

    32-bit vst often works with Cakewalk that has a good "bridge" to cake care of small differences. But the risk of plugin error is higher with these.

  12. 32 minutes ago, Starship Krupa said:

    Lum, you are doing the right thing by listening on different systems. Also asking for advice. I have a hard time doing that myself.............................

    (Kurre, Lum said that other audio sounded good through the Edifier system, so it seems like he's not having technical issues with the speakers)

    :$ I choosed to forget that one. I focused on how two out of three could give different results. My answer reflects what i see as the only possible culprit - the speaker and its connections.

    Otherwise there's some missing or unknown facts we are not aware of.

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